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Dec 21, 1998, 3:00:00 AM12/21/98
Complete Errata Listing
Rules Errata
When a company splits, any of the resulting companies can move with region movement.
Region movement is not limited to one company of a split.
You may play a character if you do not have enough influence to control them. However, if
there are any characters you do not have the influence to control at the end of your
organization phase, the character you brought into play this turn must be returned to your
An on-guard may only be revealed if it could have also been played during the
movement/hazard phase. This means all targets of the card must have existed during the
movement/hazard phase in order for the card to be revealed.
A tapped agent may take an action to untap (i.e., move from tapped status to utapped status).

An agent may tap to play creatures at a site if the company is moving to the site.
Attacks keyed to Darkhavens are considered detainment. [effective 11/17/97]
Dragons Rules, Characters Facing Multiple Strikes: Change "are then considered to be
canceled" to "are thenn considered to be successful."
Dragon Rules, Hoards: Change "Each site with a Dragon automatic-attack (i.e., each
Dragon's Lair) contains a hoard" to "Each site which had a Dragon automatic-attack at the
beginning of the turn contains a hoard."
White Hand Rules, Playing and Using Resource, Targeting Site and Resource Cards: change
both instances of "resource card may not target/affect" to "resource event card may not
Agent attacks against minions are always detainment. [Effective 8/27/98]
Corruption cards must always start a chain of effects. [Effective 8/27/98]
Card Errata
Akh rahil: Change "...gives -1 penalty to one..." to "...modifies any one character's body by
-1 for the rest of the turn.
Alatar: Change "he must tap and make a corruption check immediately following the
attack." to "he must make a corruption check immediately following the attack, and, if
untapped, he must tap."
Align Palant¡r: Add "May not be duplicated on a given Palant¡r."
Arkenstone: (minion version): Change "and all cards he controls" to "and all non-follower
cards he controls.' [Effective 7/13/96]
Army of the Dead: Add "May not be influenced by an opponent."
Assassin: Gives 2 MP, not 1.
A Strident Spawn: Add "Unique." [Effective 8/27/98]
Bill the Pony: The body should be 10, not 6.
Book of Mazarbul: Replace "tap the bearer during the organization phase" with "tap Book
of Mazarbul during your organization phase."
Corsairs of the Umbar: Add "May also be played at any sites in Elven Shores, Eriadoran
Coast, Andrast Coast, Bay of Belfalas, or Mouths of the Anuin."
Cracks of Doom: Add "Only playable during the site phase." Remove "Otherwise, discard
The One Ring."
Cruel Caradhras: Replace "Minas Morgul" with "Imlad Morgul."
Deep Mines: Add "Cannot be duplicated on a given Wizardhaven." [Effective 4/20/98]
Deeper Shadow: This is a short-event, not a long-event.
Dodge: Replace "his body check is modified by -1." with "his body is modified by -1 for the
resulting body check."
Dragon's Hunger: Replace "Otherwise, the attack is canceled." with "Otherwise, the attack
is canceled and the opponent must reveal his hand."
Drowning Seas: Remove "Cannot be duplicated."
Dwarven Ring of B vor's/Dr£in's Tribe: One "reshuffle the play deck" is sufficient.
Dwarven Ring of Th‚lor's/Thr r's Tribe: Values in parenthesis and brackets apply to
Dwarf bearer. The prowess/body modifications should read: "+2(4)/+1."
Ent-draughts: Replace "as a minor item" with "in addition to an ally or faction which has
been successfully been played at Wellinghall."
Foolish Words: Add "Cannot be duplicated."
Giant: Add "Giant."
Great Goblin: Add "Unique. Orc. One Strike."
Great Lord of Goblin-gate: Add "Unique."
Great Ship: Add "Tap a character in target company during the organization phase to play
Great Ship on that company." Replace "...contains a coastal sea region..." with "...contains a
coastal sea region and no consecutive non- coastal sea regions..."
Gwaihir: Should read "you may discard Gwaihir during the organization phase to allow his
Heedless Revelry: Change "after the successful play" to "in response to the play." Effective
Hold Rebuilt and Repaired: "Playable during the site phase."
Horses: Add "Playable only at the end of the organization phase."
Huorn: Add "Awakened Plant."
Ice-orcs: Change the Shadow-hold symbol into a Ruins & Lairs .
Ioreth: Replace "Healing card" with "Healing effect."
Iron Shield of Old: Add "Shield." [effective 11/17/97]
Lucky Search: Replace "Discard all revealed cards except the item." with "Reshuffle all
revealed cards except the item back into the play deck." Add at the end of the first paragraph
"Discard item if the scout is wounded by this attack."
Lure of Nature: Replace "at the end of each movement/hazard phase" with "after all other
hazards have been played."
Mallorn: The first sentence should read: "Playable at Bag End only if Earth of Galadriel's
Orchard is stored there."
Morannon: Should read "This card is used as a Dark-hold site card in the region of Ud n
that is moved to..."
Mouth of Sauron: Add "Man."
Muster: Replace entire text with: "Warrior only. An influence check against a faction by a
warrior is modified by adding the warrior's prowess to a maximum modifier of +5."
Neeker-breekers: Add "Does not effect Wizards."
Noble Hound: Add the sentence: "If Noble Hound is tapped or wounded, treat it as though
it were untapped for the purposes of assigning strikes."
No Escape From My Magic: Change "Playable on any faction in play" to "Playable on any
unique faction in play."
Old Forest: Replace "healing cards" with "healing effects."
Old Man Willow: Add "Awakened Plant."
The Old Thrush: Add "Cannot be duplicated on a given attack."
Open to the Summons: Replace "minion company" with "company."
@ Padding Feet: Replace the first sentence with: "Playable during the site phase on a lone
scout minion (no other characters or allies in his company) at the same site as an opponent
hero company containing a hobbit."
Plague: Change "At the end of the target's movement/hazard phase" to "At the end of your
opponent's turn." [Effective 8/27/98]
P kel-men: Add "P kel-creature."
Quiet Lands: Replace "is reduced to half its original prowess (rounded up)." with "is
reduced by half (rounded up)."
Rebuild the Town: Replace "Playable on" with "Playable during the site phase on."
Reluctant Final Parting: Add "Determine nearest Haven using site cards of the same
alignment (minion/hero) as the ally." [Effective 4/20/98]
Rescue Prisoners: This cards gives 2 marshalling points, not 3. Add "You receive the
marshalling points for this card only when it is stored."
Rhosgobel: Replace "healing cards" with "healing effects."
Ringlore: Add "Playable only during the site phase. Tap the sage and the site."
River: Should read "Playable on a site. If a company that has moved to this site this turn
does not tap a ranger, it must do nothing during its site phase."
R”ac the Raven: Replace "no modifications to the influence check are required." with "treat
this influence check as if it was made by a diplomat."
Sacrifice of Form: Replace "-3 to any body checks" with "+3 to any body checks."
Siege: Change the Border-land symbol in the first line to a Border- hold symbol.
Shadowfax: Change to "an additional site card may be played and an additional
movement/hazard phase."
Silent Watcher: Gives 1 marshalling point, not O. Add "P kel- creature."
Slayer: Gives 2 marshalling points, not 0. Add "Slayer."
Stay Her Appetite: Change "plus two" to "plus five." [effective 11/3/97]
Summons from Long Sleep: Change "When the reserved creature is played, another
Dragon or Drake may be reserved." to "Discard this card after the reserved creature attacks."

Thorough Search: Replace "...to play any item normally found at its current site." with
"...to play a minor, major, or gold ring item normally found at its current site."
Tolfalas: Should read: "Playable: Items (minor, major, greater*) *Scroll of Isildur only."
Tom Bombadil: Change "that targets a company" to "that targets a company, or an entity
associated with a company."
Traitor: Replace the last paragraph with "This card is discarded when a character fails his
corruption check."
Treebeard: Replace "Redhorn Gap" with "Redhorn Gate."
Twilight: Add "This card may be played at any time during any player's turn."
Use Palant¡r: Change text to "Sage only. Tap sage to enable him to use one Palant¡r he
bears for the rest of the turn."
Veils Flung Away: Each body check is modified by -1, not +1.
Vilya: Vilya should now read: "Playable on Elrond only. +4 prowess, +2 body, +6 direct
influence until the end of the turn. If Elrond is at Rivendell and your play deck has at least 5
cards in it, you may take 3 resource cards of your choice from your discard pile and shuffle
them into your play deck. Elrond makes a corruption check modified by -3. Cannot be
duplicated on a given turn."
The White Tree: Add "Discard the Sapling of the White Tree."
@ Windlord Found Me: Add "If you do not place this card with a character after the
attack, discard it."
Wizard's Laughter: Change "Wizard only." to "Wizard only during opponent's site phase."
Wizard's Ring: Replace "Ignore any effect that would discard this item" with "Cannot be
stored, stolen, or transferred."
Wolves: Change "Animal" to "Wolves."
Woses of Eryn Vorn (minion version): Change "Man faction" to "Wose faction."
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