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I. Turn Sequence

B. Organization Phase

-=- Any company may declare as its new site a site already on the table.
That site will remain on the table at least until the end of that company's
movement/hazard phase.

D. Movement/Hazard Phase


-=- If an attack states all characters in a company face a strike, then
effects which allow a character to face more than one strike have no effect
against the attack. Similarly, effects that change the attack's number of
strikes have no effect. As an exception, effects which reduce the number of
strikes to a specific number do work.

On-guard Cards

-=- 8) A card may not be revealed that taps a character in the company.

-=- On-guard creatures are faced after a Burglaring attempt regardless of
the success of the attempt.

II. Rulings by Term


-=- Agents are *not* creatures.

-=- Agents do not face attacks when moving.

-=- Rolls made by agents during combat are done simultaneously with rolls
made by characters during combat (after step 4 of the strike sequence).

Ahunt Manifestations

-=- Attacks from Ahunt manifestations are not keyed to anything.


Also see Playing an Ally (I.E.)


-=- If two companies join at a site, cards affecting one of the companies
now affect them both (Stealth, Great Road, River).

-=- Two companies moving to the same haven must join.

The Strike Sequence

This section has been moved to the combat section under movement in the
rulings by phase.

V. Tournament Rulings

Deck Construction

-=- Cards that can be played as either hazards or resources (can we say
Twilight boys and girls?) may count as either for purposes of deck

-=- Agents count as 1/2 creatures for deck construction.

VI. Rulings By Card


-=- All non-follower cards are discarded along with the character.


-=- You may decide to cancel one of the attacks after facing another attack.

Bane of the Ithil-stone

-=- "Within the normal sequence of play" is meant to cover things mentioned
in the rules.

-=- Bane will not cancel Revealed to All Watchers or similar effects.

-=- If a card has multiple effects, Bane will only cancel those effects
that concern searching through decks and discard piles.

Chance of Being lost

-=- Chance of Being Lost will change your site path.

Crown of Flowers

-=- Crown will be discarded by Doors of Night.

Deftness of Agility

-=- The extra strike is dealt with in a seperate strike sequence.

Emerald of the Mariner

-=- The Emerald is considered a source of 0 corruption.

Fever of Unrest

-=- The Dragon played is not considered keyed to anything.

Here is a Snake

-=- Here is a Snake does not prevent the use of hazards already on the table.

Hunt, The

-=- The Hunt cannot be used on Nazguls who are in play as permanent-events.

Leaf Brooch

-=- The item being replaced by the Leaf Brooch being discarded must be in
play to satisfy any targetting restrictions. When it comes time to discard
that item, discard Leaf Brooch instead.

-=- If used to replace a gold ring after a successful test, the bearer of
the gold ring item gets the special ring item, not the bearer of the Leaf

Long Dark Reach

-=- The creature does not count against the hazard limit.

-=- If the creature is keyable only to regions by name, that is sufficient.

-=- A creature must be played if there is one available.

Many Foes He Fought

-=- The penalties on the card are cumulative with the normal combat penalties.

Moon is Dead, The

-=- The second automatic-attack goes away if the Moon is Dead is discarded
before the attack is faced.

More Alert than Most

-=- The minimum of one strike still applies while Gates of Morning is in play.

Noble Hound

-=- If for any reason you are unable to assign strikes to the Hound, then
you cannot assign strikes to its master either.

-=- If an attack assigns one strike for each character, then both the Hound
and its master will recieve strikes.

Praise to Elbereth

-=- Nazgul permanent-events that are targeted by Praise to Elbereth may not
be tapped in response to its play.

Rumor of Wealth

-=- Rumor only allows you to play a Dragon, no other hazards are allowed.

Sentinels of Numenor

-=- Sentinels will not give an extra marshalling point to Army of the Dead.


-=- Always attacks as a thief, so he will never wound anyone.

Token of Goodwill

-=- This is not an influence attempt and racial modifiers will not help.

Tom Bombadil

-=- Tom can cancel and discard permanent-events on characters in the
aprropriate companies.


-=- Twilight (and other hazard which can be played as resouces) are only
considered to be resources while they are being played or while contructing
a deck under Council of Lorien rules. At all other times they are hazards
and may not be affected by cards affecting resources.


-=- Has errata: Replace "If your play deck has at least 5 cards in it, you
may take 5 resource cards." with "If Elrond is at Rivendell and your play
deck has at least 5 resource cards in it, you may take 3 resource cards."

Witch-king of Angmar

-=- Although he becomes a long-event when tapped, he is discarded when the
effect resolves just like ohter Nazgul. The long-event effect will remain
until the appropriate time.

Withdrawn to Mordor

-=- No agent is required for the alternate use.

VII. Dark Minions Rulings

This section has been deleted. All rulings here can be found in the
appropriate sections.

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