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Middle-earth: Collectible Card Game Collected Rulings File
Number 1, current as of 8/27/96, "Look Ma! No Netrep!" version
Maintained by Craig "Ichabod" O'Brien, <ich...@cstone.net>

Items marked with a -=- are either new, changed, or certified free
of Dragon infestations.

If playing in a tournament be sure to check the tournament rulings,
as some of them differ from the rulings for casual play.

0. Table of Contents

I. The Turn Sequence
II. Rulings by Term
III. Timing Rulings
IV. Miscellaneous Rulings
V. Tournament Rulings
VI. Rulings by Card

I. Turn Sequence

Begining of the Game

If a character is put in the deck due to duplication in the starting
company, then it does not count against the 10 character limit.

A. Untap Phase

Corruption checks that triggered at the end of this phase happen
after everyone untaps. Characters that tap to aid the check will not
untap until their next untap phase.
You may do things besides untap during this phase.

B. Organization Phase


A character cannot use a bonus to direct influence against "Blue
Mountain Dwarves" to control characters with the home site Blue Mountain
Bonuses to direct influence apply only once, not for each character.

Playing Characters

You may play a character if you do not have enough influence to
control them. However, if there are any characters you cannot control
at the end of your organization phase they will be discarded.
-=- You may play a character under general influence at their home site
without a company at that site. The one exception to this is if you are
playing Standard Game and your Wizard has been revealed. In that case
your Wizard must be present to bring a character into play under general
Hobbits may only be brought into play at Bag End, not at Havens.

C. Long Event Phase

Gee, this is a boring phase, isn't it?

D. Movement/Hazard Phase


A company is not considered to be at the site of destination until
the end of the company's movement/hazard phase and the site of origin is
-=- Resource cards cannot be played between the movement/hazard phases
of two different companies.
-=- You do not have to decide how many cards you want to draw before you
start to draw them.


Strikes are assigned in the following manner: First the defending
player assigns strikes to his untapped characters; Second the attacking
player assigns the remaining strikes; Third the attacking player may
assign extra strikes as -1 modifiers to characters' prowess. Each char-
acter must one strike before any character gets an extra strike, and the
extra strikes need not be assigned to a character until that character's
strike is resolved.
An attack may be canceled at any time up until the strikes are
assigned. A strike may be canceled at any time up until the dice are
Cancelling a strike does not defeat it.
-=- A creature cannot be canceled based on region type if that creature
was played keyed to a region by name.
Side effects of losing a character are resolved immediately after
the character is lost, before other characters resolve their strikes.
Wounded characters only suffer a -2 prowess even if they are also
considered tapped.
If a creature has a body, each strike is only defeated if the body
is defeated for that strike.
Prowess modifications from items come first. Then other bonuses
are applied in the order the player controlling the character decides.


Starter movement works as follows: Each company will have a face up
site card showing the site it is at. This is called the site of origin.
By the end of the organization phase put a face down new site for each of
your companies that wishes to move. If a company's site of origin is a
non-haven site (not Rivendell, Lorien, Edhellond, or Grey Havens), the new
site must be the nearest haven. If the site of origin is a haven site there
are two options. If you want to go to another haven you may go to one of
the two nearest havens listed on your site of origin card, the new site
card would be one of these two havens. If you want to go to a non-haven
site it must be one which lists the site of origin as the nearest haven. If
the company successfully makes it to the new site, discard the site of
origin at the end of that company's movement/hazard phase.
Region movement works as follows: To move a company from its site of
origin to another site using region movement, lay down a series of up to
four regions and the new site by the end of your organization phase. Each
region in the series must list on its card the regions that are connected
with it in the series as adjacent regions. The region at the beginning of
the series must be the region listed on the site of origin card. The region
at the end of the series must be the region listed on the new site card.
A site which lies more than four regions away from the site of origin may
not be reached in one turn with region movement (without Bridge, Shadowfax,
Region movement can be used to move from one non-Haven site to another
non-Haven site.
A company does not have to move each turn. If a company does not
move it still has a movement/hazard phase. No cards are drawn for the
company and the only hazards that can be played on the company are events
and creatures that can be keyed to the company's site.
Lebennin and Ithilien are not adjacent, even though they look that way
in the rule book.

Playing Hazards

The hazard limit does not change if a character is eliminated or
discarded during the movement/hazard phase.
Hazard permanent-events count against the hazard limit. Some hazard
permanent-events allow you to tap or discard them for an effect, and this
counts against the hazard limit unless specified otherwise on the card.
Hazards may only be played on a company whose movement/hazard phase
is being resolved. Long-events and permanent-events may effect more than
one company even though they are only played "on" one company.
If a card must be keyed to two instances of a region type, those
region types do not have to be consecutive in the site path.
If a creature hazard resolves and there are no longer any instance of
the region it was keyed to, then it is immediately discarded no effect on
play. If any instances of the region it was keyed to are in the site path
it will still take effect, even if those instances were not there when the
creature was resolved.
-=- If you say you are done playing hazards and your opponent plays a
resource before the movement/hazard phase ends, you may then continue
playing hazards (assuming you have not yet reached the hazard limit).
-=- A creature that be played in a specific region (i.e., "Playable
in Cardolan") it can be played on a company using starter movement if
that company's site of origin or site of destination is in that specific

E. Site Phase

Exploring A Site/Automatic Attacks

To explore a site first declare that you are exploring the site.
Then face any automatic attacks at the site, including any on-guard
hazard creatures that are revealed. Then if you have any untapped
characters you may tap one to play an item, information, ally, or faction
card. For most items and information cards the site will say if cards
of that type can be played at that site. Some items, and factions and
allies, say on the resource card at which sites they are playable.
A card that can cancel an attack can cancel an automatic attack,
and this counts as facing the automatic attack.
The automatic attack is not a hazard.
-=- You must face the automatic attack on the turn you attempt to
play resource that would tap the site, even if you faced that attack

Influence Attempts

It is not possible to influence an item away from a Wizard.
-=- If an influence attempt against a character is succesful, then any
allies they control are discarded.
-=- You must enter a site to make an influence attempt.
You may influence a Hobbit if you are not at Bag End.

On-Guard Cards

Some long- and permanent-events (like Awaken Denizens) can be revealed
on-guard and effect multiple companies. These cards specify that they
affect "each" or "all" sites of a certain type.
An on-guard creature must be revealed before the automatic attack is
Creatures cannot be revealed on-guard at a site with no automatic
attack. They can be played on-guard at such sites, but will return to
your hand at the end of the site phase.
-=- You can play two on-guard hazards on the same site if two companies
are moving to the same site.

Playing Allies

You do not need to spend influence (direct or general) to control
an ally.

Playing Factions

The site does not tap unless the faction is succesfully played.

Playing Items

You may play two weapons, shields, or armors on the same character
but only one of each may have an effect on the character.
You may play a minor item after succesfully playing a resource that
taps the site even if minor items are not playable at that site.
Extra minor items can only be played after playing an item that would
tap that site.

F. End-of-Turn Phase
G. Free Council

If you have 0 marshalling points in characters, items, factions, or
allies then your opponents points for that type are doubled [standard
game]. This includes if you are brought down to 0 points in a category
due to negative marshalling points.
Characters may tap to aid corruption checks. Note that the player
calling the Free Council does not get an untap phase before it.
Long- and permanent-events still in play will still have an effect.
-=- Resources may be played during the Free Council.

II. Rulings By Term


An ally can play any non-item resource that requires a specific skill.
Allies cannot bear items.
Allies cannot tap to support corruption checks.
Allies may tap to cancel attacks from Slayers and Assassins.


Cancelling an attack will not defeat it. The company will not have
to face the attack, but neither will they get marshalling points for it.

Cannot be Duplicated

-=- Short-events that cannot be duplicated cannot be played if a card of
the same name is currently having an effect on play.
-=- Long- and permanent- events that cannot be duplicated can be played
if they are already in play only if the card in play is currently being
targetted by an effect that will discard it.


You may continue to play after you have lost all of your characters.
A character counts as a character in the same/his/her company.


Characters with 0 corruption points must still make corruption checks.
-=- A character may attempt to remove a corruption with out tapping. They
are at -3 to the roll. This can be attempted once per turn.


A discarded character may be brought into play again by any player.


-=- Dunadan do not count as Men.


An eliminated character may not be played by any player for the rest
of the game.

Gold Ring Item

When a gold ring item is tested, the ring is descarded and the
marshalling points are lost whether or not you are able to play a special


Havens can tap, but Havens are always returned to the location deck
and not the discard pile.


-=- The sideboard is increased to 20 cards.
-=- You can access hazards from your sideboard when your opponent's
Wizard is brought into play. You must declare this at the end of your
opponent's untap phase and then access hazards as if you had tapped a
Nazgul permament-event to do so. The hazard limit against all of your
opponent's companies is halved, rounded up.

Site Path

The site path is determined by depending on what sort of movement
was used. If using starter movement between Havens the site path is given
on the Haven card in the text box. If using starter movement to or from
a non-Haven site the site path is given on the non-Haven site, along the
left side of the card. If using region movement the site path is deter-
mined by the region cards played on the company. In all of the above
cases the site path includes the site you are moving to.
Certain cards refer to the site's site path. The site's site path
is always the site path given on the site card, regardless of how the
company got to that site.
Short- and long- events can alter both the site's site path and a
company's site path.


A strike is only defeated if the body of the strike is defeated.


Tapping a character does not tap that character's items.
A spell only taps a Wizard if the spell card says it does.


You may put two of the same Wizard in your deck, or you may put one
copy each of two different Wizards in your deck.

III. Timing Rulings

The validity of an effect is checked upon declaration and upon
The effects of a card are happen in the order listed on the card.
If a card has an alternate use the player playing the card chooses
the use at declaration.

IV. Miscellaneous Rulings

Optional Rules

You may not aid a Hobbit facing an automatic attack alone because he
failed a burglary role.
After a succesful burglary attempt another character may tap to play
a minor item.
If a character is facing two strikes and the first strike kills the
character the second strike is considered succesful.
A character tapping to face two strikes is at -3 prowess against both
strikes. The character taps when resolving the second strike.
-=- In multi-player games the following hazards count as 1/2 a creature:
hazards that can be played as events or creatures, Ahunt Dragon manifesta-
tions, and At Home Dragon manifestations.


-=- The official netrep is Scott Frazer <sfr...@comet.net>. The official
alternate netrep, rules archivist, and Crossing-guard of Mordor is Craig
"Ichabod" O'Brien <ich...@cstone.net>.
The official website's hurl is http://www.ironcrown.com.
The best way to get questions answered is to post them to the usenet
newsgroup rec.games.trading-cards.misc with "[METW]" in the subject. Second
best is email the netreps at the above adresses.
Promotional cards can be obtained by sending a SASE to ICE with a
letter requesting them.

Other Stuff

Either draw numbers for the whole game or roll dice for the whole
-=- Two skill cards may be played at one time on the same character out-
side of combat.

V. Tournament Rulings


Dice must be used to obtain random numbers.

Deck Construction

Each deck must contain at least 10 creatures.
A hazard that can be played as a creature or an event counts as 1/2 a

The Character Draft

The starting character pool consists of 10 characters.
Each player reveals one character at a time from their pool, simul-
taneously with their opponent. Non-duplicated characters go into the
starting parties, duplicated charcters are put aside and not allowed in
either starting company. Each player continues until they want to stop,
they have 20 points of mind in their starting company, or they have five
characters in their starting company.
If one player stops revealing characters, the other one may continue
to play charcters.
No player may reveal a character that would bring his starting
company's total mind over 20.
When palyers are finished, each may put up to 10 characters into
their deck, including character from his starting pool that did not end
up in the starting company.

The Weakest Link Method

If there is a tie at the Free Council, add one corruption point to
each non-Wizard in play. Each character then makes a corruption check and
marshalling points are recounted.
Continue this until there is no longer a tie or until all non-
Wizard characters are corrupted away.

-=- As of the first Thursday in October, the following changes in Council
of Lorien tournament rules will take effect:
30 card minimum for both resources and hazards.
Cards that can be played as either hazards or resources (can we say
Twilight boys and girls?) may count as either.
3 copies of one Wizard will be allowed, or 2 copies of one Wizard and
1 copy of another Wizard.
12 card creature minimum.
At Home and Ahunt Dragon manifestations count as 1/2 a creature.

VI. Rulings by Card



Treat character discarded by Abductor to be discarded but not elim-


Has errata: Change "...gives -1 penalty to one..." to "...modifies
any one character's body by -1 for the rest of the turn.


Alatar stays with a company if he uses his special ability to aid
that company.
Alatar can force someone to draw 0 cards when he moves.

Align Palantir

Align Palantir can be stored.
Has errata: Add "May not be duplicated on a given Palantir.

Army of the Dead

Has errata: Add "May not be influenced by an opponent."


Balrog of Moria

The "in addition" section of Balrog of Moria is not used if Galadriel
is out of play, even if she is eliminated.
You cannot get the MP from a Balrog of Moria that you played.

Bane of the Ithil-stone

Bane of the Ithil-stone will only cancel effects outside of normal
play. It will not stop you from drawing cards when moving or discarding
and drawing at the end of the turn. It will not stop getting cards from
the sideboard. It will stop looking thourgh the discard piles or play
decks. This will stop cards like Far Sight, the Nazgul are Abroad, Lucky
Search, and From the Pits of Angbad.

Bill the Pony

Has errata: The body should be 10, not 6.

Book of Mazarbul

Has errata: Replace "tap the bearer during the organization phase"
with "tap Book of Mazarbul during your organization phase."


-=- If you fail the roll for the Burglary, you cannot then play an item.


Corsairs of the Umbar

Has errata: Add "May also be played at any sites in Elven Shores,
Erriadoran Coast, Andrast Coast, Bay of Belfalas, or Mouths of the Anuin."

Cracks of Doom

Has errata: Remove "Otherwise, discard the One Ring."



Has errata: Replace "his body check is modified by -1." with "his
body is modified by -1 for the resulting body check."

Dragon's Blood

-=- If the body check forced by Dragon's Blood fails, the character is
not wounded.
-=- No body check is required if the affected strike is ineffectual.

Dragon's Desolation

Playing Dragon's Desolation to make a Dragon playable at a Ruins &
Lairs does not necessarilly require you to play a Dragon later in the

Dreams of Lore

Does not have to be stored to recieve the marshalling points.

Drowning Seas

Has errata: Remove "Cannot be duplicated."

Dwarven Rings (all)

Give +7 to direct influence.

Dwarven Ring of Barin's Tribe

The site has to be untapped to use this ring.

Dwarven Ring of Bavor's Tribe

Has errata: One "reshuffle the play deck" is sufficient.

Dwarven Ring of Druin's Tribe

Has errata: One "reshuffle the play deck" is sufficient.

Dwarven Ring of Thelor's Tribe

Has errata: Values in parenthesis and brackets apply to Dwarf bearer.
The prowess/body modifications should read: "+2(4)/+1."

Dwarven Ring of Thrar's Tribe

Has errata: Values in parenthesis and brackets apply to Dwarf bearer.
The prowess/body modifications should read: "+2(4)/+1."



-=- When Elf-song saves a character from being discarded it also saves
that character's items.

Elven Cloak

Can cancel a strike keyed to double wilderness.


Has errata: Replace "as a minor item" with "in addition to an ally
or faction which has been succesfully been played at Wellinghall."


Cannot be played on a wounded character.


Can be played even if there are no Wilderness in play.

Eye of Sauron

With Doors of Night in play Eye of Sauron only gives +3 to the prow-
ess of automatic attacks.


The body refered to in Eowyn's text is the Nazgul's body.



Can be duplicated on a given company.

Foul Fumes

Will tap all sites in play that meet the requirements.



Must be in the same comapny as the ring he tests.


Has errata: Add "Giant."


-=- No player may assign strikes to Goldberry
-=- May tap to give a character +1 in combat.
You may tap Goldbery to can an effect declared earlier in the same
chain of effects that would return Goldberry's company to its site of


The text on Gollum is an ability that you can choose to use, not an
effect that happens automatically.

Great Goblin

Has errata: "Unique. Orc. One Strike"
May be played against companies using region movement.

Great Road

Has errata: Replace "opponent draws twice" with "opponent draws
up to twice"

Great Ship

Allows the cancelling of one creature or the cancelling and discarding
of an event that targets the company in question or an entity associated
with that company.


Has errata: Should read "you may discard Gwaihir during the
organization phase to allow his company..."


Halfling Strength

If used to heal a Hobbit when healing effects affect all characters
in a company, it will heal all other wounded characters in the company.

Healing Herbs

Cannot stop a body check.

Here, There, or Yonder?

-=- The ally does not have to be chosen or played until after the dice
are rolled.


Has errata: Add "Playable only at the end of the organization phase."


Has errata: Add "Awakened Plant."


Incite Denizens

-=- When copying an attack put on the site by another card it will not
copy any other effects of the card.
-=- When copying an attack put on the site by another card, the Incite
Denizens attack will disappear if the other card is discarded.


-=- Has errata: Replace "Healing card" with "Healing effect."
-=- Will not duplicate the untap portion of a healing effect on tapped
but unwounded characters.


Khamul the Easterling

The number of cards discarded is set at the time of declaration.
The cards are discarded from your hand.



-=- No player may assign Leaflock strikes from an automatic attack.
-=- May tap to give a character +1 against an automatic attack.
Allows the cancelling of one creature or the cancelling and discarding
of an event that targets the company in question or an entity associated
with that company.

Long Winter

Affects all sites in play that with two Wilderness in their site path.

Lucky Search

Has errata: Replace "Discard all revealed cards except the item"
with "Resuffle all revealed cards except the item back into the play deck."
May be played at a tapped site.
You are not allowed a minor item after the Lucky Search item.
When the scout faces the attack they are tapped and have the item.
Unique in play items are ignored when turning over cards.
Does not exhaust the play deck.

Lure of Expedience

Will trigger when a gold ring item is tested and a special item
is played.
Will trigger when an item is transfered.
-=- Can be played on-guard and will trigger a corruption check when
revealed in resonse to an item played.

Lure of Nature

Has errata: Replace "at the end of each movement/hazard phase"
with "after all other hazards have been played."


Magical Harp

-=- Can be used at the Council of Lorien.

Many Sorrows Befall

-=- Cannot be played on-guard.

Marvels Told

-=- Cannot be played on a card that has not yet resolved.

Mirror of Galadriel

Only playable if you currently have a company at Lorien.


Has errata: Should read "This card is used as a Dark-hold site
card in the region of Udun that is moved to..."


To bring a Nazgul permanent-event back into your hand Morgul-horse
must be declared after tapping the Nazgul is declared and before it


May not be played on a character who has already had a corruption
card played on them this turn.
The corruption is recieved immediately following the attack.

Morgul Night

Is not discarded if Doors of Night leaves play.

Mountains of Shadow

Facing the attack is not required if using the "otherwise..." section.

Mount Doom

Hazard creatures may be keyed to Mount Doom can be played regardless
of any resources prohibitting their play. Creatures that can be played
at Mount Doom by description can always be played at Mount Doom regardless
of resources in play.

Mouth of Sauron

Has errata: Add "Man."


Can be played when influencing an opponent's faction.


Nazgul are Abroad, the

Can bring back a Nazgul played as a creature.

Neeker Breekers

Has errata: Add "Does not effect Wizards."


Old Forest

-=- Has errata: Replace "healing cards" with "healing effects."

Old Man Willow

Has errata: Add "Awakened Plant."

Old Thrush, the

Has errata: Add "Cannot be duplicated on a given attack."

One Ring, the

Can be used multiple times in a turn if the corruption checks are
-=- "Starting prowess" refers to the prowess printed on the character


Palantir of Amon Sul

Discard immediately if its company contains less than two characters
while moving.

Palantir of Orthanc

Cannot be used on site cards.

Palantir of Osgiliath

Discard immediately if its company contains less than four characters
while moving.

Pale Sword, the

May not be played on a character who has already had a corruption
card played on them this turn.
The corruption is recieved immediately following the attack.
You must control both the Pale Sword and the Nazul it is played on.


Does not suck.

Praise to Elbereth

Nazgul events discarded by Praise to Elbereth have no effect.
Which characters are tapping to discard which events must be
declared when Praise to Elbereth is declared.

Precious, the

The player of The Precious chooses who makes the corruption check.


Has errata: Add "Pukel-creature."


Quiet Lands

Has errata: Replace "is reduced to half its original prowess
(rounded up)." with "is reduced by half (rounded up)."


Ren the Unclean

If you tap Ren then you cannot play resources to aid your character's
corruption checks. Your characters may tap in support.


Has errata: Replace "healing cards" with "healing effects."


Has errata: Add "Playable only during the site phase. tap the sage
and the site."


Has errata: Should read "Playable on a site. If a company that has
moved to this site this turn does not tap a ranger, it must do nothing
during its site phase."

Roac the Raven

Has errata: Remove "no modifications to the influence check are
required." with "treat this influence check as if it was made by a dip-
His special ability may only be used during the site phase.
Can make the attempt by himself.

Rumor of Wealth

-=- Can be played on-guard


Sacrifice of Form

Has errata: Replace "-3 to any body checks" with "+3 to any body
After Sacrifice of Form is played you may not play a different Wizard
and your opponent may not play the Wizard you sacrificed.


Can use an un-aligned palantir.
Must be bearing the palantir to use it.

Secret Entrance

Can be played on a company that does not move.
If the site is revealed and is not a Dark-domain the sage is still

Secret Passage

Does not work if the site type changes.


Has errata: Change the Border-land symbol in the first line with a
Border-hold symbol.
Goes away when all copies of the site it was played on are discarded.
-=- Can be avoided with Shadowfax.


Has errata: "an additional site card may be played and an additional
movement/hazard phase."
Cannot use his special ability if another ally is in the company.

Silent Watcher

Has errata: Gives 1 marshalling point, not O. Add "Pukel-creature."


Has errata: Gives 2 marshalling points, not 0. Add "Slayer."
The target of Slayer can tap to cancel an attack.
Only one attack can be cancelled by tapping a character.


The bonuses are cumulative.


Thorin II

Gets a total of +4 direct influence against the Blue Mountain Dwarves.

Tom Bombadil

Allows the cancelling of one creature or the cancelling and discarding
of an event that targets the company in question or an entity associated
with that company.
Cannot cancel non-targetted effects like Long Winter.

Tookish Blood

This card has no errata.
Cannot be played just after a failed corruption check.


Has errata: Replace the last paragraph with "This card is discarded
when a character fails his corruption check."
Two Traitors have no extra effect.


Has errata: Replace "Redhorn Gap" with "Redhorn Gate."


Has errata: Add "This card may be played at any time during any
player's turn."
Can target a card that has not yet resolved.
Can be played as a resource during your opponent's turn. If played
this way it will not count toward the hazard limit.


Use Plantir

Has errata: Change text to "Sage only. Tap sage to enable him to use
one Palantir he bears for the rest of the turn."


White Tree, the

Has errata: Add "Discard the Sapling of the White Tree."
You can only discard a Sapling of the White Tree that you have played.
If you leave a tapped Minas Tirith while this card is in play, Minas
Tirith will still be discarded.

Wizard's Laughter

Has errata: Change "Wizard only." to "Wizard only during opponent's
site phase."

Wizard's Ring

Has errata: Replace "Ignore any effect that would discard this item"
with "Cannot be stored, stolen, or transfered."

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