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Origin Systems & 3DO: The Real Story.

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Shawn Rader

Jul 11, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/11/95
Following is the log of todays meeting at the America Online 3DO
conference center. The guests where several people from Origin systems.
There have been more rumors about Origin, and 3DO in this newsgroup in the
last few weeks than any other company. I hope this clears up most of
them. They also explain the real reason the Ground Missions, and Capital
Ship wreakage where not present in the 3DO version.

ErinFritz2 shhhhh!!!!
OSI WE are really proud of Wing 3 3do and
we are glad that everyone is enjoying it so
OSI Now that the cheese is out of the way, lets start with the
questions! :)
Stephen3DO Our queue starts with Erin, LKoski and Firebird.
You have the floor Erin.
ErinFritz2 When can we expect WC4 on M2 and what types of improvements
will it incoporate over the ....
ErinFritz2 awesome WCIII?
Stephen3DO folks - we seem to be experiencing very s-l-o-w response
tonight - be patient
OSI Ironicly we were just looking at the M2 technology today.
But for now we are working on...
OSI a opera version of the game.
Stephen3DO for you folks that aren't familiar with the terms, Opera is
the code word for the current 3DO system
Stephen3DO ok Lkoski - speak up
LKoski I am aware of WIng Commander III's major cost to produce
and was wondering exactly how much profit do
LKoski you make of each copy sold.
OSI Lets put it this would need a fleet of
dump trucks... :)
OSI Actually titles like this help us fund alot of
our ventures....
Stephen3DO looks like Firebird left, so Shawn is up followed by Philip
and Mike.
ShawnRader Will there ever be an Ultima game for the Opera, or M2? If
there is I will buy it the day it's out.
OSI That would be a cewl idea but for now we do not have any
Ultima games in developement for...
OSI the 3do platform..
OSI You never know what might happen in the future....
ShawnRader Darn
Stephen3DO ok Philip - speak up
Philip2b The feature of a burnt up cap. ship after destuction was
not in the 3do version. why?
Stephen3DO the queue is Mike, Erin, Lkoski and Asum - be prepared
Gregor7284 Hi all
OSI There were several issues including memory and time.
The big issue was time....
OSI We are working on it for Wing 4.
Mike3DO You said you saw the M2... How good is it, and do you
think you (OS) will be supporting it?
Stephen3DO ok Mike3DO - your question
Mike3DO Question above... =)
OSI We looked at the technology today and it looked
really promising... :) ..
OSI Several of our current products may be cut
out perfectly for that technology...
OSI But we have not made any descisions on it yet...
OSI WE have some of our most experienced people evaluating
M2 and they are very impressed...
Stephen3DO ok Erin - come on down
ErinFritz2 Prowler was rumoured to be cancelled and then
rumoured to be still on but put behind ...
ErinFritz2 the priority of the PS version. What is the true story
and if it is still on will it ...
ErinFritz2 incorporate modem play? Are you looking at it for M2?
OSI Prowler is still under developement and no final
discisions have been made...
OSI Prowler technology seems ideal for M2..and currently
it is under development for multiple
OSI platforms....
Stephen3DO Lkoski - you are up. Get ready Asum, Philip and then
LKoski Do you have any other titles in the works for the 3DO
besides Prowler and Wing Commander 4?
OSI At much as I would love to tell you more. There is
nothing that we can officially talk....
OSI about at this time....lets
try to keep the discussion on Wing 3... :) Thanks...
Stephen3DO Ok - the other Andy Summers has the floor!
Asum if there is a game type that i would like to see more of,
how is the best way to promote i
Asum how is the best way to promote it?
OSI Andy, lets try to keep this discussion on Wing 3.
Thanks.... :)
Stephen3DO ok Philip your Wing 3 question please
Philip2b Was it hard overcoming the 3do strectching of polygons?.
What was the poly. diff. of the cap.
Philip2b ships compared with the 3do ver. and the pc version.?
OSI The big difference was that the face count of
the 3do objects had to be reduced from the PC.
OSI counterpart...
Philip2b And was flying inside a cap. ship given any thoughts?
OSI It was given some thought but there was not enough time to
implement it properly....But we..
OSI are looking into it for Wing 4.... OSI GA
Stephen3DO Ok Slater Dog - bark away. Then Erin, Shawn and Jeff.
SLATER DOG How did you come up with the storyline for the
OSI Chris Roberts has always been a fan of space opera...
OSI His creativity took care of the rest.....
ErinFritz2 Why were the ground levels left out? Was it because many
thought those were weak levels ...
Stephen3DO Erin - your ? please
ErinFritz2 in the PC version?
ErinFritz2 Or was it due to technical problems?
OSI The biggest thing was the time constraint. We though it
was bettter to work on the space..
OSI engine instead....And we think that they turned out
pretty good.... :)
Stephen3DO shawn - your Wing 3 question
ShawnRader Skip my question.
ShawnRader I don't have any questions abou WC3
Stephen3DO ok Jeff - you have the floor
Jeff264 What's the story behind
the removal of carrier landings and AI from WC3?
Stephen3DO a call for more questions for the great team of Wing 3
folks from Origin Systems.
Jeff264 sorry if everyone's questions are about removals
OSI Again that goes back to the time constraint....we just
didn't have time to implement them...
OSI Once again we thought that it would be best to focus
on the playability of the space combat.
Stephen3DO Asum - come on down.
Jeff264 well, we were all on your backs to release it quickly
Asum there was talk of a 'movie' movie deal, how would you
guys feel bout that? do you think
Asum it would defeat the purpose of an interactive film??
Asum (great game by the way)
Mike3DO Woops, gotta go... Thanks OSI, I picked up WCIII 3DO Today!
I'll read the rest on the log..
OSI Its something that we will always want to do,
however we haven't figured out how to finance
OSI it yet.... Don't forget that a movie of this type would
cost big big bucks...
Stephen3DO ok Shawn
ShawnRader Why the hell didn't you put Mark Hammel on a exercise
program/diet before you filmed the game?:-)
Stephen3DO LOL!!
Jeff264 heh
OSI WE did...he lost 50 lbs.. ;) Can't you tell??
Stephen3DO I have a question for the Origin team. Any fun stories
about the filming of the game that you
Stephen3DO wish to share with us all?
Stephen3DO a call for more questions
Stephen3DO OSI - are considering my question about stories?
OSI Tom Wilson is absolutly hilarious... Jeff264 maniac?
OSI None of us were really there....Origins official guide
for Wing 3 has the behind the screens.
OSI CD which contains alot of the bloobers that
happened during the filming....
Stephen3DO ok Lkoski - your question
LKoski I have not bought WCIII but have seen and played it on my
friends computer, exactly what changes were
LKoski made for the 3DO version?
OSI recompressed movies, faster load times, Higher color of the
movies (64K colors instead....
OSI 256), The audio is 16 bit stereo and it is in dolby
surround, because we were able to ....
OSI use the larger 74 minute CD capacity of the 3do format we
could add footage that was not....
OSI included in the PC version....
Stephen3DO nice answer. Ok, 2 more questions then trivia.
Stephen3DO Asum - your question.
Asum the ending titles look very impressive! how many people
(appox) were involved in wc3?
Asum how does it compare to other games? like swc
OSI About 200 people were involved in production of Wing 3....
Philip2b Was Chris Roberts as much an influence on wc3 as much
as he was on wc1?
Stephen3DO that's a lot of peopl!
Philip2b sorry!.
Stephen3DO Erin your question
ErinFritz2 Do you know if any strategy guides for the 3do version of
WCIII will be published?
OSI If time permits (Wing 4 is taking alot of the time) we
might put a FAQ on the onlines and..
OSI WEB page.....
ShawnRader Strategy guides are for wimps.=)
Stephen3DO ok lets take Philips question then we'll go to trivia.
Philip2b Was Chris Roberts as much an influence on
wc3 as he was on wc1?
ErinFritz2 I like them becuase they usually give
more background information on games.
Philip2b And disregard the crazy rating of 6.5 that e.g.m gave wc3!!.
OSI He is involved with every single product that he does.
He was especially excited to bring.
OSI Wing 3 to the 3DO platform and he was personally involved
in the development...
Stephen3DO Alright folks - put on your Wing 3 trivia hats. OUr
question tonight is directly from the people...
Stephen3DO at Origin tonight - so it may be a toughie.
Ok, Origin gang - what's tonights trivia question?
Stephen3DO first correct answer wins - final decision by
Origin Systems!
OSI What are the names of the two Confederation
Refuelling Depots found in...
ShawnRader Tom and Jerry
OSI Scene 15 Missions 2 & 3?
ErinFritz2 Regula 1 and Hawkins depot!
Arcade man Refueling depot's 1 and 2
Jeff264 can't remember!
Arcade man hehe
ShawnRader Joe and Curly
CNazareth A and B
ErinFritz2 Mo
Soupboy1 Wait I'm in the Debug mode now.
ShawnRader Michal Jackson and Lisa Mari.
Philip2b that's not fair , many of us want to take our time
at the game plus those are SPOILERS!
Arcade man Beavis and Butthead
Asum soupboys cheating!!!!! :^)
Jeff264 the names aren't spoilers
ShawnRader alpha betta
ErinFritz2 Don't underestimate the power of Soup!
Philip2b Ask a trivia gueation more closer towards the
beginning!. Please!
Jeff264 too trivial
Brian 3DO Great question.
Arcade man lala
Demonhell do trivia about Ginger Lynn movies
Asum lady of the universal tempature house depot & larry's
Stephen3DO hmmm, could be a stumper. Any hints?
ShawnRader Jack andJill
ErinFritz2 went up the hill
OSI That one is pretty difficult so we are going to ask a
different one...OK?
ShawnRader cat and paw
ShawnRader Sonny and Cher
Jeff264 ok
Arcade man Maurey povich and connie chung?
CNazareth Thank God!
ErinFritz2 yes new question!!!!
ShawnRader Oh I almost had that one, I know it!
Philip2b Not difficult just not at last mission yet!.
Stephen3DO new question - but give us the answer first!
Soupboy1 There is none in 15-3.
Soupboy1 Do I win?
Soupboy1 15-3 is to go just to a jump point
Arcade man uh oh
Jeff264 no fair using the debug!
Asum ouch! i believe him....
OSI TRIVIA : The bioweapons in Series 4 mission 2 are
heading for what planet?
ErinFritz2 new question is...
ErinFritz2 Earth
LKoski Earth
ErinFritz2 Venus
ShawnRader The brown one
Arcade man Mars?
Demonhell mars
LKoski Saturn
Jeff264 Areiolis
Arcade man Uranus?
LKoski Pluto
LKoski Mercury
Asum lanthathph?
Soupboy1 V4 Demonhell jupiter
LKoski Neptune
ErinFritz2 Trip Hawkins Arcade man Sun Demonhell pluto
ErinFritz2 Youranus
Arcade man heheh
Asum landthaphs (spelling wrong)
Philip2b Damn forgot the stupid name!
Jeff264 Areolis IV
ErinFritz2 ooops I mean Uranus
LKoski Romulas
Arcade man Mercury
ErinFritz2 Baldor
Philip2b Saturn!
LKoski Tatoine
ErinFritz2 Proxima Centuri 5 Arcade man Star ship enterprize?
Asum The Gap on 53rd & 5th ave?
Demonhell kilathri planet
ErinFritz2 The man with no butt!!
OSI all need to log some more time in the
simulator.. :)
Stephen3DO geesh, I thought you guys were experts on this game!
Philip2b Planet hollewood?
LKoski kilrathi homeworld
ShawnRader You guys should make ULtima for the 3DO just because
these quesions are so hard.
Philip2b O.j.?
Demonhell easy trivia
ErinFritz2 I don't have it yet!!! I am on a students
OSI A different question........
Demonhell please
Arcade man weeeeee
Jeff264 the game was too long to remember details!
LKoski Yeah, me either!!!
ErinFritz2 yes
ErinFritz2 easy one
Asum what was the answer??
Arcade man who knows
ShawnRader You should give exclusive support for the 3DO because this
question is so hard.
ErinFritz2 what's the question!
CNazareth Shawn has got it right where is Ultima!!!
OSI What is Hobbes' real name?
(you had better get this one ):)
Soupboy1 I know its something 4. Because they named
babies after me after I saved
Arcade man Hobbes
ErinFritz2 Cat
Arcade man mark hammil
Arcade man hehe
LKoski Calvin
Demonhell kilathries
Jeff264 Col. Ralga Hobbes
Soupboy1 He has a long name
LKoski Cowardly Lion
Jeff264 Col. Ralga J. Hobbes
ErinFritz2 Tasha Yar
Arcade man ???
ErinFritz2 Trip Hawkins
Philip2b john schurk
Arcade man Darth vader
Jeff264 Ralgar Hobbes
OSI Jeff is pretty close..... :)
ErinFritz2 Rastan
Arcade man Ralga james hobbes
LKoski Ralga J. Hobbes
Soupboy1 Ralga Thrakkan
ErinFritz2 Raalgar Hobbs
Asum (they dont think i even have the game)
ErinFritz2 Ralgaar Hobbes
LKoski Ralga Jake Hobbes
LKoski Ralga K. Hobbes
Demonhell thomas f,wilson
ErinFritz2 Ralgar Lancelot Hobbes
Arcade man aaaaaaah!
ShawnRader Rastan Hobbes
Asum Ralga james hobbes<<< JAMES??? for a cat?
ShawnRader Calvin and Hobbes
Jeff264 that's as close as I get!
Demonhell malcolm mcdowell
ErinFritz2 Rasmustan Hobbes
Soupboy1 It's not written anywhere and I can't type in
what he says.
ErinFritz2 Hobbes Ralgar
ShawnRader serlhjqweposifvnweofwef
Demonhell mark hammil
Demonhell john rhyes davies
ErinFritz2 Meow
Arcade man hehe
ErinFritz2 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Arcade man this is stumper day!!!!!!!!!!
Asum hehe? for a cat? really now!
Arcade man 3 in a row!!!!!!!!!
Arcade man hehee
Arcade man james the cat
Philip2b colonel ralgha nar hhallas
LKoski Lucifer Arcade man weeee Demonhell Thomas F Wilson
OSI Philip you are the winner....
Arcade man what the?!
Arcade man hhallas?
Stephen3DO no, really? Unbelieveable!~
LKoski Bah, I was just gonna say that.
Soupboy1 Bhuk nar Hhallas Arcade man hmmm
Jeff264 I thought I heard Ralgha nar Hobbes!
Asum he went to look in the manual......
Arcademan eheh
LKoski Ralgha Nar Hallas.
Stephen3DO Wow -that was pretty painful.
Jeff264 how did you remember philip?
Philip2b the pc version!
LKoski There aren't two Hs Jeff264 cheater!
Stephen3DO Philip, please send your name and address to screen name
OSI and they will get you a nice prize.
Philip2b played it more.
OSI LKoski gets a prize for spelling it right..... :)
Now that's all....
Stephen3DO And thanks for taking us out of our misery Philip!
Asum very good phil....
ErinFritz2 Brian3DO: I didn't get any of your messages just beeps
again. :(
LKoski I get a prize?
Philip2b when now?
Soupboy1 I still think I got the 1st ? right (sore loser)
Stephen3DO We would like to thank our guests tonight - the great
crew behind Wing Commander 3 for 3DO.
OSI You guys should know the trivia for Wing 4 better than
this.... :)
Jeff264 we'll study
Asum get it out for 3do, and we will!
Jeff264 thanks OSI
Stephen3DO Eric, Andy, Toddy, Peter, Brent, Joye, Sean, Chico and
LKoski Thanks OSI
Stephen3DO Let' OSI It was great chatting with all of you.....
Enjoy the game....
Soupboy1 Thw Wonderful Wizard Of
OSI Asum t h a n k s
OSI ...andy sommers----------------->that makes three of us,
great name
ShawnRader Thanks OSI, MAKE ULTIMA!!!!!!!!
Philip2b Thanks osi , hope all 3do software companies will
do the same!
Stephen3DO Lets wrap this up for tonight. Our next chat will be Tuesday
July 18th at 8:00 EST.
Jeff264 I've played it twice and it still rules!
SLATER DOG thanks osi
Stephen3DO Good night all and thanks again Origin. Love the game!
Brian 3DO Have a great night everyone.
Soupboy1 See ya Tuesday! Same chat time, same chat channel
OSI Thanks again and good nite... :)
CNazareth Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the Avatar on 3DO!
LKoski Seya
ShawnRader If you make Ultima for the 3DO I will change my sig to
"Eric, aAndy, Toddy, etc are gods".
Brian 3DO Erin, did you get my IMs?
Soupboy1 I gotta win a trivia sometime. Hopefully.
ErinFritz2 Brian: No just beeps. Do you want me to call?
LKoski Stephen, do I really get a prize?
Jeff264 steven's gone
ShawnRader Lets go post a bunch of crap in the Origin folders and tell
them to make more 3DO stuff.
Brian 3DO Erin, give me a call tomorrow sometime.
LKoski Oh yeah, there he is on the Bye list. That sucks.
Tie Jock I need help with syndicate bad!!!!
ShawnRader Keyword: Origin
ErinFritz2 sure thing.
LKoski I'm there.
Jeff264 what's your problem with syndicate?
ErinFritz2 Thanks Brian. One more thing
Jeff264 I have it on the Mac
CNazareth Did they say if there were any "NEW" titles in the
works for 3DO?
Tie Jock atlantic accelerator mission - my team gets
turned into swiss cheese!
ErinFritz2 I would like you to preview my WEB page if you could.
Jeff264 Fill them all up with lasers and put them in panic mode
ErinFritz2 Do you have access to Netscape or similar browser?
Jeff264 that's how I did it Tie Jock good idea. i'll try anything
right now.
Asum erin: what is your http?
Tie Jock where origin?
Jeff264 they left
Brian 3DO Erin, Sure do, email me the address
Tie Jock Where's Origin?
Brian 3DO good night
Jeff264 Texas
Tie Jock Any cool titles in the works?
Jeff264 WC4 and Prowler I think
LKoski Your late, man.
TieJock That's it. Neal was hinting at more!
Jeff264 what's it?
ErinFritz2 Assum:
Philip2b hey guys how do i collect the prize?
Tie Jock thanks for the tip jeff, I'll try it.
ErinFritz2 Guys: Did it seem that they had nothign good to say at
Asum thanks i will try to check it out erin.....agree
erin..sorta bitter, huh?
ErinFritz2 Yeah, and no new titles.
ShawnRader Philip: Send your address to Stephen3DO, and OSI Asum ok i am
going...anyone doing a countdown tell ross leaves???? :^)
ErinFritz2 You know I heard that WC4 was already confirmed on M2
by an OSI employee on AOL.

-Shawn Rader

Chris Curry

Jul 12, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/12/95
In article <3tvhua$>, (Shawn Rader) wrote:

|>ErinFritz2 shhhhh!!!!

|>ErinFritz2 When can we expect WC4 on M2 and what types of improvements
|> will it incoporate over the ....
|>ErinFritz2 awesome WCIII?

You Can always count on Erin to get to the point :-)

|>OSI Ironicly we were just looking at the M2 technology today.
|> But for now we are working on...
|>OSI a opera version of the game.

Too bad though....

|>ErinFritz2 Prowler was rumoured to be cancelled and then
|> rumoured to be still on but put behind ...
|>ErinFritz2 the priority of the PS version. What is the true story
|> and if it is still on will it ...
|>ErinFritz2 incorporate modem play? Are you looking at it for M2?

See above :-D

|>OSI Prowler is still under developement and no final
|> discisions have been made...
|>OSI Prowler technology seems ideal for M2..and currently
|> it is under development for multiple
|>OSI platforms....

Good news this time though!

Chris C
In order to understand one must learn how others
see the world and then learn how not to see the
world how one wants it be (S)

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