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TRON Question

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Oct 16, 1996, 3:00:00 AM10/16/96

Hello, Can someone please help me.

I would like to purchase a tron game, and there is one in a shop near me.
The game plays well, all of the controlls work fine, the screen and sound
are both perfect. About half of the stickers(decals, decorations,
whatever...) on the side are torn off, and the controller(still original
blue one) is there, but the little part that says Tron is cracked and half
missing. Also, both the light inside the controller(I think theres
supposed to be one) and the light in the front are burnt out. One guy who
works there thinks the owner would be willing to sell. I would appreciate
it if someone could give me some advise on how much I should offer.
Possibly a starting and final barganing amount? Thanks very much in


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