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Sep 27, 1997, 3:00:00 AM9/27/97

Changes for CRF 7

Rulings by Phase

Organization Phase

Effects that are played during the organiziation phase, and depend on
the site or site path of a moving company, create an effect which is not
declared until the new site is revealed. If the site or site path is not of
the appropriate type when the effect resolves, the resource has no effect.

Movement/Hazard Phase


If a company moves twice in one turn, resources played during the
organization phase, like Secret Passage, are reapplied to the company at the
begining of each of their movement/hazard phases.

Playing Hazards

@ For the purposes of interpreting hazards, no Darkhaven or Haven has a site
path except for Geann a-Lisch.

Site Phase

Company vs. Company Combat

Hazards have no effect on company vs. company combat.

On-guard Cards

When an on-guard card is revealed, it immediately ceases to be
considered an on-guard card.

Rulings by Term


Allies can be healed as if they were characters.


Any effect that would change the number of a strikes for an attack may
not be played after strikes are assigned. This includes cards that have other
additional effects, and cards that only indirectly change the number of

Body Checks

"Affecting the body check" includes modifying the die roll or the body
of the character making the check.

Card Effect Limitations

Sudden Fury can be played against a Ringwraith.


You can have three of a non-unique character in your deck.


If all characters in a company leave play, the site goes to the location
deck or discard pile, depending on its tapped status. If this happens during
the movement/hazard phase, the site card stays in play until the end of all
moevement/hazard phases. In this case, on-guard cards may still be played on
the site.
The following allies make a company overt: The Balrog, Creature of an
Older World, Great Bats, Great Lord of Goblin-gate, Last Child of Ungoliant,
Regiment of Black Crows, and Two-headed Troll.


Attacks at Darkhavens are canceled only if the company is at the

Gold Rings

Special items, played after a ring test from storing a gold ring item,
come into play stored.


For Spying out the Land and Here is a Snake, each hazard player shows
hazards immediately before he draws and/or plays hazards, and then can only
play those hazards. Players who are not playing hazards are not required to
show hazards.


Normal means as written on the card, not considering other card's


Any revealed cards are shown to all players.

Skill Cards

Two or more skill cards may be played by a single character outside of
Two skill cards may not be declared by one character against a given


Automatic-attacks that allow the revealing of creature cards are not
stopped by Stealth or Secret Entrance.

Tournament Rulings

Deck Construction

You may play with three Ringwraiths in your play deck, as long as they
are not three different Ringwraiths.
You may place Ringwraiths or Wizards in your sideboard, as long as only
one of them is duplicated in the deck and sideboard combined, and you have
only Ringwraiths or only Wizards in the deck and sideboard combined.

Great Secrets Buried There

If you give an Under-deeps site to your opponent, it will return to your
location deck we they are done with it, unless you have also used the site, in
which case it returns to your discard pile.


Wizard companies cannot use starter movement to or from sites in
Gorgoroth. If using region movement to or from sites in Gorgoroth, they must
move from a site in Imlad Morgul, through either Nurn or Udun, or use a
movement enhancer like Ash Mountains or Eagle-mounts. Such sites may be
reached normally with Under-deeps movement.

Starting Companies

Ringwraith/Sauron players may have starting companies at Dol Guldur
and/or Minas Morgul. A Ringwraith may also be brought into play at Dol
Guldur, Minas Morgul, or his home site.

Rulings By Card


Card Errata: Gives 2 MP, not 1.

Chill Douser

Does not recieve benefits from itself, although it is effected by other
Chill Dousers played previously in the turn on the same company.


Cancels creatures keyed by region type, not by name.


Elf-song will effectively stop influence attempts against characters.

Hold Rebuilt and Repaired

Card Erratum: Add "Playable during the site phase."

Fate of the Ithil-stone

Fate of the Ithil-stone must be tapped before entering Barad-dūr, in
order to rotate it 180 degrees.

Freeze the Flesh

Freeze the Flesh will stop your opponent from gaining kill marshaling
points from your character.

Great Lord of Goblin-gate

Card Errata: Unique.

Icy Touch

If two of these are in play, they both trigger at the same time, and the
second one is discarded without effect.

Inner Cunning

The site type for the agent's home site is the one you would use if you
went to visit the site.

Many Turns and Doublings

If Gates of Morning is in play, Many Turns and Doublings can cancel
hazards by reducing the hazard limit to the point where the hazard resolving
is no longer playable. If this is done to an on-guard card, the card is
returned to the player's hand.

Messenger of Mordor

Cards stored with Messenger of Mordor must be storable at a generic
Darkhaven, not a specific one.

My Precious

Does not give -1 MP to minions.

News Must Get Through

Cards stored with News Must Get Through must be storable at a generic
Darkhaven, not a specific one.

The One Ring

Cannot be played after a test from storing a gold ring.

Palantir of Osgiliath

Only copies tapping effects of other Palantir, not continuous effects.

Reluctant Final Parting

Reluctant Final Parting has no effect on The Balrog.


Can be influenced at any site they can be played at.

So You've Come Back

If two companies join, and both companies have a So You've Come Back
played on them, the hazard player chooses which one to discard.

Stay Her Appetite

If Stay Her Appetite is played on an ally with no prowess, there is no
attack, but all other affects of the card apply.

Tidings of Bold Spies

Tidings of Bold Spies only copies attacks, not effects that allow
certain creatures to become automatic-attacks.


This is an attack with the same race as the character attacking, and a
normal prowess of ten plus the character's prowess.

We Have Come to Kill

We Have Come to Kill may be used to bring in agents, but not

Withdrawn to Mordor

To discard an on-guard card with Withdrawn to Mordor you must do so
before the card is revealed.


@ Card Erratum: Change "Animals" to "Wolves."

Woses of Eryn Vorn

Card errata (minion version): Change "Man faction" to "Wose faction."

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