OT: FREE Movie Theater seats in Olympia, WA

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Mike Sandwick

Aug 28, 2005, 4:58:59 PM8/28/05
OT post - but since many arcade collectors also have some kind of home
theater setup, thought I'd post this.

The Regal theater in Capital Mall in Olympia, WA closed down this weekend
(a new 16 screen theater opened in town at the same time), and they are
currently cleaning out the theaters. There are many theater seats in
dumpsters out side, hundreds or thousands out there (in sets of 2 or 3).
There are plenty for the taking, and free.

They are blue, and most need a little cleaning (gum, and sticky soda), but
they are all in relatively good shape.

I grabbed a few for myself, but wanted to let y'all know if you are nearby
and looking for theater style seating, you can't beat this price (FREE!).
They said that the dumpsters are being hauled away on Monday sometime.

So, if you are looking for theater seats, head over to West Olympia to
Capital Mall, in the back between Best Buy and Mervyn's. You can get
there by I-5 south to Olympia, 101 North to Black Lake Blvd, and head up
the hill and you'll see the mall.

Mike Sandwick

Curious George

Aug 28, 2005, 6:47:40 PM8/28/05
Somebody should grab those... I have seen some sell for $100 a
seat!!!!!!! I work in theatres, and they cost well over that to
replace... Besides, if they are Iron & wood (like most old theatre
seats), what a waste of natural resources to make them and send them to
the dump...

Matt J. McCullar

Aug 28, 2005, 7:26:17 PM8/28/05
Free gum, too! :)

Ken Layton

Aug 29, 2005, 1:27:54 AM8/29/05
They are still there as of 10:30 pm Sunday night the 28th. These are 20
year old American Desk brand chairs. Approx 800 chairs total. Come and
get'em as you can't beat the price---FREE.

They are in good shape. Cy Young Industries manufactures a retrofit
cupholder armrest for these chairs at just $3.00 an armrest for those
that like cupholders.


May 18, 2020, 9:59:48 PM5/18/20
RIP the old Regal Theater.

Great memories of the movie posters out front and inside:

The Keep
Gung Ho
Jaws 3D (You could hear people screaming from outside the theater).
The Tempest (Lightning bolt)
Clue A, B and C (LMAO)

There used to be a smoke shop next door selling pipe tobacco and cigars.

Turiyan 天香香背男 Gold

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