Debris Revisited / AstroDodge Highscore contest

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Revival Studios

Feb 6, 2011, 12:01:17 AM2/6/11
Debris Revisited / Astro Dodge highscore contest:
With the release of Debris Revisited, Revival Studios is proud to
announce a highscore contest for Debris Revisited.

When is the deadline?:
The deadline for this competition is set at July 1st 2011.

What are the prizes ?
This time around, i decided to give away prizes for the top-3 scores,
as well as for the highest score in astrododoge.

1. A rare VIP edition of Debris Revisited (only 20 copies released!
Mostly given to people involved with the game and/or as a competition
prize like this)
2. A brand new jumperless multicart by Madtronix
3. Any revival studios game of choice.

Bonus prize for the highest score on astrododge: Any revival studios
game of choice.

How does it work?
- Just play a game of Debris Revisited, and get a good score.
- Once you have a good score, display or write down the 16-letter
- Go to and enter your name
and code.

For your reference, the highest score at the time of writing is around
30000 points.

Good luck!


Feb 16, 2011, 12:38:51 AM2/16/11
I missed out on your limited print of Debris Revisited. Will there be
another print run?


Feb 16, 2011, 12:40:19 AM2/16/11
One just went on ebay for $100 so obviously the demand is there. Have
a heart :-p.
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