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Can You Download Sports On Paramount Plus

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Roselee Antoniak

Jan 16, 2024, 2:15:10 PMJan 16
It's game time and Paramount Plus is ready to be part of your live sports streaming strategy. The Paramount Plus streaming service is a prime example of how live sports and those delivering them to fans are embracing the streaming era.

can you download sports on paramount plus


In addition to the library of classic TV shows and movies and Paramount Plus original series like Special Ops: Lioness, the Star Trek franchise and more, it is the streaming service's live offerings, including sports that help set it apart from other streaming services, like Netflix.

Paramount Plus' sports offerings come from live games that air on CBS and CBS Sports Network, as well as events that stream exclusively on the platform. And even though the $5.99 per month ad-supported version of Paramount Plus doesn't typically offer live TV, it makes an exception in the case of many live sports.

With the 2023 NFL underway, the NFL becomes the crown jewel once again in Paramount Plus' live sports offerings. NFL fans can stream NFL games on Paramount Plus, and it does not matter which subscription plan of the streamer you are signed up for, either works. You are just limited to whatever game is available on your local CBS station.

It is difficult to compare the service to purely sports-focused offerings, because of the entertainment it also offers subscribers. For those that are primarily interested in sports, it is worth comparing Paramount Plus to other streamers.

At the beginning of March 2021, ViacomCBS, now known as Paramount Global, rolled their old streaming service -- CBS All Access -- into a new service called Paramount Plus. CBS All Access sports coverage was popular for many sports fans. Does Paramount Plus measure up?

Aside from an impressive on-demand library that draws from Paramount Global's substantial back catalog, Paramount Plus also includes coverage for both live sports and on-demand shows geared toward sports fans. This is great news for the Paramount Plus subscribers looking for a streaming service to watch games airing on the CBS network without paying for cable TV.

Both packages feature tens of thousands of episodes, movies, and originals. And sports fans will have the option of watching live games from the NFL and a few different pro soccer leagues. Premium subscribers can add even more sports into the mix.

So, how do you watch sports on Paramount Plus? As Paramount Global's streaming service, Paramount Plus is betting big on sports, and it has plans to stream over 1,000 live events every year. The service has already secured streaming deals with quite a few leagues, both college and pro. Many of the live games that subscribers will be able to access depend on the local CBS networks. That means some games that are not nationally broadcast might only be available in certain regions.

Paramount Plus also nabbed international soccer streaming rights for teams and tournaments around the world. So soccer fans will be able to enjoy many matches live, and some of the international matches broadcast in English will be exclusive to Paramount Plus. Aside from live sporting events, Paramount Plus will also include on-demand sports coverage and a live sports news broadcast. Here's the breakdown of what's available.

Fans of CBS All Access' NFL content should be right at home with Paramount Plus' sports coverage. You'll be able to watch the NFL games broadcast on CBS channels, including many of the regular and postseason games in your local market. Aside from the NFL, Paramount Plus Premium will also feature college football games that are broadcast on SEC on CBS. So fans of teams in the Southeastern Conference should have plenty of games to watch.

On top of live games, Paramount Plus includes CBS Sports HQ, which is a sports news service that will stream sports-related content 24 hours a day. However, for fans of CBS All Access MLB or tennis content, there's no word yet on whether these will be added to Paramount Plus.

The CBS Sports app has been around for a while, and it's still great for sports fans of all kinds. You don't need a subscription to access much of the content. Fans can check scores for most pro and college leagues, including baseball, football, basketball, and much more. The app also features a live stream of CBS Sports HQ.

Paramount Plus does a good job of gathering much of the streaming content you might see on competing services. However, you might find the live sports coverage from Paramount Plus somewhat limited compared to other services like ESPN+, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, or fuboTV.

Aside from ESPN+, which is an over-the-top service that covers a variety of sports at only $7/mo., subscriptions to many of these services start at $35/mo. They also provide live sports coverage from a number of networks at the local and national levels, including ABC, ESPN, FOX, and NBC. They also provide cloud DVR so you can record games to watch later.

Paramount Plus' live sports coverage is focused around the CBS network, so while you can watch CBS sports live, there are, overall, fewer live games to watch. Paramount Plus also lacks Cloud DVR at the moment, so you won't be able to download games to watch later.

However, a subscription to Paramount Plus Premium is only $10/mo., which is a small fraction of what it costs to get other popular services. So Paramount Plus provides some live sports access at a much more affordable price. For NFL, golf, soccer, and college basketball fans, in particular, it's a good deal.

If you want a big on-demand library with some live sports thrown in the mix, Paramount Plus live sports offerings are a good choice. However, the live sports are mostly limited to the CBS network, so fans who want to catch every single game for their favorite team might need to look to another service for more comprehensive coverage of live sports over a wider range of networks.

FYI. I got it to work. Seems an ad blocking issue. Specifically paramount+ needs to be allowed to get to It is ridiculous that this is needed but I setup my firewall to allow outbound access for Roku devices and now live games load properly.

Since its launch in November of 2019, Apple TV+ has elbowed its way on to the playing field of streaming services from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to Disney+, Max, Hulu, and a plethora of others to become, for many, a go-to option for movies, TV series, and sports. Since then the ad-free service has amassed an estimated 25 million subscribers globally, with many more than that reportedly cashing in on the company's penchant for free promotional subscriptions after you buy a new Apple device like an iPhone or MacBook.

What sets Apple TV+ apart from the rest of the herd is that it's the only service that offers exclusively original content and only its own original content; meaning no seasons of Rick and Morty or Friends licensed from their respective networks and no blockbuster flicks from other studios, but you can get those elsewhere. This may or may not be a bad thing, as so far Apple has done a pretty good job at making some of the most compelling original content out there, including award-winning series such as Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, and Severance to some of the best sci-fi series around, like Silo and Invasion, as well as live sports from Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer.

Are you trying hard to find a suitable online platform that offers entertainment and live sports too? Have you switched to a local subscription but now you're regretting it for no access to live sports? Then it's time that you switch to Paramount Plus for once.

The streaming service Paramount Plus offers new movies, TV shows, and live sports. This platform illustrates how live sports and those producing them have adapted to the streaming era. This article will discuss all the sports access with a Paramount Plus subscription!

The Paramount Plus website allows you to sign up for Paramount Plus Premium or Essential. The Premium Plan is also readily accessible as an Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV add-on channel. You'll get thousands of episodes, movies, and originals accessible in both packages. In addition, sports fans can watch live games from the NFL and a few pro soccer leagues. Premium subscribers have access to even more sports.

Both plans include full rights to the Paramount Plus platform's on-demand library and to choose live sports. But, the Essential program includes commercial interruptions when watching on-demand content. The Premium Plan includes ad-free on-demand content streaming and lives access to your local CBS station. However, because it is live, CBS streaming includes regular commercial breaks.

So, how do you get your sports to fix on Paramount Plus? Paramount Plus, Paramount Global's streaming service, is betting on sports, with plans to stream over 1,000 live events annually. The Parmaservice has already secured streaming deals with several college and professional leagues.

As a result, soccer fans can watch many live matches, and some international games broadcast in English will be exclusive to Paramount Plus. In addition to live sporting events, Paramount Plus will offer on-demand sports coverage and a live sports news broadcast.

Fans of NFL content on CBS All Access should feel at ease with Paramount Plus' sports coverage. You'll be able to watch NFL games broadcast on CBS channels in your area, including many regular and postseason games. In addition to the NFL, Paramount Plus Premium will include college football games broadcast on SEC on CBS.

Every year, live broadcasts of all 380 matches from Argentina's Primera Division, the country's top soccer league, will be broadcast. Finally, Paramount Plus will promote over 360 games per year from Brazil's Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A soccer league and other sports. If you are looking to watch the Premier League then what you need is Peacock Premium subscription.


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This blog will introduce the 3 best ways to help you download movies on Paramount Plus with excellent output quality.
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