CD: Racing Aces?

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Dec 19, 1993, 12:44:15 PM12/19/93
At the ElBo where I work, I saw a new CD yesterday that I had never heard
of before. I believe it was called 'Racing Aces' and the graphics looked kind
of cheesey, but it only cost $39.99, which is the least expensive new-release
for CD that I've seen. Does anyone know anything about this game? How does it
play? Does it make good use of the Sega-CD's scaling chips? Does it have a
varied terrain to fly over - or is it just a flat Mode-7 style ground (like
ThunderStrike (which is still a really good game in spite of the flat ground, I
IMHO))? Anyway, just curious, at the moment I've actually got more new games
than I know what to do with!

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