Four - five new Vectrex game demos...

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Mar 14, 2004, 8:54:36 AM3/14/04
Four - five new Vectrex game demos...
Well, some of them haven't been released before, some have been, but maybe
not the same version.. Read the whole story from


Richard Hutchinson

Mar 14, 2004, 10:53:37 AM3/14/04
Love the crazy golf one, it's simple concept makes a really good Vec game.

BETH looks awesome too, but I keep getting killed cause I don't know what to
do - it's incredibly fast.

Richard H.

Cecil Casey

Mar 14, 2004, 3:06:31 PM3/14/04
"Manu" <ma...@nospampelikonepeijoonit.nospamnet> wrote in message

Those are some nice little demo's. I really like the Mini-Golf idea, with a
bit of trig rework for the striking and ball movement that would be really
cool. I also like the basic idea of the BETH2 project, kinda a frogger
meets asteroids idea. Nothing better than mixing two completely different
ideas to make a game.

As for a game premise for BETH2... how about making it a 2 player game,
where the players can shoot the rock that the opposing player is sitting on
to shrink the field size of that rock( and only the rock the player 1 is
sitting on ), add in a bit of player thrust so rocks are marginally
controllable for steering ( to allow getting into 'jumping' distance of the
next rock ). You might also consider making player shot distance limited so
opposing players have to decide whether to maneuver to shoot the other
player or move into position to jump to the next rock. Finally you could
have it set up in different levels that the next rock in the sequence does
not show up right away, so it becomes a race to stay alive against opposing
fire until the next landing rock arrives. If you want to bonus a player you
could make an 'alien ship' that would make the shield on their rock slightly

Well they are ideas anyhow. Let me know what you think.


Mar 15, 2004, 1:40:04 AM3/15/04

Minigolf is my favorite. 18 holes would make a very fun cart.


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