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VI. Lidless Eye Rulings

Agents (from Dark Minions)

While in play agents played as hazards may not become minion characters, and
agents played as minion characters may not become hazards.

An Agent can only be played at his home site.

You may not start with agents in your starting company.

When constructing a Ringwraith deck, agents are always considered characters.

Black Rider

This card does not allow Ringwraiths to use region movement.

Body Checks

Effects that modify a character's body also modify the number an Orc or Troll
would be discarded on. A maximum to body applies equally to this discard

If an Orc or Troll is discarded by the results of a body check, all cards
played with the character are also discarded.

Card Effect Limitations

You may not play the following cards if your opponent is a Ringwraith (or
Sauron). Additionally, if you are not a Ringwraith/Sauron, a
Ringwraith/Sauron opponent can play these cards against you and not be
affected by any of their global effects.

From Middle-earth: The Wizards

all hazard events that require an agent [Near to Hear a Whisper from
Middle-earth: Against the Shadow and Great Need or Purpose may be played
because they do not target a specific agent.]
Bane of the Ithil-stone
The Black Enemy's Wrath
Foul Fumes
In the Heart of His Realm
Mordor in Arms
Worn and Famished

The following cards are also listed in the MELE Rulesbook as having no
effect on a Ringwraith/Sauron player, but this interpretation has been
From Middle-earth: The Wizards

Chance of Being Lost: You may play this card against any opponent who is
using the same type of location deck (hero sites or minion sites) as

Great Secrets Buried There: This card may be played against a
Ringwraith/Sauron player one month after the release of Middle-earth:
Against the Shadow.

The Nazgūl are Abroad: This card may be played against a Ringwraith/Sauron
player. The only restriction is that the first two paragraphs are ignored
when you play Nazgūl creatures against a Ringwraith/Sauron opponent. Any
player can recycle Nazgūl hazards as stated on the card.

Winds of Wrath: You may play this card against any opponent who is using
the same type of location deck (hero sites or minion sites) as yourself.

Character Draft

Ringwraith players may start with 6 characters in the character draft, not
just 5.

Company Limitations

If a company must return to its site of origin because a combined company
would violate company composition rules, the hazard player chooses which
company returns to its site of origin.

Two companies may not start at the same site and move to the same new site.

Company vs. Company Combat

The defender may take actions that affect the attack or any of the strikes.
The attacker may only take actions that affect individual strikes.

True Fana and Sacrifice of Form (from Middle-earth: The Wizards) cannot be
used in company versus company combat.


Whenever an effect targeting a hero refers to Darkhavens, interpret it as
refering to Havens instead.

Direct Influence

Restricted direct influence is limited in its use, usually to characters
or factions of specific races. Unrestricted direct influence has no
restrictions on its use. When a character suffers a minus to direct
influence, it must come from unrestricted direct influence first. If there
is no unrestricted influence and there are multiple instances of restricted
direct influence, the player may choose which restricted direct influence
the minus is applied to.

Dwar Unleashed

Dwar must already be in a mode (Fell Rider, Black Rider, or Heralded Lord) to
use this card.

Deeper Shadow

Has errata: This is a short-event, not a long-event.

Detainment Attacks

Automatic-attacks are not detainment attacks unless specifically stated on
the site card.

Fell Rider

This card does not allow Ringwraiths to use region movement.


Whenever an effect targetting a minion refers to a Haven, interpret as a
Darkhaven instead.

Heralded Lord

This card does not allow Ringwraiths to use region movement.


Has errata: Change the Shadow-hold symbol into a Ruins & Lairs symbol.


Only attacks from hazard creatures are considered "keyed."

The Lidless Eye

Playing this card discards its players Bade to Rule and prevents him from
subsequently playing Bade to Rule.

Marshalling Points

Under standard rules, no more than half of your marshalling points can come
from any one type of marshalling point. Do not round up.


Hero items may not be used as passive condtions for minion resources, and
minion items may not be used as passive conditions for hero resources.

If you are playing against a deck with three Wizards in it, you may play
three Ringwraiths. You may play with two of one Ringwraith and one of
another, or with three of one Ringwraith. You may not play with one each of
three different Ringwraiths.

Hero characters may now cancel automatic-attacks at their homesite,
regardless of their opponent.

You may not have both the minion and hero version of a unique item in your

Minion characters

Are not affected by cards that target agents.


Ringwraiths may not use region movement. Ringwraiths may only move to a
non-Darkhaven site if they are in a mode (Fell Rider, Black Rider, or
Heralded Lord).

In general, effects that affect Nazgul do not affect Ringwraiths. The
exception is that characters with combat bonuses against Nazgul also get
those bonuses against Ringwraiths.

Ringwraiths may not move from one Darkhaven to another with non-Ringwraith
characters. Neither may a Ringwraith company and a non-Ringwraith company
move from the same Darkhaven to the same Darkhaven on the same turn.

Ringwraith Followers

Ringwraith followers may still use magic as printed on their card.


If Ruse is played by a scout who is the only character in the company, the
attack has no effect, and, if there is a creature card, it is discarded. It
is considered faced, but not

Spider of the Morlat

Spider attacks from Spider of the Morlat played as a permanent-event are
considered detainment vs. minion companies.

Sudden Call

You may not shuffle sudden call into your deck while you are drawing cards.
Drawing cards is an indivisible action.


Creatures whose marshalling points are listed with an * give marshalling
points when used as trophies.

Defeated Dragon manifestations can be used as trophies.

Uvatha the Ringwraith

Uvatha's special ability does not get around the one character per turn

Vails Flung Away

This card has errata. Each body check is modified by -1, not +1.

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