VecMulti production resumed | Vectrex Micro SD Card Flash based Vectrex Multicart 2019

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Jan 14, 2020, 7:31:33 PM1/14/20
Richard Hutchinson has resumed production of his "VecMulti", Micro SD Card flash based Vectrex Multicart. Production was resumed at the end of 2019. This production run includes a fix for a rare special case issue affecting some Vectrex systems. This run also includes an LED on the board and a custom translucent 3D printed case.

All previous VecMulti features still exist:

• Micro SD card included with purchase pre-installed with documentation, utility software, and original GCE/MB games.

• Stores and runs every Vectrex game.

• Extra RAM on board supporting Games requiring additional RAM (Animaction, etc.)

• Automatic support for 64K bank-switched games via cartridge port A15 line.

• Multi-load game support.

• VecMulti Menu software for launching Vectrex title after boot.

• Menu list capacity for 999 software titles.

• Software title name support for 13 Characters.

• Micro SD card capacity support for up to 2GB partition.

• Windows Menu builder software for updating Vectrex software menu title list.

• Windows ROM Patcher software for updating incompatible Vectrex binary titles for use with VecMulti.

• Developer support for computer connection via serial interface cable. Accomplished using the 4x1 header pads interface port on the VecMulti board. (External Serial to USB interface adapter required, not included.)

• Gold plated board contacts for reliable connection to the Vectrex

• LED on on board to illuminate the cart shell.

• Custom designed 3D Printed mini Vectrex cartridge shell for housing the VecMulti board.

VecMulti is available from Richard Hutchinson by direct purchase as of this writing on 2020-01-14.


• Email:

• Via AtariAge: Send a Private message to user Richard H." (AtariAge user forum registration required.)

Current Price as of this writing is $100.00 [USD]. Price includes worldwide shipping and SD card.

Below is a picture of my 2019 VecMulti as delivered inside one of my Vectrex systems. This VecMulti was tested in all of my Vectrex (Vectrexen /Vectri / Vectrexes 😁) and worked perfectly in every one. Thanks Richard! 🙏🏻

Startup video:
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