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Craig Ichabod O'Brien

Aug 16, 1998, 3:00:00 AM8/16/98
-= NNN =-

Because of the way that timing rules work, characters tapping in support
have no effect on the corruption check, since they will be untapped when the
support resovles.
See also Rulings by Term, Corruption.

The Nazgul are Abroad
See Rulings by Term, Card Effect Limitations.

Card Erratum: Add "Does not effect Wizards."

Nenselde the Wingild
May tap to give +1 prowess to another character facing an attack.

New Friendship
The influence bonus from New Friendship applies only to the diplomat, but
the corruption check bonus applies to any character in the diplomat's company.

News Must Get Through
Cards stored with News Must Get Through must be storable at a generic
Darkhaven, not a specific one.

News of the Shire
Affects all versions of Bag End.

The bonuses for Men and Dunedain do not apply to attacks.

Noble Hound
Card Erratum: Add the sentence: "If Noble Hound is tapped or wounded, treat
it as though it were untapped for the purposes of assigning strikes."

No Escape from My Magic
Card Erratum: Change "Play on any faction in play" to "Playable on any
unique faction in play."

Not at Home
Cannot cancel any attack or automatic-attack except one from a Dragon,
Drake, or Troll.

-= OOO =-

Old Forest
Card Erratum: Replace "healing cards" with "healing effects."

Old Friendship
The influence bonus from Old Friendship applies only to the diplomat, but
the corruption check bonus applies to any character in the diplomat's company.

Old Man Willow
Card Erratum: Add "Awakened Plant."

Old Road
May be used to influence an opponent's faction only when you are attempting
to bring your copy of the faction into play.

The Old Thrush
Card Erratum: Add "Cannot be duplicated on a given attack."
Cannot be used against agents, since none of them have a listed prowess of
13 or greater.

The One Ring
Can be used multiple times in a turn if the corruption checks are
"Starting prowess" refers to the prowess printed on the character card.
If the bearer is a Ringwraith, The One Ring does not provide corruption to
the characters in the company.
Cannot be played after a test from storing a gold ring.

Open to the Summons
Card Erratum: Replace "minion company" with "company."
Does not allow you to start with a character that says he cannot be in the
starting company.

Orc Mail
Cannot be played on a company with allies in it, as there are no Dwarf or
Hobbit allies.

-= PPP =-

Palantir of Amon Sul
Discard immediately if its company contains less than two characters while

Palantir of Orthanc
Cannot be used on site cards.

Palantir of Osgiliath
Discard immediately if its company contains less than four characters while
Only copies tapping effects of other Palantir, not continuous effects.

The Pale Sword
The corruption is received immediately following the attack.
You must control both the Pale Sword and the Nazgul it is played on.

Can only see the top card of an opponent's discard pile.

Panalopy of Wings
The Radagast bonus applies if you have a character manifestation of
Radagast in play, or if you have declared you are playing Fallen-

Peril Returned
Will not stop Gates of Morning from discarding hazard environments when it
resolves. [effective 11/17/97]

@ Card Erratum: Change "At the end of the target's movement/hazard phase" to
"At the end of your opponent's turn." [Effective 8/27/98]

Praise to Elbereth
Nazgul events discarded by Praise to Elbereth have no effect.
Which characters are tapping to discard which events must be declared when
Praise to Elbereth is declared.
Nazgul permanent-events that are targeted by Praise to Elbereth may not be
tapped in response to its play.

Prophet of Doom
"Number of regions between" includes the region of Pallando's site and the
region the faction is played in.

Card Erratum: Add "Pukel-creature."

-= QQQ =-

Quiet Lands
Card Erratum: Replace "is reduced to half its original prowess (rounded
up)." with "is reduced by half (rounded up)."

May tap to give +1 prowess to another character facing an automatic-attack,
or hazard keyed to his site.

-= RRR =-

Radagast's Black Bird
This is a two mind ally.

Only an unwounded character may be wounded by this card.

Reaching Shadow
May not be used to play creatures keyed to double Shadow-lands.

Ready to His Will
Note that cards like Rank Upon Rank are applied as a passive
condition, once an attack of the right type is in play. Therfore you can
play and successfully resolve Ready to His Will in respons to the
declaration of Rank Upon Rank's effect.

Rebuild the Town
Card Erratum: Replace "Playable on" with "Playable during the site phase
See also Turn Sequence, Site Phase, General.

You can use it on hoard items.

Regiment of Black Crows
Makes a company overt.
May tap to give +1 prowess to characters during combat.

Reluctant Final Parting
Reluctant Final Parting has no effect on The Balrog.
Card errratum: Add "Determine nearest Haven using site cards of the same
alignment (minion/hero) as the ally." [Effective 4/20/98]

Remnants of Old Roberies
You may not play this card on a card you played.

Ren the Unclean
If you tap Ren, then you cannot play resources to aid your character's
corruption checks. Your characters may tap in support.
The moving player makes corruption checks first. Each player decides the
order of the corruption checks for their characters.
See also Rulings by Term, Nazgul.

Rescue Prisoners
Card Erratum: This cards gives 2 marshalling points, not 3. Add "You
receive the marshalling points for this card only when it is stored."

Returned Beyond All Hope
Returned Beyond All Hope "un-eliminates" a creature, allowing any
manifestations of that character to be played.
This card may target creatures still in play as trophies.

Card Erratum: Replace "healing cards" with "healing effects."

Ride Against the Enemy
Hazards have no effect on the attack, and any resources that benefit the
attack are cancelled. The attack may still be cancelled.
You may not use a Wizard your opponent has played Sacrifice of Form on.
The character gets any appropriate combat bonuses list on his card.

Card Erratum: Add "Playable only during the site phase. Tap the sage and
the site."

The Ring's Betrayal
The ring must be chosen at time of declaration if the character bears more
than one.

Card Erratum: Should read "Playable on a site. If a company that has moved
to this site this turn does not tap a ranger, it must do nothing during its
site phase."
You have until the beginning of the site phase to tap a ranger, and you may
tap the ranger at the beginning of the site phase without entering the site.

Roac the Raven
Card Erratum: Replace "no modifications to the influence check are
required." with "treat this influence check as if it was made by a diplomat."
His special ability may only be used during the site phase.
He can make the attempt by himself.
Using this ally to make an influence attempt does not tap a site, and may
be done if his company is at a tapped site.

Rumor of Wealth
Can be played on-guard.

If Ruse is played by a scout who is the only character in the company, the
attack has no effect. If there is a creature card it is discarded. The attack
is considered faced but not canceled.

-= SSS =-

Sable Shield
A bearer who did not tap while facing a strike will not tap if the strike
is successful.
A detainment strike will not discard the Sable Shield.

Sack over the Head
Affects any Hobbit or Dwarf wounded by the attack, not just those wounded
by the Troll.

Sacrifice of Form
Card Erratum: Replace "-3 to any body checks" with "+3 to any body checks."
After Sacrifice of Form is played, you may not play a different Wizard and
your opponent may not play the Wizard you sacrificed.
This card is played after strikes are assigned.

Secret Entrance
Can be played on a company that does not move.
See also Turn Sequence, Organization Phase, Choosing a New Site.

Secret Passage
Does not work if the site type changes.
See also Turn Sequence, Organization Phase, Choosing a New Site.

Card Erratum: Change the Border-land symbol in the first line to a Border-
hold symbol.
Goes away when the site it was played on is discarded.
If you move to a site with Siege played on it, any effect which can give
you a second movment/hazard phase that turn will allow you to avoid the
effects of Siege.

Sentinels of Numenor
Sentinels of Numenor will not give an extra marshalling point to Army of
the Dead.

Card Erratum: "an additional site card may be played and an additional
movement/hazard phase."
Cannot use his special ability if another ally is in the company.

Silent Watcher
Card Erratum: Gives 1 marshalling point, not 0. Add "Pukel-creature."

May tap to give +1 prowess to another character facing an automatic-attack,
or hazard keyed to his site.

Card Erratum: Gives 2 marshalling points, not 0. Add "Slayer."
Only one attack can be canceled by tapping a character.
All of the strikes will go against the same character.

Sly Southerner
This is a two mind character.

Can be influenced at any site they can be played at.

Will still affect the company if its size rises above 2 after

Something Has Slipped
The -2 applies for each character that is wounded.
Wounding an ally triggers this card.
You cannot "become wounded" if you are already wounded before the strike.

So You've Come Back
If two companies join, and both companies have a So You've Come Back played
on them, the hazard player chooses which one to discard.
A character in a company with just allies is by himself for the purposes of
this card.

Spider of the Morlat
Spider attacks from Spider of the Morlat played as a permanent-event are
considered detainment vs. minion companies.

Squint-eyed Brute
This is a two mind character.

Star of High Hope
Does not affect attacks.

Stay Her Appetite
Card Erratum: Change "plus two" to "plus five." [effective 11/3/97]
If Stay Her Appetite is played on an ally with no prowess, there is no
attack, but all other affects of the card apply.

Prevents the revealing of a creature on-guard.

Sudden Call
You may not shuffle Sudden Call into your deck while you are drawing cards.
Drawing cards is an indivisible action.Summons from Long Sleep
Card Erratum: Change "When the reserved creature is played, another Dragon
or Drake may be reserved." to "Discard this card after the reserved creature

Summons from Long Sleep
Card Erratum: Change "When the reserved creature is played, another Dragon
or Drake may be reserved." to "Discard this card after the reserved creature
Reseving the creature does not count against the hazard limit.

Does not affect attacks.

Swarm of Bats
Does not help an attacking company in company vs. company combat.

-= TTT =-

They Ride Together
Company size is still limited to seven.

Thing Stolen
Playing the item will tap the site if it is not already tapped.

Thong of Fire
The prowess requirement only applies when transfering or playing Thong of
Fire, and includes modifications to the character's prowess.

Thorough Search
Card Erratum: Replace "...to play any item normally found at its current
site." with "...to play a minor, major, or gold ring item normally found at
its current site."

Thrall of the Voice
If this card is discarded, the character remains in play.
Does not allow starting with a character that specifies it may not be in
the starting company.

For this card, your prowess is calculated when it resolves.

Tidings of Bold Spies
Tidings of Bold Spies only copies attacks, not effects that allow certain
creatures to become automatic-attacks.

Card Erratum: Should read: "Playable: Items (minor, major, greater*)
*Scroll of Isildur only."

Tom Bombadil
Card Erratum: Change "that targets a company" to "that targets a
company, or an entity associated with a company."
Allows the canceling of a creature.
Can discard permanent-events on characters.

Card Erratum: Replace the last paragraph with "This card is discarded when
a character fails his corruption check."
Two Traitors have no extra effect and are both discarded with the next
failed corruption check.
Traitor cannot be revealed as an on-guard card.
This is an attack with the same race as the character attacking, and a
normal prowess of ten plus the character's prowess.
@ Characters facing a Traitor when it is not their turn may not play
resources, but may still tap for full prowess.

Card Erratum: Replace "Redhorn Gap" with "Redhorn Gate."
May tap to give +1 prowess to another character facing an automatic-attack,
or hazard keyed to his site.

True Fana
Combat modifiers that modify prowess only against a strike do not count
when determining the Wizard's prowess.
When this spell is used against an agent, the agent does not receive the
two 6-sided dice bonus.

Card Erratum: Add "This card may be played at any time during any player's
Can target a card that has not yet resolved.
Can be played as a resource during your opponent's turn.

"Two-headed" Troll
Makes a company overt.

-= UUU =-

The Under-galleries
You cannot play Morannon at The Under-galleries. However, you can play
Ancient Stair from Morannon, move to The Under-galleries, and zip back to
Morannon at the end of the turn.

Ursiev of Treachery
You may not use this item to assign a third strike to the character.

Use Palantir
Card Erratum: Change text to "Sage only. Tap sage to enable him to use one
Palantir he bears for the rest of the turn."

Use Your Legs
All strike by the entire company count for capturing Hobbits.
The characters placed off to the side are not considered prisoners for MP

-= VVV =-

Veils Flung Away
Card Erratum: Each body check is modified by -1, not +1.

Card Erratum: Vilya should now read: "Playable on Elrond only. +4 prowess,
+2 body, +6 direct influence until the end of the turn. If Elrond is at
Rivendell and your play deck has at least 5 cards in it, you may take 3
resource cards of your choice from your discard pile and shuffle them into
your play deck. Elrond makes a corruption check modified by -3. Cannot be
duplicated on a given turn."

Voices of Malice
May be played during the site phase by a character in another
company, as if he were in the company resolving their site phase.

-= WWW =-

We Have Come to Kill
We Have Come to Kill may be used to bring in agents, but not Ringwraiths.
@ You must have enough influence to control the character to play this card.

Wounding an ally discards an item.

Where There's a Whip
Only characters with a mind and prowess less than the Whip bearer's will
The body check will discard Orcs and Trolls.

The White Tree
Card Erratum: Add "Discard the Sapling of the White Tree."

Will of Sauron
Long-events are only discarded if Will of Sauron ceases to be in
play, not if one particular card leaves play.

The Windlord Found Me
Can be used to recover a Wizard discarded with Sacrifice of Form.
You can play your Wizard at the Haven when you store this card even if Saw
Further and Deeper is in play.

Winds of Wrath
See Rulings by Term, Card Effect Limitations.

Winged Change Master
Only affects Radagast when using region movement.

Witch-king of Angmar
Although he becomes a long-event when tapped, he is discarded when the
effect resolves just like other Nazgul. The long-event effect will remain
until the appropriate time.
See also Rulings by Term, Nazgul.

Withdrawn to Mordor
To discard an on-guard card with Withdrawn to Mordor you must do so before
the card is revealed.

Wizard's Laughter
Card Erratum: Change "Wizard only." to "Wizard only during opponent's site

Wizard's Myrmidon
Can be played with another card, like Squire of the Hunt, that reduces the
influence required to control a character. Use the lower number to control
the character.

Wizard's Ring
Card Erratum: Replace "Ignore any effect that would discard this item" with
"Cannot be stored, stolen, or transferred."
This is not a ring item.

Card Erratum: Change "Animals" to "Wolves."

Worn and Famished
See Rulings by Term, Card Effect Limitations.

The Worthy Hills
Since this site never taps, no free minor items may be played here.
(minion) The Worth Hills effect of not tapping does not interfere with the
satisying of active conditions.

Woses of Eryn Vorn
Card erratum (minion version): Change "Man faction" to "Wose faction."

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