Classic Gaming Expo '99 News Update

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John Hardie

Jul 18, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/18/99
Classic Gaming Expo '99 Update 7/15/99

Hello Everyone,

A lot of exciting things are planned for CGE '99
and we've been hard at work trying to put together
one heck of a show for our attendees. We decided
to send out this news update to clue everyone in
on the latest happenings.

First we'd like to welcome our new sponsor,
Digital Eclipse. If you don't know, these are the
guys responsible for many of the great classic
compilations and conversions that came out from
Midway, Hasbro, etc.

We now have well over 50 special guests that are
planning to attend the show. Check out the show
page at for all the latest

Also be sure to check the latest list of vendors
to see who's been added.

*** Great News ***
Due to continued demand for CGE '99 we have
changed our pricing as follows. We have extended
the $27.50 price until the end of July. All
those that register after July 31st, will have
to register at the door. We have also reduced
the price of on-site registration to $35.

Show hours are Sat. 9-6 and Sunday 9-5.
All attendees need to pick up their name badges
at the CGE '99 registration desk.


Here's a list of some of the super things we have
in store for everyone...

- Hasbro is planning to hold spur-of-the-moment
Pong tournaments throughout the day. If you're
in their booth at the right time, you might just
get picked to compete.

- Midway has decided to make CGE '99 one of the
stops on their Hydro-Thunder Arcade tour. Walter
Day of Twin Galaxies fame will be hosting the
tour for Midway.

- Walter will also be organizing and running the
CGE '99 tournament area. Aside from the two
regular contests, if you beat the high score on
one of the arcade machines or home system games
Walter will enter you into the next edition of
the high-score book.

- Billy Mitchell, the first perfect score holder
on Pac-man, will be at the show with his machine
showing the attendees how the pros do it.

- Eric Bacher, of Alfred Challenge fame will be
releasing his second 2600 game called "Pesco".
Similar to Alfred Challenge, Eric will sell 40
CGE '99 commemorative editions of the game with
color label, instructions, and box. The game will
also be availale later in the month in B&W label,

- Eric's friend, Igor Barzilai, will debut his
new 2600 game as well. Igor will sell 50 copies
of "Merlin's Wall" in special CGE '99 editions.

- Eric has also created a secret game that will
not be sold, but he will be running a contest at
one of the game stations with this game. Stop by
and let Eric know what you think and maybe win a

- Carl Forhan of Songbird Productions will be
releasing 2 new Lynx products at the show.

- Telegames USA has indicated that they will have
at least one new lynx product available.

- Tim Arnold of the Las Vegas Pinball Collector's
Club will have a raffle with all proceeds going
to charity. Aside from coin-op flyers and other
goodies, the grand prize will be your choice of
a full-size Missile Command or Rip-Off arcade
machine plus free shipping in the U.S.

- CGE '99 will also see the re-release of the
book, ZAP! The Rise and Fall of Atari. CGE
Services Corp. has inked a 5-year exclusive
deal with McGraw-Hill for rights to re-print

- A special screening room has been set-up for
previewing the current video documentaries being
released by Howard Scott Warshaw and Cyberpunks

- World-renowned Caricaturist, M.C. Sturman,
will be on-hand at various hours throughout
both days to put your image onto our special
Classic Gaming Expo '99 backdrop. Prices are
very reasonable at $5 for a B&W image or $10
for color.

- The CGE '99 museum is shaping up to be the
best yet. Look for tons of systems on display,
both released and unreleased, as well as rare
and prototype software, memorabilia and other
neat items. Some of the new highlights since
last year's museum include the Color Vectrex,
Odyssey 3, Intellivision 1 Computer, and loads
of software like 2600 & 5200 Tempest, 5200
Asteroids, 5200 Super Pac-man, and many others.

If you have questions, comments, or would like
further information on Classic Gaming Expo '99
please feel free to contact us at:

Special thanks to all the sponsors, vendors,
guests, and attendees for their support and
help. We look forward to meeting everyone and
having a great time.

The CG Expo Staff

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