Vigilante 8 Second Offence is out... Anyone play it yet?

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Dec 22, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/22/99
I loved V8 on the N64, and am hoping for big things in this version
too. So how good is the game... I know its out, but I have yet to
play it.

How differnt is it from V8? Are there new modes? Like can u play a
team-deathmatch type mode with computer contolled cars? Are there a
lot of new cars and levels?

Thanks for any info!

Patrick Dolan

Dec 23, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/23/99
Well, the missions are quite a bit more complex than they were in V8. Now,
you have three objectives in each mission:

1. Collect (and sometimes deliver) items
2. Destroy all enemies
3. Varies: On one level you have to trick an alligator into a trap, on
another you have to destroy icebergs.

You still can't play 3-4 players with CPU opponents in deathmatch mode. As
for cars & levels, they're all new. 18 new cars total, though some of the
characters are the same (many of the returning characters have new special
attacks though). Also, the original V8 levels are hidden in the game (at
least on the DC & PSX, dunno about the N64).

The levels are bigger, with more elaborate scenery (buildings you can go
inside, you can flood the swamp level, etc.), and weapons aren't as easy to
find, making you have to work with what you get. There's one new weapon
(flame-thrower) and three combo attacks for each weapon (the original two,
plus one new).

Another new feature is the ability to upgrade your car by collecting
salvage icons from destroyed enemies. You get between 2-10 points of
salvage in one of four categories (the amount depends on the difficulty
level). When you get 50 points in any one category, you get an attachment
to your car (wider tires for high top speed, long antenna for radar
evasion, etc.). When you get 100 points in all categories, you get a new
body for your car (though it looks similar to the original). In multiplayer
mode, you steal points from your opponents when you destroy them...

If you liked V8, you'll be extremely happy with V8:Second Offense,
especially the Dreamcast version (high-res, 60fps, long distance
visibility, etc.)

Patrick Dolan

Those Darn Games!
creators of Shark Bait, the whimsical game of man eating sharks

Caffiend <> wrote in message

( Sutaz )

Dec 23, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/23/99
I rented the N64 version of the first V8 and thought it was ok. I got
the DC version of V8 2 and oh my what an improvement. It is very fun
just to drive around the crater level; so much to see, so much to
blow-up, so many cliffs to hover from. Did I mention 50' outer-space

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Dec 23, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/23/99
>I loved V8 on the N64, and am hoping for big things in this version
>too. So how good is the game... I know its out, but I have yet to
>play it.

Well I rented it and thought it sucked. Ut than again, I never like the V8
series. Only the car combat team at SingleTrac (now Incognito Studios) has
made good car combat games, including the best game ever: Twisted Metal 2.
I'll probably put my review up on my Twisted Metal/Car combat page in a few

Scott X

Dec 23, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/23/99
I'd have to agree with you on this. I bought V82 today, and while it's
pretty good, usually runs at 60fps, has lots of things to do and maneuvers
to learn, it just isn't as fun as TM2. Then again, I haven't played this
multiplayer yet. The graphics are pretty nice, but just short of DC
quality, there is texture draw-in in some levels that I find just completely
inexcuseable on the DC. There is also a little bit of Poly draw in in every
level. Other than that, it *is* a good game, whether or not you like it all
depends on your tastes. Read some reviews or rent it before buying.

"Snott" <> wrote in message


Dec 23, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/23/99
Many thanks, I think I'll have to give this one a try. Like I said I
realy like V8, even better than TM really, I just wish the characters
and cars were as cool as the ones in the TM series... Oh well you
cant have everything...

Michael R. Baraniecki

Dec 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/24/99
to (Caffiend) wrote in

I didn't really like V8 that much either (only played the Playstation one
when it first came out), the only advantage I thought it had over the TM
series was graphics... big time. TM 2 was my favorite game of that sort,
until I played Rogue Trip. It was pretty unique... it came out before
Crazy Taxi, but it was kind of a mix between CT and TM. I really liked
it, possibly more even than TM2, at least in the 1-player department.
Funny thing was... I never bought it. I kept/keep hoping that an
accelerated version was going to be released on the PC (hopefully unlike
the crappy PC TM2 release). Never happened though... (AFAIK) I should go
out and look for it, I could probably find it dirt cheap these days.
SingleTrac, you guys rule.

Anyway, my parents have gotten me V8:2nd Offense for Christmas (only
gotta wait 1 day!), so I'm looking forward to trying it out. I know it'll
be different, but I'm willing to invenst time in it. I've got 'till mid
-January. :) It looks really nice... like somebody else said, it's not
quite up to DC par, but it still looks better than any other car-combat
game out there, so at least that's a good step. I'll find out soon I

Merry Christmas,



Michael R. Baraniecki
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