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Vectrex Minestorm 2 Original Rare Cart GCE Replacement Mine Storm eBay Auction Listing

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Feb 11, 2024, 1:58:19 PMFeb 11
Vectrex Minestorm 2 Original Rare Cart GCE Replacement Mine Storm  

£1,340.00 (Approximately US $1,692.96 [ 30 bids ]  (current auction bid)
seller: theshubhillmob
Item description from the seller
Rare Vectrex Minestorm 2 Cart. (Mine Storm)

This was originally from my dads collection & given to me, Due to unforseen circumstances I have decided to part with it with his blessing.

I am back home at the weekend & can make a video of the game running on my Vectrex.

I may also be listing the Vectrex console & multi cart over the weekend too.

The cart is 100% genuine with its original housing & label, The Overlay is also an original from one of my old Vectrex.
The box is just a nice repro as Minestorm was the Vectrex built in game.

The buy it now is £1800 but I have no reserve so it will go for the highest bid.

I will ship this very securely 24 hour Special delivery within the UK.
I'm very happy to ship abroad but please be aware that eBay sets the Global Shipping cost.

Please ask any questions, I may have to ask my dad for the answers but i'll respond.

*Please note I am away 16-20 February will ship out on my return.

Many Thanks for Looking.

Below is some information from the Vectrex Wiki page.

The original U. S. release contains the infamous level 13 bug, where the game would crash and end if a player is able to clear out this level

Mine Storm 2 cartridge was made available for free upon request for Vectrex owners who wrote to GCE, which was bug-free, although it had many additional Mine Fields added and changes in the order of the Mines that appear (the Magnetic Mines make their debut during the second level, unlike the third on the second version of the game). This is one of the most rare and sought after Vectrex cartridges nowadays.
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Feb 21, 2024, 11:27:13 AMFeb 21
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