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[MECCG] CRF 8, Tournament Rulings

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Nov 6, 1997, 3:00:00 AM11/6/97

Tournament Rulings

Tournament rulings are modifications and additions to the rules
presented in the Unlimited Edition rules book that are required for
sanctioned Council of Lorien tournament play.

Dice must be used to obtain random numbers.
There is a required 30 card minimum for both resources and hazards for
sanctioned tournament play.
All Ringwraith/Sauron players always have +5 unused general influence
at all times. This bonus general influence can never be used to control

The Character Draft
The starting character pool consists of 10 characters.
Each player reveals one character at a time from their pool,
simultaneously with their opponent. Non-duplicated characters go into the
starting companies, duplicated characters are put aside and not allowed in
either starting company. Each player continues until they want to stop,
they have 20 points of mind in their starting company, or they have five
characters in their starting company.
Ringwraith players may start with 6 characters in the character draft
If one player stops revealing characters, the other one may continue to
reveal characters.
No player may reveal a character that would bring his starting
company's total mind over 20.
When players are finished, each may put up to 10 characters into their
deck, including characters from his starting pool that did not end up in
the starting company.
@ Characters left over from the character pool may be placed either in
the play deck, or out of play, but may not be placed in the sideboard.

Deck Construction
Cards that can be played as either hazards or resources may count as
either for purposes of deck construction.
Each deck must contain at least 12 creatures.
The following count as 1/2 a creature for deck construction: hazards
that can be played as creatures or events, At Home Dragon manifestations,
Ahunt Dragon manifestations, and agents. Note that agents count as
characters in Ringwraith decks, not as 1/2 creatures.
Up to 3 copies of one Wizard or Ringwraith is allowed in a play deck,
or up to 2 copies of one and 1 copy of another. One copy each of three
different Wizards or Ringwraiths is not allowed.
You may place Ringwraiths or Wizards in your sideboard, as long as only
one of them is duplicated in the deck and sideboard combined, and you have
only Ringwraiths or only Wizards in the deck and sideboard combined.

Great Secrets Buried There
If you play this card as a hazard on your opponent, you must be able to
provide your opponent with a copy of any uncommon Under-deeps sites if he
does not have a copy in his location deck.
If you give an Under-deeps site to your opponent, it will return to
your location deck when he is done with it, unless you have also used the
site, in which case it returns to your discard pile.

Maps of the regions of MECCG may be used in place of region cards in
Council of Lorien tournaments. If two or more companies move on the same
turn, then each company does not have to determine the site path to its
new site until the beginning of it's movement/hazard phase.
Wizard companies cannot use starter movement to or from sites in
Gorgoroth. If using region movement to or from sites in Gorgoroth, they
must move from a site in Imlad Morgul, through either Nurn or Udun, or use
a movement enhancer like Ash Mountains or Eagle-mounts. Such sites may be
reached normally with Under-deeps movement.

Starting Companies
Ringwraith/Sauron players may have starting companies at Dol Guldur
and/or Minas Morgul. A Ringwraith may also be brought into play at Dol
Guldur, Minas Morgul, or his home site.

The Weakest Link Method
If there is a tie at the Free Council, add one corruption point to each
non-Wizard in play. Each character then makes a corruption check and
marshalling points are recounted.
Continue this until there is no longer a tie or until all non-Wizard
characters are corrupted away.

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