No Star Fox 2?

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Bill B. Smith

Jul 18, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/18/95
Is this true? I heard that Nintendo will not be releasing Star Fox
2? At least no this year becuase they have Killer Instinct Mario World 2
and DKC2, they think that Star Fox 2 wouldn't sell to well so they bring it
out next spring (when the ultra 64 comes out). What a joke if this is true
then noone will buy because the U64 will already be out.

Please can any confirm if this is true or not?

David Chea

Jul 19, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/19/95
From what I heard, yes it is true. Even though Starfox 2 was completed,
Nintendo was not satisfied with the final product. What they plan to do is
revamp the game with kickass graphics, textured mapped polygons, better
music, etc. and release it as Starfox X for the Ultra 64. So we'll just
have to wait till next year I guess.

On a side note, I think Starfox 2 will be released for the Super Famicom in
Japan. I'm not that sure about this. Does anyone out there know if this
is true?

- David Chea |
- "...brought to you by the Shimago-Dominguez Corporation..."

Craig M. Kazial

Jul 20, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/20/95
All that advertisement garbage about how Nintendo is bringing all this great
stuff to life and they trash probably the only hot title they were
putting out for my SNES.. looked good at the CES.. well I'm certainly not
shelling out bucks for an Ultra if that's how they treat their players.

They put the Ultra on hold (Dec in Japan) to make more $$ on their SNES games,
then kill one of the most awaited (may come out in Japan yet) because they're
worried it may not be a mind-numbing profit. I don't care about KI, and
I don't need to play Yoshi pooping all over the screen. And that young girl
Kong (whoever she is) looks dorky with that hair. Of course all IMO.

I still play Starfox occasionaly because it was a great title. This was
to be Starfox removed from rails.. that alone would have been great to get!
Well I'm just glad other companies have kept me happy (Square and Enix)
with my SNES (FFIII and Ogre Battle in particular).

I'm just tired of Nintendo failing/not bothering to deliver.


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