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CHARITY AUCTION: Vectrex game Armor Attack - Aluminium & brass shell in Ukrainian colours

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Mar 18, 2022, 12:46:51 AM3/18/22
Vectrex game Armor Attack - Aluminium & brass shell in Ukrainian colours

Armor Attack in custom aluminium and brass shell in Ukrainian colours - Sold for charity This auction is for charity. All money I get from this auction will be donated to Swedish Red Cross. Ebay does not support Swedish charities, so I will handle the donation manually myself. The winner will get a printed certificate of donation. Hearing news about the horrors of war when Russia wages war against Ukraine makes one feel powerless to do anything about it. So I decided to act and do SOMETHING, anything to support Ukraine in this crisis. This auction was the best idea I could come up with.

It is just the original game Armor Attack (by GCE 1982) that I have housed in a custom machined metal shell that I have made myself. The top half of the shell is made from solid aluminium that has been surface treated blue by a method called anodizing. The logo of the game has then been engraved into the shell through the coloured blue oxide layer so the engraving stands out in shiny aluminium "silver" against the otherwise blue surface. The bottom shell was made from solid brass. Blue aluminium top and yellow brass bottom shell makes the colours of the flag of Ukraine. This shell is HEAVY. More than three times as heavy as a plastic shell. The brass bottom shell has been hollowed out even more than usual to make it lighter so it won't put unnecessary strain on the cartridge port in the vectrex.

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Mar 23, 2022, 12:59:06 PM3/23/22
Charity #Vectrex Auction ended with a high bid of US $979.00! After eBay fees Svenska Röda Korset (Swedish Red Cross @rodakorset) received total donation of 7284 SEK (about US $770) in support of Ukraine. eBay for Charity does not directly support Swedish charities so the donation had to be performed as a post sale activity.

The creator-seller Tony Lindberg eBay seller ghostpilot-tony (aka @Fruktodlaren) included bonus art on the rear of the cart shell. The art pays homage to Boris Groh's winning stamp design of the recent Ukrposhta (Ukraine Postal Service contest.

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