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[MECCG] CRF 7 Card Errata and Rulings

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Sep 28, 1997, 3:00:00 AM9/28/97

V. Card Errata and Rulings



Card Erratum: Change " -1 penalty to one..." to "...modifies any one
character's body by -1 for the rest of the turn.


Card Erratum: Change ":he must tap and make a corruption check immediately
following the attack." to ": he must make a corruption check immediately
following the attack, and, if untapped, he must tap."
Alatar can force someone to draw 0 cards when he moves.
When Alatar uses his special ability he must face a strike, regardless of
anything that would normally prevent him from facing a strike.
Alatar must teleport and declare he is facing a strike before any other
strikes are assigned.
Allies Alatar controls are discarded when he teleports.

Align Palantír

Card Erratum: Add "May not be duplicated on a given Palantír."
Align Palantír can be stored.

Army of the Dead

Card Erratum: Add "May not be influenced by an opponent."

A Short Rest

This card only allows the extra card draw for moving companies that
actually have a site path.


If an attack from Assassin is given more than one strike, each additional
strike becomes an excess strike (-1 prowess modification) against the attacked
character. An Assassin can never assign strikes to more than one character.
You may decide to cancel one of the attacks after facing another attack.
@ Card Errata: Gives 2 MP, not 1.

Aware of Their Ways

Consider sites to be unique cards for the play of this card.



Read "If Baduila is discarded" as "If you choose to discard Baduila."

Balance of Things

Balance of Things may be revealed as an on-guard card so long as at least
one character in the company during whose site phase Balance of Things is
revealed carries at least one corruption source.

Balrog of Moria

You cannot get the MP from a Balrog of Moria that you played.

Bane of the Ithil-stone

Bane of the Ithil-stone will only cancel effects outside of normal play as
outlined in the rules.
If a card has multiple effects, Bane will only cancel those effects that
concern searching through decks and discard piles.

Bill the Pony

Card Erratum: The body should be 10, not 6.
Bill's special ability may not be used at an under-deeps site.

Book of Mazarbul

Card Erratum: Replace "tap the bearer during the organization phase" with
"tap Book of Mazarbul during your organization phase."


If you fail the roll for the Burglary, you cannot then play an item.


Chance of Being lost

Chance of Being Lost will change your site path.

Chill Douser

@ Does not recieve benefits from itself, although it is effected by other
Chill Dousers played previously in the turn on the same company.


@ Cancels creatures keyed by region type, not by name.

Corsairs of the Umbar

Card Erratum: Add "May also be played at any sites in Elven Shores,
Eriadoran Coast, Andrast Coast, Bay of Belfalas, or Mouths of the Anuin."

Cracks of Doom

Card Erratum: Add "Only playable during the site phase." Remove "Otherwise,
discard the One Ring."

Cruel Caradhras

Card Erratum: Replace "Minas Morgul" with "Imlad Morgul."
This card can be played on a company using region movement to leave a site
in an affected region.


Deeper Shadow

Card Erratum: This is a short-event, not a long-event.

Deftness of Agility

The extra strike is dealt with in a seperate strike sequence.

Despair of the Heart

The corruption check occurs before the body check.


Card Erratum: Replace "his body check is modified by -1." with "his body is
modified by -1 for the resulting body check."

Dragon's Blood

If the body check forced by Dragon's Blood fails, the character is not

Dragon's Desolation

Playing Dragon's Desolation to make a Dragon playable at a Ruins & Lairs
does not necessarilly require you to play a Dragon later in the turn.

Dragon's Hunger

Card Erratum: Replace "Otherwise, the attack is cancelled." with
"Otherwise, the attack is cancelled and the opponent must reveal his hand."
This card can be played regardless of how much of the hazard limit is used
up, and may also be played against an automatic-attack. The opponent must
discard a hazard creature from his hand if he has one.

Drowning Seas

Card Erratum: Remove "Cannot be duplicated."

Dwar Unleashed

Dwar must already be in a mode to use this card.

Dwarven Rings (all)

Give +7 to direct influence.

Dwarven Ring of Barin's Tribe

The site has to be untapped to use this ring.

Dwarven Ring of Bavor's/Druin's Tribe

Card Erratum: One "reshuffle the play deck" is sufficient.

Dwarven Ring of Thelor's/Thrar's Tribe

Card Erratum: Values in parenthesis and brackets apply to Dwarf bearer. The
prowess/body modifications should read: "+2(4)/+1."



When Elf-song saves a character from being discarded it also saves that
character's items.
@ Elf-song will effectively stop influence attempts against characters.

Elven Cloak

Can cancel a strike keyed to two or more wilderness.

Emerald of the Mariner

The Emerald is considered a source of 0 corruption.


Card Erratum: Replace "as a minor item" with "in addition to an ally or
faction which has been succesfully been played at Wellinghall."


Cannot be played on a wounded character.


Can be played even if there are no Wilderness in play.


Fate of the Ithil-stone

@ Fate of the Ithil-stone must be tapped before entering Barad-dûr, in order
to rotate it 180 degrees.

Favor of the Valar

Favor of the Valar requires you to draw 8 cards, not to your hand size.

Fell Beast

This card can be played and resolved before any Nazgûl is played with it. A
Nazgûl must be played as the first declared action in the chain of effects
following the resolution of Fell Beast, or else this card is returned to its
player's hand. This card can be played on an existing Nazgûl attack, but the
extra playability this card provides would not apply.

Fever of Unrest

The Dragon played is not considered keyed to anything.

Foul Fumes

Will tap all sites in play that meet the requirements.
Foul Fumes will not continually keeps sites tapped.

Freeze the Flesh

@ Freeze the Flesh will stop your opponent from gaining kill marshaling
points from your character.



Must be in the same company as the ring he tests.


Card Erratum: Add "Giant."


You may tap Goldbery to cancel an effect declared earlier in the same chain
of effects that would return Goldberry's company to its site of origin.
Goldberry cannot prevent a company from returning to its site of origin
that failed its roll to move to an adjacent Under-deeps site.


The text on Gollum is an ability that you can choose to use.

Gollum's Fate

This card is considered to target both The One Ring and Gollum.


He may use his special influence ability only during an opponent's
movement/hazard phase. His tapping to use his special ability does not count
against the hazard limit.

Great Goblin

Card Erratum: "Unique. Orc. One Strike"

Great Lord of Goblin-gate

@ Card Errata: "Unique."


Card Erratum: Replace "opponent draws twice" with "opponent draws up to

Great Ship

Card Erratum: Add "Tap a character in target company during the
organization phase to play Great Ship on that company." Replace "...contains a
coastal sea region..." with "...contains a coastal sea region and no
consecutive non-coastal sea regions..."
Allows the cancelling of one creature or the cancelling and discarding of
an event that targets the company in question or an entity associated with
that company.


Is triggered by a special ring item being played, but not by items being


Card Erratum: Should read "you may discard Gwaihir during the organization
phase to allow his company..."


Halfling Strength

If used to heal a Hobbit when healing effects affect all characters in a
company, it will heal all other wounded characters in the company.

Healing Herbs

Cannot stop a body check.

Helm of Her Secrecy

You can play multiple Helms of Her Secrecy in one chain of effects. The
player must make sure that he does not take the option of playing Eowyn out of
his hand until the first copy played is resolved.

Here is a Snake

Here is a Snake does not prevent the use of hazards already on the table.

Here, There, or Yonder?

The ally does not have to be chosen or played until after the dice are

Hermit's Hill

To play a major item here, Hermit's Hill must be untapped

Hidden Knife

Hidden Knife is effectively an attack.

Hold Rebuilt and Repaired

@ Card Erratum: Add "Playable during the site phase."


Card Erratum: Add "Playable only at the end of the organization phase."


Card Erratum: Add "Awakened Plant."



Card Erratum: Change the Shadow-hold symbol into a Ruins & Lairs symbol.

Icy Touch

@ If two of these are in play, they both trigger at the same time, and the
second one is discarded without effect.

Incite Denizens

When copying an attack put on the site by another card it will not copy any
other effects of the card.
When copying an attack put on the site by another card, the Incite Denizens
attack will disappear if the other card is discarded.

Indûr Dawndeath

Only one wounded character has to discard an item, and the hazard player
chooses which character and which item they bear.

Inner Cunning

@ The site type for the agent's home site is the one you would use if you
went to visit the site.


Card Erratum: Replace "Healing card" with "Healing effect."
Will not duplicate the untap portion of a healing effect on tapped but
unwounded characters.


Khamûl the Easterling

The number of cards discarded is set at the time of declaration.
The cards are discarded from your opponent's hand.


Leaf Brooch

The item being replaced by the Leaf Brooch being discarded must be in play
to satisfy any targetting restrictions. When it comes time to discard that
item, discard Leaf Brooch instead.
If used to replace a gold ring after a successful test, the bearer of the
gold ring item gets the special ring item, not the bearer of the Leaf Brooch.


Allows the cancelling of one creature or the cancelling and discarding of
an event that targets the company in question or an entity associated with
that company.

The Lidless Eye

Playing this card discards its player's Bade to Rule and prevents him from
subsequently playing Bade to Rule.

Long Dark Reach

The creature does not count against the hazard limit.
A creature must be played if there is one available.

Lucky Search

Card Erratum: Replace "Discard all revealed cards except the item." with
"Reshuffle all revealed cards except the item back into the play deck." Add at
the end of the first paragraph "Discard item if the scout is wounded by this
You are not allowed a minor item after the Lucky Search item.

Lure of Expedience

Will trigger when a gold ring item is tested and a special item is
successfully played.
Will trigger when an item is transferred.
Can be played on-guard and will trigger a corruption check when revealed in
response to an item played.

Lure of Nature

Card Erratum: Replace "at the end of each movement/hazard phase" with
"after all other hazards have been played."
Corruption checks from Lure of Nature do not trigger if its bearer's
company returns to its site of origin.
The corruption checks caused by Lure of Nature happen at the end of the
afflicted character's movement/hazard phase. Of course, the character's player
can play resources to modify the corruption checks. The hazard player is
allowed to play hazards in response, if the hazard player has enough hazard
limit remaining. Hazards so played must directly affect the corruption checks
caused by Lure of Nature. He can play no other hazards, no creature, no new
corruption cards, etc.

Lure of Power

Two Lure of Powers only force one check at -4, and both are discarded.


Magical Harp

Can be used at the Free Council.


Card Erratum: The first sentence should read: "Playable at Bag End only if
Earth of Galadriel's Orchard is stored there."

Many Turns and Doublings

@ If Gates of Morning is in play, Many Turns and Doublings can cancel hazards
by reducing the hazard limit to the point where the hazard resolving is no
longer playable. If this is done to an on-guard card, the card is returned to
the player's hand.

Messenger of Mordor

@ Cards stored with Messenger of Mordor must be storable at a generic
Darkhaven, not a specific one.


Card Erratum: Should read "This card is used as a Dark-hold site card in
the region of Udun that is moved to..."

More Alert than Most

The minimum of one strike still applies while Gates of Morning is in play.

More Sense than You

If there is only one character in the company, the attack is discarded
without effect, but not cancelled.


To bring a Nazgûl permanent-event back into your hand, Morgul-horse must be
declared after tapping the Nazgûl is declared and before it resolves.
The alternative effect of this card can be played and resolved before any
Nazgûl is played with it. A Nazgûl must be played as the first declared action
in the chain of effects following the resolution of the alternative effect of
Morgul-horse. If a Nazgûl is not played immediately following the resolution
of this card, this card is returned to its player's hand. This card cannot be
played for no effect just to discard it.


The corruption is recieved immediately following the attack.

Morgul Night

Morgul Night is not discarded if Doors of Night leaves play.

Mount Doom

If the site type of Mount Doom changes, creatures may be keyed to the new
site type, but not to the old site type.

Mouth of Sauron

Card Erratum: Add "Man."


Card Erratum: Replace entire text with: ³Warrior only. An influence check
against a faction by a warrior is modified by adding the warrior¹s prowess to
a maximum modifier of +5.²

Muster Disperses

Muster Disperses cannot be revealed as on-guard card.

My Precious

Does not count as Gollum for the purposes of Gollum's Fate or any other
card that specifically calls for Gollum.
May not be played as a character.
@ Does not give -1 MP to minions.



Card Erratum: Add "Does not effect Wizards."

News Must Get Through

@ Cards stored with News Must Get Through must be storable at a generic
Darkhaven, not a specific one.

Noble Hound

Card Erratum: Add the sentence: "If Noble Hound is tapped or wounded, treat
it as though it were untapped for the purposes of assigning strikes."

Not at Home

Cannot cancel any attack or automatic-attack except one from a Dragon,
Drake, or Troll.


Old Forest

Card Erratum: Replace "healing cards" with "healing effects."

Old Man Willow

Card Erratum: Add "Awakened Plant."

Old Road

May be used to influence an opponent's faction only when you are attempting
to bring your copy of the faction into play.

The Old Thrush

Card Erratum: Add "Cannot be duplicated on a given attack."
Can only be used on agents whose listed prowess is 13 or greater.

The One Ring

Can be used multiple times in a turn if the corruption checks are
"Starting prowess" refers to the prowess printed on the character card.
If the bearer is a Ringwraith, the One Ring does not provide corruption to
the characters in the company.
@ Cannot be played after a test from storing a gold ring.


Palantír of Amon Sul

Discard immediately if its company contains less than two characters while

Palantír of Orthanc

Cannot be used on site cards.

Palantír of Osgiliath

Discard immediately if its company contains less than four characters while
@ Only copies tapping effects of other Palantir, not continuous effects.

The Pale Sword

The corruption is recieved immediately following the attack.
You must control both the Pale Sword and the Nazgûl it is played on.


Can only see the top card of an opponent's discard pile.

Praise to Elbereth

Nazgûl events discarded by Praise to Elbereth have no effect.
Which characters are tapping to discard which events must be declared when
Praise to Elbereth is declared.
Nazgûl permanent-events that are targeted by Praise to Elbereth may not be
tapped in response to its play.


Card Erratum: Add "Pukel-creature."


Quiet Lands

Card Erratum: Replace "is reduced to half its original prowess (rounded
up)." with "is reduced by half (rounded up)."


Rebuild the Town

Card Erratum: Replace "Playable on" with "Playable during the site phase


You can use it on hoard items.

Reluctant Final Parting

@ Reluctant Final Parting has no effect on The Balrog.

Ren the Unclean

If you tap Ren, then you cannot play resources to aid your character's
corruption checks. Your characters may tap in support.
The moving player makes corruption checks first. Each player decides the
order of the corruption checks for their characters.

Rescue Prisoners

Card Erratum: This cards gives 2 marshalling points, not 3. Add "You
recieve the marshalling points for this card only when it is stored."


Card Erratum: Replace "healing cards" with "healing effects.


Card Erratum: Add "Playable only during the site phase. Tap the sage and
the site."

The Ring's Betrayal

The ring must be chosen at time of declaration if the character bears more
than one.


Card Erratum: Should read "Playable on a site. If a company that has moved
to this site this turn does not tap a ranger, it must do nothing during its
site phase."
You have until the begining of the site phase to tap a ranger, and you may
tap the ranger at the begining of the site phase without entering the site.

Röac the Raven

Card Erratum: Replace "no modifications to the influence check are
required." with "treat this influence check as if it was made by a diplomat."
His special ability may only be used during the site phase.
He can make the attempt by himself.
Using this ally to make an influence attempt does not tap a site, and may
be done if his company is at a tapped site.

Rumor of Wealth

Can be played on-guard.


If Ruse is played by a scout who is the only character in the company, the
attack has no effect. If there is a creature card it is discarded. The attack
is considered faced but not cancelled.


Sable Shield

A bearer who did not tap while facing a strike will not tap if the strike
is succesful.
A detainment strike will not discard the Sable Shield.

Sacrifice of Form

Card Erratum: Replace "-3 to any body checks" with "+3 to any body checks."
After Sacrifice of Form is played, you may not play a different Wizard and
your opponent may not play the Wizard you sacrificed.
This card is played after strikes are assigned.

Secret Entrance

Can be played on a company that does not move.

Secret Passage

Does not work if the site type changes.


Card Erratum: Change the Border-land symbol in the first line to a Border-
hold symbol.
Goes away when all copies of the site it was played on are discarded.
Can be avoided with Shadowfax.

Sentinels of Numenor

Sentinels will not give an extra marshalling point to Army of the Dead.


Card Erratum: "an additional site card may be played and an additional
movement/hazard phase."
Cannot use his special ability if another ally is in the company.

Silent Watcher

Card Erratum: Gives 1 marshalling point, not O. Add "Pukel-creature."


Card Erratum: Gives 2 marshalling points, not 0. Add "Slayer."
Only one attack can be cancelled by tapping a character.
All of the strikes will go against the same character.


@ Can be influenced at any site they can be played at.

Spider of the Morlat

Spider attacks from Spider of the Morlat played as a permanent-event are
considered detainment vs. minion companies.

So You've Come Back

@ If two companies join, and both companies have a So You've Come Back played
on them, the hazard player chooses which one to discard.

Stay Her Appetite

@ If Stay Her Appetite is played on an ally with no prowess, there is no
attack, but all other affects of the card apply.

Sudden Call

You may not shuffle sudden call into your deck while you are drawing cards.
Drawing cards is an indivisible action.

Summons from Long Sleep

@ Card Errata: Add "Discard this card after the reserved creature attacks."


Thing Stolen

@ Playing the item will tap the site if it is not already tapped.

Thorough Search

Card Erratum: Replace " play any item normally found at its current
site." with " play a minor, major, or gold ring item normally found at
its current site."

Tidings of Bold Spies

@ Tidings of Bold Spies only copies attacks, not effects that allow certain
creatures to become automatic-attacks.


Card Erratum: Should read: "Playable: Items (minor, major, greater*)
*Scroll of Isildur only."

Tom Bombadil

Allows the cancelling of one creature or the cancelling and discarding of
an event that targets the company in question or an entity associated with
that company.


Card Erratum: Replace the last paragraph with "This card is discarded when
a character fails his corruption check."
Two Traitors have no extra effect and are both discarded.
Traitor cannot be revealed as an on-guard card.
@ This is an attack with the same race as the character attacking, and a
normal prowess of ten plus the character's prowess.


Card Erratum: Replace "Redhorn Gap" with "Redhorn Gate."

True Fána

Combat modifiers that modify prowess only against a strike do not count
when determining the Wizard's prowess.
When this spell is used against an agent, the agent does not receive the
two 6-sided dice bonus.


Card Erratum: Add "This card may be played at any time during any player's
Can target a card that has not yet resolved.
Can be played as a resource during your opponent's turn.


The Under-galleries

You cannot play Morannon at The Under-galleries. However, you can play
Ancient Stair from Morannon, move to The Under-galleries, and zip back to
Morannon at the end of the turn.

Use Palantír

Card Erratum: Change text to "Sage only. Tap sage to enable him to use one
Palantír he bears for the rest of the turn."


Veils Flung Away

Card Erratum: Each body check is modified by -1, not +1.


Card Erratum: Vilya should now read: "Playable on Elrond only. +4 prowess,
+2 body, +6 direct influence until the end of the turn. If Elrond is at
Rivendell and your play deck has at least 5 cards in it, you may take 3
resource cards of your choice from your discard pile and shuffle them into
your play deck. Elrond makes a corruption check modified by -3. Cannot be
duplicated on a given turn."


We Have Come to Kill

@ We Have Come to Kill may be used to bring in agents, but not Ringwraiths.

Where There's a Whip

Only characters with a mind and prowess less than the Whip bearer's will

The White Tree

Card Erratum: Add "Discard the Sapling of the White Tree."

The Windlord Found Me

Can be used to recover a Wizard discarded with Sacrifice of Form.
You can play your Wizard at the Haven when you store this card even if Saw
Further and Deeper is in play.

Witch-king of Angmar

Although he becomes a long-event when tapped, he is discarded when the
effect resolves just like other Nazgûl. The long-event effect will remain
until the appropriate time.

Withdrawn to Mordor

@ To discard an on-guard card with Withdrawn to Mordor you must do so before
the card is revealed.

Wizard's Laughter

Card Erratum: Change "Wizard only." to "Wizard only during opponent's site

Wizard's Ring

Card Erratum: Replace "Ignore any effect that would discard this item" with
"Cannot be stored, stolen, or transfered."


@ Card Erratum: Change "Animals" to "Wolves."

Woses of Eryn Vorn

@ Card errata (minion version): Change "Man faction" to "Wose faction."

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