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John Dondzila

Aug 27, 1998, 3:00:00 AM8/27/98
Odyssey 2 - AMOK!

AMOK! is a "Lone armed humanoid running around mazes
shooting at and being shot at mad robots while also
being pursued by an indestructible sadistic smiley
faced human killer".

It's the first game written and released to the public
for the Odyssey 2 in about 15 years (at least to my knowledge).

It's a fast paced shooter, and unlike most Odyssey 2 games,
you actually play a game with 3 lives, and even a chance to
win a bonus life !

AMOK! features 12 different mazes, with an increasing skill
level throughout each maze. You won't be disappointed, it's truly
a challenging, addicting game.

The robots chase you and shoot at you. The evil Smileybot (whom
you cannot destroy) will pursue you as well. The walls are electrified
and lethal to touch.

I finished the game, then decided to hold off releasing it when
I came across programming information for THE VOICE. Since experimenting
with THE VOICE, I have decided NOT to include speech in my game. I am
completely unsatisfied with the quality and have no desire to include
this in my game, as I feel it will reduce the overall "feel" of the game.

How to get AMOK! ...

Visit my web page for the binary image of the game which will run
on the O2 emulator.

If you want obtain a cartridge for your Odyssey 2 collection you
can order a copy from me. The price is $20 (US). This includes
shipping withing the USA. You get a genuine Odyssey 2 cartridge,
packaged in a sturdy plastic storage case with instructions and
full color box insert.

For a limited time, I will personalize and serialize each cartridge.
When you turn the game on, the title screen will display your
name (up to 25 characters) and the game's serial number.

For screenshots and info on this and my Vectrex and Colecovision games,
visit me at:
or E-Mail me for ordering information.

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