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MK3 Chicago Area FAQ 0.5

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Patrick McCarron

Feb 17, 1995, 8:59:07 PM2/17/95

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"The Un Offical"
Mortal Kombat ]I[
Chicago Area FAQ
Version 0.5
Feburary 17, 1995

Written by Patrick McCarron

This document is Copyrighted 1995 by Patrick McCarron.

This document may not be sold for any profit without express written
consent from me, E-Mail me with your address, reason for selling,
and where you'll sell it. And if I approve you send me $5 US Dollars
by mail, and I'll send you the Professional Version with logo, etc.
that you can then photocopy and sell without having to pay anymore.

Game Description
The Rumors
Secret Kombatants
Secret Stuff

Game Description
This is what is in MK ]I[, the version played. This can totaly change as
Boon and staff finish the game.

-It's like Killer Instinct in many ways:
1. Has 6 buttons, No Block you charge back to block like KI
2. 3D stages like roof tops in KI
3. Scrolling like KI
4. Combos like KI
- Ray Traced 3D human actors, like DooM in how the get all angles of
an actor.
- Not All the characters are done, and or named.
- Lots of Blood and Guts.

More to come....

The Rumors

This is where all current rumors will be spread, confirmed, denied,
etc. This will be a good way to have more people test moves, fatalities,
or whatever Boon and Tobias can come up with.

Current rumors and news:

- MK ]I[ due at same time as MK - The Movie. Sources have put it in April,
I've heard as late as May and as early as NOW for testing in ChiTown.
Boon Claims that there is no specific release date set.

- There will be 16+ characters. Six will be "classic," and 10 will be new.

- Sonya, Kano, Jax, Kung Lau, Baraka, and Sub Zero will return. Also, Smoke
and Jade will be hidden and playable. Friendships and babalities will
be back as well.

- Shao Khan won MKII. This allows the gang to compete on Earth again for
the "final showdown." And might be one four armed Foe, like Goro?

- More moves, more fatalities, more backgrounds, more rumors from last two
games, and 50% more memory will be in MK3.

- The MK3 Design Team: Ed Boon, John Tobias, Tony Goskie, John Vogel, Steve Beran,
and Dave Micich. The last two are new to the MK design staff.

- Liu Kang might return if Midway can sign Robin Shou the actor who plays
him in the movie.

Note: If you have a rumor that you would like to send in for the FAQ,
please also leave where it came from so I can confirm it.


-= Motions =-
HP - High Punch HK - High Kick
MP - Medium Punch MK - Medium Kick
LP - Low Punch LK - Low Kick

F - Forward D - Down
B - Back U - Up
C(b) - Charge (button)

So this is what the controller might look like:

U (LP) (MP) (HP)

B ( ) F

D (LK) (MK) (LK)

-= Fatals Distances =-
N - Right next to.
QS - One-fourth of the screen away.
HS - Half the screen away.
FS - On the opposite side of the screen.


All these are comfirmed, and I have photograhic Proof except
ones with Descriptions with a * in front.

** Kano (Richard Divizio) **
Description: Kano Has Returned Now In a Red And Black Suit, and now has
no hair.

** Sonya (Kerri Hoskins, NBA JAM Cheerleader) **
Description: Sonya's back with a two piece outfit, with the colors:
black, green, and white. She has a black headband and bracelets and
longer hair.

** Jax (John Parrish) **
Description: Jax now has metalic Arms that he most likely lost from Shang
Tsung morphing into him and pulling his arms off.

** Kung Lau (Tony Marquez) **
Description: Has a bigger hat and new outfit, sorta like suspenders.

** Sub-Zero (?) **
* Description: No longer a ninja and can freeze opponets
in different ways now.

** Baraka (Richard Divizio) **
* Description: He's Back thats all I know.

** Indian Dude (?) **
Description: Name is still not given but he has a painted face with white
eyes and black hair with feathers in his hair.

** Red Ninja Chick (?, Chicago Bulls Cheerleader)
* Description: A chick in a tight red suit, resembles Kitana's suit.

Secret Kombatants

These are partialy confirmed off the MK WWW

-= Getting to Them =-
** Smoke **

** Jade **

-= Playing Them =-
** Smoke **

** Jade **

Points of Interest

This will be little things like slipping off the spikes in the Kombat Tomb,
etc. that will be avil. when game comes out.

Person E-Mail Address Reason Given Credit

Patrick McCarron(me) 75611, Writer
Kevin Miller Another Writer
Thomas H Harper Another Writer
? Another Writer?
? Another Writer?
? Another Writer?
? Another Writer?

All information about MK ]I[ is Copyright 1995 Midway Games, Inc.


To Kevin:
Kevin when and if you get this please confirm and fill in the ?'s in
the credits because I don't have a full FAQ writers List.
and feel free to tell me typo's or things to change.

Jeff Warrick

Feb 18, 1995, 12:14:00 AM2/18/95
Can i ask a question?
How do you know any of this information that you present as both fact and
rumor? Several things in there seem to be wrong, based on everything
else we know.
So, why should we believe anything in this? Did *you* play it personally?
I'm not trying to be mean here, but with all the BS we hear, I'd like to
know the source for this info before believing it.

Henry Ha

Feb 18, 1995, 10:36:08 PM2/18/95
In article <>, (Michael J. Kaufman) writes:
> Actually, most of that is bullshit...the first part anyways. MK3 is gonna be
>nothing at all like KI, no combos, no nothing like KI. It's Mortal Kombat 3.

Well, it be anything like MK2. Why wouldn't it have combos? MK2 had alot
of combos. Especially Kitana with her fan lift combos. I bet there will
be combos.

-Henry Ha

Raymond Chen

Feb 19, 1995, 12:17:52 AM2/19/95

i think what we mean by the combos nowadays, especially while we are
talking about KI and MK, are in reference to the combo system used in
KI. you know, push a couple of buttons, and sit back and watch the
eye-candy. no skill. if you hit the buttons in the right order, viola,
a complete combo. we all know there were combos in MK2, except that
you had to do everything in the right order, at the right time, and
sometimes you messed up and didn't pull off the combo.


Brian M Dols

Feb 19, 1995, 9:29:13 PM2/19/95
Patrick McCarron (75611...@CompuServe.COM) wrote:
: ** Indian Dude (?) **

: Description: Name is still not given but he has a painted face with white
: eyes and black hair with feathers in his hair.

hmm, white eyes

I know it's Raiden, but he's really an Indian spirit! not a Japanese god.

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