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Chris Curry

Mar 14, 1995, 5:44:41 PM3/14/95
For Immediate Release
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"The Bad Boys of Magic" make sure their interactive multimedia debut is
everything a video game isn't supposed to be
(Including a game that you just can't win)*

Upper Saddle River, NJ -- People have said that Penn & Teller should "rot in
hell." And those were their fans. Now, Penn Jillette and Teller are back at
it with the release of PENN & TELLER'S SMOKE AND MIRRORS(TM), their
interactive multimedia entertainment debut.

PENN & TELLER'S SMOKE AND MIRRORS, developed and published by Absolute
Entertainment (NASD Bulletin Board: ABSO), is filled with scams, put-ons,
flimflams, practical jokes and twisted reality.

PENN & TELLER'S SMOKE AND MIRRORS was created with the full participation of
Penn and Teller themselves; the title reflects the cutting-edge humor and
distinctive style of these two wildly popular "rip-off artistes." "It's not
that different from the spirit of our live shows," explains Penn Jillette,
"except you won't be able to smell us."

Absolute is developing PENN & TELLER'S SMOKE AND MIRRORS for three hardware
platforms: MPC CD-ROM, 3DO(TM) and Sega CD(TM). The title will be Absolute's
first venture into MPC gaming. "With the tremendous growth in the MPC
marketplace and the high quality audio and video content of this title, Penn &
Teller's Smoke and Mirrors represents a spectacular entry for Absolute into
the booming PC-CD ROM entertainment arena," says Garry Kitchen, President and
CEO of Absolute.

Penn and Teller spent an extraordinary amount of time at Absolute
Entertainment's labs in Upper Saddle River, NJ, working with the game
designers to create PENN & TELLER'S SMOKE AND MIRRORS. Kitchen explains,
"It's been a very hands-on creative process, and one that I believe is
unrivaled in the interactive entertainment mainstream. They've actually
become part of the design team."

PENN & TELLER'S SMOKE AND MIRRORS features live footage of Penn & Teller
created exclusively for the title and is jam-packed with cool stuff to do,
including two fully interactive magic tricks!

Here's some of what you get:

Mofo the Psychic Gorilla(TM). Watch while this cunning simian guesses which
card your friend has selected!

What's Your Sign?(TM). Your friend will marvel as he interacts with Penn &
Teller and their patented Personometer(TM) device, which the guys will use to
deduce -- with mind-blowing accuracy -- your friend's sign of the

Sun Scorcher(TM). The thrill-a-minute outer space shoot-'em-up that features
Thermo-Graphics(TM), Penn & Teller's revolutionary imaging technology that
makes the TV screen dangerous to touch!

Desert Bus(TM). Get behind the wheel of Desert Bus for a first-person,
hands-on view of the endless, interminable desert highway. No zillion dollar
sports car with leggy blonde in tow. Not at all. It's a bus. And it's an
eight-hour drive. In real time. No pausing. Another stunningly realistic
simulator in the great Absolute tradition.

Buzz Bombers(TM). The coolest, meanest competitive two-player action space
alien game yet created. You'll want to play it again and again, because
you'll never lose!

Smoke and Mirrors(TM). A one-of-a-kind action/adventure game that pits Penn &
Teller against evil Las Vegas magicians Stinkbomb and Rot and their loyal
minions. Penn & Teller will interact with a wild assortment of live-action
characters as they set out to prove once and for all that real magic
doesn't exist!

You're very persevering if you've read this far and don't know about Penn &
Teller. Infamous for their irreverent and nose-thumbing attitude toward
traditional types of magic, Penn Jillette and Teller have purveyed their
particular brand of cool in their two best-selling books, award-winning live
theatre shows, TV specials and numerous appearances on David Letterman's
programs, MTV and "Saturday Night Live," to name a few.

PENN & TELLER'S SMOKE AND MIRRORS debuts on the Sega CD in April 1995, with
the MPC CD-ROM and 3DO versions due in the third quarter of the year.

Absolute Entertainment, Inc., headquartered in Upper Saddle River, NJ, is an
independent developer and publisher of multimedia entertainment software for
PC CD-ROM, Mac CD-ROM, 3DO(TM), and Sega, Sony and Nintendo game platforms,
under the Absolute and Extreme Entertainment Group labels.

* You'll be able to win because you're a member of the press, so you get to
know how this works before everyone else. It's your friends who can't win.

Chris C
In order to understand one must learn how others
see the world and then learn how not to see the
world how one wants it be (S)

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