The Vectrex IS NOT Public Domain (PD)

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Jun 22, 2019, 12:24:30 AM6/22/19
A reminder

The Vectrex IS NOT Public Domain (PD).

Jay Smith retains the rights.

Computer Nerd Kev

Jun 22, 2019, 9:12:57 PM6/22/19
Vectrexer <> wrote:
> A reminder
> The Vectrex IS NOT Public Domain (PD).

Have there been recent issues with that?

The issue is less about the Vectrex itself as the games, documents,
trade marks relating to it. My understanding is that permission was
granted for making/sharing copies of Vectrex material, so long as it
was not for profit.

For the Vectrex itself, taking that to mean the hardware, any
patents must have long since expired. So there would be no legal
issue were someome to sell a new Vectrex clone based on the original
design and schematics. So long as they didn't call it a "Vectrex",
or bundle any copies of original games/documents with it. It would
also have to have a custom BIOS ROM designed to be compatible with
the original.

That's probably a moot point though because there are long odds of
anyone finding a stash of suitable new old stock CRT monitors.

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