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Virgen Vanier

Jan 26, 2024, 12:39:28 PMJan 26
Interpretation: Shes awake...She's born again or her eyes are wide open. She's getting out of the mess she was in and moving forward in her life. She doesn't have to pretend something that she isn't anymore.. being a kid or a little girl.

i feel the song is talking about her shattering ancient paradigms of the world we live in today. The funny thing about consciousness is like God, or source energy, it's everywhere. I don't like using the word awakening because it seems lately everyone is talking about it. But it's true everyone is waking up to this idea of a better world than we ever thought possible. the cloud 9 reference in the song is suggesting this perfect place that everyone perceives as so perfect but really isn't. we have been fooled into thinking that this is the best it can be but actually there is so much more and as long as people have blinders on they will never be able to imagine the infinite possibilities we are capable of. The gravity hurts part and the falling is a necessary catalyst that wakes her up. she landed on her feet as we all will when we come to realize what life is all about. ( for those of you who have no clue what i'm talking about i mean to live life in joy and unconditional love) she's born again meaning her old way of seeing the world is dead and she is in touch with her higher self. she is in touch with this consciousness/intuition/ what ever you want to call it. she knows there is nothing needed to complete herself because she was complete all along. we humans have everything we need already. if we would just wake up and see it was here in front of us the whole time. God knows she tried to see the bright side through the eyes of a false paradigm, false values. someone once said this return to lost values is in vain because if we really examine them, we find they weren't really values to begin with. the fake values were just a system of control. she says she's not blind anymore. one thing that makes us humans so powerful are our wide range of emotions. we are capable of so many great and wonderful things. as a painter once said "you can not have light without the darkness." you need contrast in the painting to show its true beauty.thanks for reading

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