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New VeCaves Vectrex Overlay available, and Controller Cable Price Reduction on

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Jan 11, 2023, 3:29:30 PM1/11/23
Reposting a recent update from Sean Kelly via FB group "Vectrex Fans Unite!" about new and existing products on his site. Sean's products are top quality.

"Sean Kelly

News on my Vectrex website.
Stephen Gros designed a really cool Vecaves overlay and allowed me to print it in the same fashion as all of my other overlays - the same size, shape and thickness as the originals. It is now available on my website.

Also, I have finally gone through the first batch of Vectrex controller cables and consequently covered the costs of the molds required to make the cable. As a result, I have dropped the cost of the cable by 50% to $10 each with discounts still available for larger quantities."

Vectrex Overlays:!/Vectrex-Overlays/c/42142833

Vectrex Repair Parts:!/Vectrex-Repair-Parts/c/129701104
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