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Craig Ichabod O'Brien

Apr 8, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/8/98

CRF 11, Changes Only

This contains all changes to CRF 10, up to March 30th, 1998, and digest 62
of the mailing list.


Beginning of the Game

@ Your starting company can only contain 20 points of unmodified mind.
@ Non-character cards duplicated in the character draft may not be placed
into the play deck.

Organization Phase

Organizing Companies
@ If a company splits, all but one of the split companies must attempt to
move to a different site this turn. The company may not rejoin in the same

Movement/Hazard Phase


@ The same region (as in region card) may not occur twice in a single site


@ An attack is considered faced by a company if it successfully resolves in
its chain of effects.

Site Phase

Influence Attempts
@ When influencing factions across alignments, you roll against the number on
the card in play, that you are trying to influence away.
@ For a Fallen-wizard, the resource revealed must match the alignment of the
site at which the attempt is taking place.

On-guard Cards
@ Creatures may only be revealed on-guard if there is an automatic-attack at
the site.

Free Council

@ You may not recieve kill MPs from a card you played.
@ MPs from special and minor items count as item MPs.


@ Only Elven agents can move to a site that is a Wizardhaven.
@ Agent attacks are not keyed to anything.
@ When an agent is revealed, only the site he is at will be affected by
environment cards.

@ Allies count as characters for the purposes of combat, including performing
actions in combat that characters do (getting assigned strikes, tapping for
+1 to prowess) and for the play of cards that directly affect the attack.

Challenge Deck
@ Page 12 should say that companies must join at non-Haven sites. Companies
at Havens at the end of the movement/hazard phase may join or not as they
@ The end-of-turn phase was left out of the rulesbook. During the end of turn
phase you may discard one card, then you must reset to hand size.
@ In the Dwar deck (H) and the Indur deck (J), the Arkenstone should have the
icon for a play deck card, not a sideboard card.

@ A hero company is Wizard player's company, or a Fallen-wizard's company
that has no Orcs or Trolls. A minion company is a Ringwraith player's
company, or a Balrog player's company. An overt company is a company with
Orcs and/or Trolls in it. Note that some allies can make a company overt,
but Half-orcs do not.

@ If you defeat the attack from a Dragon manifestation, you get kill
marshalling points from the faction as if you had defeated a creature.

@ The white hand symbol on the Fallen-wizard card is that Fallen-wizard's
general influence once he is revealed. Prior to that, his general influence
is 20.
@ A Fallen-wizard may use a minion resource to cancel the automatic-attack at
a hero site, and vice versa.
@ Fallen-wizards may not play characters with more than five mind, but if
they have one in play the character is not discarded.
@ A Fallen-wizard is at -5 for influence attempts against a Ringwraith, but
not against a Wizard.
@ Fallen-wizards may not use starter movement, but they may use any other
form of movement.
@ Fallen-wizards use Ringwraith rules for agents.
@ You may not declare yourself as a specific Fallen-wizard unless you have
his card in your deck.
@ Fallen-wizards can have a character with more than five mind, they just
can't start with one or play one.
@ For starting companies, minor items come into play after characters, so
they cannot affect a character's mind for the purpose of playing him.
@ When a site is replaced with a site of the opposite alignment, the new site
comes into play in the same orientation as the other site.
@ You may use minion or hero resources to affect the automatic-attack at a
site, regardless of the site's alignment.
@ If any version of a site is in play or in your discard pile, you may not
play another version of that site.
@ Fallen-wizards may recieve one extra MP for factions played on a leader.

@ Factions played with a leader are worth two extra MP per group of factions,
not per faction.

@ If an ally giving a mode is removed from play during the movement/hazard
phase, the Ringwraith immediately stops being in that mode, but continues to
move to his new site.

@ A permanent-event played on a site affects only the copy of the site it is
played on, unless otherwise specified. A permanent-event not played on a
site affects all versions of affected sites.

@ To play a name-specific card, you must have declared yourself as the
character with that name. That character need not be in play.

@ A Wizardhaven is not considered to be adjacent to an Under-deeps site
unless Deep Mines has been played on it.
@ Protected Wizardhavens do not allow you to move an extra region with region
@ The phrase 'protected Wizardhaven' is just a keyword, and has no effect by
@ If you are influencing against your opponent, and he is at a Wizardhaven
where you can not play cards that give MPs, you can reveal the card you are
influencing against to reduce the number you roll against to 0, but you may
not play that card afterwards (if it gives MPs).


Freeze the Flesh
@ If used on your Ringwraith or Fallen-wizard, it will remove the -5 MP
penalty for having them eliminated.

@ If you play a hazard forcing a Fallen-wizard to change site alignments, and
he does not have the other version of the site he is moving to, you must
provide it for him. After that it is his responsibility to provide sites.

The Weakest Link Method
@ If there is a tie at the Free Council, add one corruption point to each
non-Wizard character in play. All characters then make corruption checks.
After all corruption checks, recount marshalling points.


A Strident Spawn
@ Allows you to play Half-orcs without Bad Company in play.

Bad Company
@ Does not allow you to start with a character that says he cannot be in the
starting company.

@ Blackbole may attack in company vs. company combat, but he may not defend.

Black Rain
@ A Fallen-wizard may use this to play a hero ring item, but a Ringwraith
player could not.

Cracks of Doom
@ Pledge of Conduct played on the bearer of the One Ring for this check will
discard Cracks of Doom without effect.

Deep Mines
@ Card erratum: Add "Cannot be duplicated on a given Wizardhaven." Effective

@ You may only play items as listed on the card in front of you, although
they may be of the other alignment.

Freeze the Flesh
@ # Cannot be used on your Ringwraith to keep you from losing the game.

Girdle of Radagast
@ Does not affect the regions in starter movement, except for the starting
and ending regions.

The Hunt
@ The discarding and revealing of the card do not have to be in any specific

Lucky Search
@ A Noble Hound does not face the attack instead of the character that played
Lucky Search, because the strike is never assigned.

Mistress Lobelia
@ May only retrieved minor items normally playable at her site.

Open to the Summons
@ Card Erratum: Replace "minion company" with "company."
@ Does not allow you to start with a character that says he cannot be in the
starting company.

Prophet of Doom
@ "Number of regions between" includes the region of Pallando's site and the
region the faction is played in.

Radagast's Black Bird
@ This is a two mind ally.

Reluctant Final Parting
@ Card errratum: Add "Determine nearest Haven using site cards of the same
alignment (minion/hero) as the ally." [Effective 4/20/98]

Remnants of Old Roberies
@ You may not play this card on a card you played.

Sly Southerner
@ This is a two mind character.

Squint-eyed Brute
@ This is a two mind character.

Thrall of the Voice
@ If this card is discarded, the character remains in play.
@ Does not allow you to start with a character that says he cannot be in the
starting company.

Ursiev of Treachery
@ You may not use this item to assign a third strike to the character.

Winged Change Master
@ Only affects Radagast when using region movement.

Wizard's Myrmidon
@ Can be played with another card, like Squire of the Hunt, that reduces the
influence required to control a character. Use the lower number to control
the character.

The Worthy Hills
@ (minion) The Worth Hills effect of not tapping does not interfere with the
satisying of active conditions.

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