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Jaskon Farr

Jan 26, 2024, 3:48:54 AMJan 26
Well, your proposed solution is using the vendor source luajit provided by the aegisub source dating back to 2014.In Debian and Ubuntu we instead build the package aegisub using the system installed libraries, which are regularly upgraded by the developers. This means that from now on, we use luajit version 2.1.0 instead of version 2.0.x. The usual procedure is for the developers of an application using these libraries to update their code. However, aegisub isn't anymore supported by its developers...

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I'm trying to install aegisub on 22.04 using apt but it just shows unable to locate aegisub package.

I checked the builds but it shows it as deleted:


I'm not sure what does that mean, will it ever be built?

As a workaround I downloaded all the .deb dependencies and aegisub deb from focal repo manually.

And it's working but it's not ideal, I would like to avoid doing that each time I try to install it.

Ubuntu is following Debian with several packages, including aegisub.

You can suggest this new fork to Debian (by creating an appropriate bug report in the Debian bug tracker). If Debian picks that up and builds new packages based on that source, then Ubuntu most probably will follow.

s5e PKGBUILD does not specify the version of boost. It's likely that you've built aegisub with an older version of boost and later upgraded boost to a new version. Rebuilding this aegisub-git package should solve the issue.

Same here. Same version of aegisub. But Mint Mate 20. Kernel: 5.4.0-42-generic

I load any .mp4 file to add subtitles. I play the video file. While the video itself plays with correct speed the sound track plays much faster. 3 times as fast? Because the sound track finishes while the video track is around 1/3 of the complete video file.

NOTE: Default Automation scripts are located in a read-only location, thus you need to run aegisub-procles.move-script to create a user-writable version of the script directory and then change the settings accordingly.

Update (20130330)

I also wanted to install Aegisub on an older laptop of mine that runs Ubuntu 12.04. To make it work, I had to install older versions: wxWidgets-2.9.4 and aegisub-3.0.1. I tried different combinations but it was a failure. If you want to save some headache, use these versions :)


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