[MECCG] CRF 10 Changes, plus bonus rulings!

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Jan 7, 1998, 3:00:00 AM1/7/98

Hey y'all

Sorry, but I forgot to post the file of just the changes for CRF 10.
I also forgot the effective dates for some of the rulings, they are
in this file but not the main files I posted earlier.

Two bonus rulings just decided on today:

In a general opponent format, both players make a roll. The higher
roll declares their alignment (and which Fallen-wizard) they are
playing first.

Twilight may always target resources. This overrides the fact that
your resources cannot target your opponent's resources. So you could
play Twilight as a resource to discard your opponents Gates of
Morning. [effective 1/26/98]

Changes for CRF 10, current as of January 1, 1998, including up through
digest 26.

Turn Sequence

Organization Phase

Playing Characters
If you play a Ringwraith at a non-Darkhaven site where there is one of
your non-Ringwraith companies, one of the companies must move that turn. If
both companies are still there at the end of the movement/hazard phase,
discard the non-Ringwraith company.

Movement/Hazard Phase


If an attack can not be cancelled, strikes from the attack may still be

Free Council

Only resources that directly affect corruption checks may be played during
the Free Council. This includes cards that change a character's corruption
point total or prevent a character from being discarded.
When determining if more than half of your marshalling points come from one
type of marshalling point, ignore negative marshalling points. The easy way to
do this is if one category is more than half of your positive marshalling
points, reduce that category to equal all of your other positive marshalling
point categories combined.

Rulings by Term

Fallen-wizards use minion rules for agents, except where specified by the
White Hand rules insert.

Playing a Card
You may not play a card which has no effect on the game. Causing a dice
roll is considered to be having an effect on the game. [effective 1/26/98]

Stage Resources
If your opponent is playing the same Fallen-wizard as you, and reveals that
Fallen-wizard first, you must discard any Fallen-wizard specific stage
resources that you have in play.
Wizard specific Stage Resources may be played with the starting company.

Marshalling points with companies at or moving from an Under-deeps site do
not count for the purposes of calling the Free Council. They do count at the

Card Errata and Rulings

Reset to hand size before moving to the second site.

Flatter a Foe
Against attacks with two of the types listed, use the harder number.

Only an unwounded character may be wounded by this card.

So You've Come Back
A character in a company with just allies is by himself for the purposes of
this card.

Wizard's Ring
This is not a ring item.

The Worthy Hills
Since this site never taps, no free minor items may be played here.

Also, I put in the cross references for Card Effect Limitations. They
were in the HTML version on my site, but not in the text version.

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