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Brand New GCE Vectrex TEST CART Rev.4 Scopetrex GOLD (FREE SHIPPING) $18.00 [USD]

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Feb 13, 2023, 1:58:17 PM2/13/23
Brand New GCE Vectrex TEST CART Rev.4 Scopetrex GOLD (FREE SHIPPING) $18.00 [USD]
Seller: ductape

Brand New GCE Vectrex TEST CART Rev.4
Cartridge built by Brett Walach of

PCB is GOLD plated (ENIG) and has 45° chamfered edges to be kind to your Vectrex, and last a long long time.  I've also done cycle insertion testing of these carts and after 1000 cycles they were still very nice!  Search Youtube for "VEXTREME PCB Test" to see my video.

Every Test Cart Rev.4 will be tested in my personal Vectrex I've had since Christmas morning 1982!

To use this Test Cart effectively, please search for the "Vectrex Troubleshooting Guide" and also the "Vectrex Service Manual" online.

I'll be making this Test Cart available for the Vectrex community for as long as I can.

My commitment to you: I will make this diagnostic tool very affordable so that anyone may attempt to repair a faulty or out-of-calibration Vectrex.  Save your money for new homebrew games!

Please be safe when working on your Vectrex, and only open it if you know how to work with high voltage properly.

Free Shipping, Shipping within USA only.

"Design. Build. Play!"

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