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Jeremy B Horwitz

Apr 8, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/8/95
Temporary (3-4 weeks) HTTP://IGONLINE.ESCAPE.COM

We're very proud to announce the official WWW opening of the first
complete online video games magazine, Intelligent Gamer Online.

For the longest time, people on the Internet have been saying what a
great idea it would be if a bunch of the Net's game reviewers and news
sources could get together and work on a project in tandem... Well, it
happened, starting back in January.

Intelligent Gamer Online has been available via the Prodigy and TimesLink
information servicees, and now we're bringing a (much-improved) version to
the Internet using the Web. Andrew Blum and Dan Hughes have put in an
incredible amount of time, constructing a Netscape 1.1Bx-friendly set of
pages, and though it took us a little while to get everything bug-free on
a new server, it's up as of today.

Since we've been working bugs out of our old pages for a couple of weeks,
we already have an all-new issue (number 3) ready to debut on the Net. We're
a bi-weekly, fully independent news and reviews provider with a definitive
interest in improving the quality of video game journalism.

As we're a bi-weekly magazine, and we're constantly updating the table of
contents, we keep all of our previous issues' contents online for quick
reference and easy perusal. If you're interested in Atari, you might want to
keep your eyes open for our new news story on a very interesting development
with one of their best third-party licensees. If you've liked our writers'
past CES coverage, we're extremely anxious to get our E3 coverage into your
hands come mid-May.

Our temporary address is HTTP://IGONLINE.ESCAPE.COM, and though it might
take a while for your WWW surfer to locate the address, it should indeed
find it. Escape's server and T-1 line have been fritzing for a couple of
days, so if you don't connect quickly, try, try again. =) We'll be at
WWW.IGONLINE.COM within a month, so keep the address handy if you like
what you see.

The main goal of Intelligent Gamer Online is to offer gamers an articulate
alternative to what's out there already. Please give our pages a solid
looking-over, and when you're done, leave us comments so we can improve
our upcoming issues. Increased visual support is one of our current
priorities. (We think that our WWW Netscape 1.1b1+ compatible format is
roughly a million times better looking than our (yech) Prodigy-based
format. If you're forced to use a text-based viewer, we support it, but
highly recommend Netscape.)

Thanks and enjoy!

- Jer Horwitz


Apr 10, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/10/95
Game Zero magazine -- <URL=http://www.primenet.com/~gmezero>

With all the hype of other magazines bringing their contents to
the web, Game Zero magazine would like to take this moment to remind
you of our publication.

Game Zero magazine has been around as a bi-monthly printed publication
since April of 1992. On February 1st of 1995, the Game Zero staff
decided to bring the magazine on-line to the World Wide Web.

We currently have over 200 pages of material available to be read with
more being added frequently. While we are still in the process of
growing and developing our graphical appearance on the web, we have
also made a commitment to keep our site usable by all web patrons
(whether they use text only or have the latest HTML 3.0 browser).

We currently offer reviews of US titles as well as import titles (many
PSX reviews are in the process of being updated onto our site). We
have the largest selection of links to console related HTML formatted
web sites that you will find anywhere else, and we are updating it
several times a week as new sites become available or old sites
change their content. We also feature interviews and articles
relating to the video game industry as a whole, including previews,
features on programming and news from the history of gaming.

In the future we will be offering total coverage of E3, more
interviews, more reviews, as well as coverage of games on all the
next-generation platforms as they hit. Our inside contacts bring us
more news than just reviews.

Game Zero is your detonation point for gaming information on the Web!

Check us out today at:


Thank you for your time.

Bryan aka R.I.P.
Co-Editor - Game Zero magazine

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