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The Corrupter

Aug 31, 1997, 3:00:00 AM8/31/97

Hello again.

In the continuing saga of my backed up tourney reports, I bring you
another one from the "vaults". This is from a Type II tourney in Madison
WI for $1000 at C&C Collectibles. The card set had just reincluded Ice

The tournament had a decent attendence (~70 people), but very few players
that would be _local_ "name" players. I went with two teams, the one in
which I was officially a part of Team C&C (which I no longer am), and the
"Sugar Daddy" of the Sexecution Society, Brian Kowal.

Brian was playing "Kickball", a mono-red Winter Orb deck sporting
Mudslides and Icy control, as well as extravegant amounts of removal for
most permanents. I was playing "Jungle Book", a deck that I would still
place in the experimental stage. I looked at the tournament as a
mini-preview for "Jungle Book" at Origins, but the single elimination
eliment of Origins really destroyed me there. Here, Swiss helped me right

Jungle Book is a creature-control deck using metagamed "bitchy"
creatures, and Manaflare. I expected the Manaflare to be a huge boon in
the environment, horribly tweaking the 5CG's ability to stall, messing
with WinterOrb in general, playing havoc with creature decks (which would
either not take advantage of the Flare, or would gush out all over,
setting themselves up for sweep), and just generally be a pain. I also
anticipated problems with burn decks in general, but was so rushed in
sideboard construction (we woke up late before the tourney) that I didn't
properly prepare for it.

Jungle Book is affectionately named after TurboBook, the ManaFlare Browse
deck that came out after Alliances release. The Jungle Book is Manaflare
Call of the Wild.

Jungle Book
4 Wildfire Emissary 4 Orcish Settler
4 Whirling Dervish 4 River Boa
4 Llurgoyf 4 Wall of Roots
3 Jokulhaps 4 Gaea's Blessing 1 Stormbind
3 Manaflare 3 Call of the Wild 2 Sylvan Library
2 Mountain Valley 10 Forests 9 Mountains
61 Cards

1 Jokulhaups
1 Manaflare
4 City of Solitude
3 Pyroblast
1 Taste of Paradise (Should have had 2 or 3)
2 Barbed Folliage
3 Emerald Charms (other enchantments need to go away)

The deck runs a bit of counter-intuitive pieces. The first and most often
brought up example is Manaflare/Haups. Most players seem to feel that it
allows opponents to recover to quickly from the Haups. My own use of it
in this deck is to take advantage of my own Enchantment heaviness, flood
my pool with mana prior to Haups (for use with Call/Ggoyf/Dervish) or
similarly take _more_ advantage from it. This will come up quite often
below. The other counterintuitive piece that most people comment on is
Settler/Haups. In this deck, the Settler/Manaflare often acts as an
opponent only 'Geddon, but post haups, a Settler can simply lock them out
of the game. Finally, Ggoyf/Gaes Blessing. I'm content to keep these
pieces fighting each other to maintain a continuity of deck flow.

The Tourney

Match 1 - Adam Frye of Mt Horeb WI, 1600, White Weenie

Adam is a really friendly player playing Archetypical White
Weenie/Geddon. (Not the Pile)

Game 1) Everyone else is our table (hell in the entire place) is still
_shuffling_ when I concede. I'm manafucked (1 land), and he's playing
White Weenie. On the table (turn 4) are 3 Creatures and 2 Crusades.
Yeah. The mana-lightness of my deck proved to be disastrous later at
Origins (single elim).

Game 2) I have a slow-down start. Wall of Roots, River Boa, sit. We
stare at each other, and he smiles at my Mana Flare. That same turn I
drop into place the JungleBook. I make short work of him from then on
in. ("At the end of your turn, I Call. <sharp whistle [come here boy]>
Look! An Orc Settler! I have a Mana Flare!")
That Whistle became an oft-heard sound the rest of the day.

Game 3) I drop a Wildfire. He's playing White Weenie. I hold onto
another wildfire in my hand. Eventually, he Wraths. I drop a Wildfire.
He grimaces.

MATCH/GAME: 1-0/2-1

MATCH 2 - Tony Schmitt of Dubuque IA, 1633, Buried Alive

Tony is a bit surly, but otherwise seems okay. He came with a bunch of
other Iowans (a team?), and is playing fairly standard Buried Alive. He
seems offended when I note that. BTW, my deck likes this matchup.

Game 1) He buries on turn 1. I blessing him. He buries later. I
blessing. His creatures are too ineffectual without constant recursion
to keep them going.

Game 2) He gets out an early disk to clear the table of enchantments and
reset the creature war. I relay the _entire_ Jungle Book plus Sylvan
LIbrary. Game.

MATCH/GAME: 2-0/4-1

MATCH 3 - Rich Qualy of Milwaukee, 1614, BURN (baby, burn)

Rich is a regular player in Madison/Milwaukee tournaments. There is a
distinct lack of players playing control at this tournament. He is
playing Burn. I mean, BURN. Something along the lines of 4
Incinerate/Hammer/Thunderbolt/Fireblast/Tactics/Torch/Firaball/Earthquake/etc. I don't know the exact composition. My sideboard sucked.

Game 1) Burn. He Tactics me on turn 2. I'm a bit surprised he doesn't
hit my creature. He does it again (with TBolt) on turn 3. He hits me
with a Torch. I can't drop the manaflare for obvious reasons. I'm doing
a bit of damage to him, but its not enough. He does Incinerate my Orc
Settlers, though.

Game 2) I draw my Taste of Paradise. Game.

Game 3) Repeat Game 1.

MATCH/GAME: 2-1/5-3

Match 4 - Kevin Koppes from Dubuque, 1768, Counterpost

A very fun player, he does a good job with a relatively standard C-post.

Game 1) I get a horribly slow start. Guess who wins? If you guessed
Counterpost, kudos for you. That's right, Counterpost enjoys slow games
where they don't have to counterspell anything the first 8 turns, yet
they get to glacier. Whee!

Game 2) I draw out his counterspells. I lay City with pyroblast
protection. I haups. His threats (2 Outpost) go away. I drop the
Jungle Book with the mana from Flare. I call a Wildfire (yes folks, that
is 18 mana for all of those spells that turn. Who wins this one, ya
think? :)

Game 3) He is a bit mana-screwed (i.e., has land, has no glacier. Must
play like a normal player). I get a mana flare out and he becomes
happier (he is suddenly in mid-game, but so am I). He counters the Book,
he counters the Settler, He counters Settler, He Counters Wildfire. He
runs out of counters. He lays a Book to get more counters. I haups, lay
city. Ouch. eventually game.

MATCH/GAME: 3-1/7-4

Match 5 - Clay Tutaj from Milwaukee - 1600 - Slight Weenie

Very standard Sleight Weenie.

Game 1) I haups on turn 4. I haups on turn 10 or so. I lay a settler,
and Geddon him when he starts to recover. Meanwhile, I am Sylvaning and
recovering much faster.

Game 2) I lay Manaflare turn 3. I Settle on turns 5 and 6. Then I beat

MATCH/GAME: 4-1/9-4

MATCH 6 - Gary Nawrocki - 1600 - Counterburn

We draw in...

Final 8:
1) Jason Moungey - 1872 - G/R Creature-burn (metagamed) of C&C
2) Zac McDonald - 1656 - G/R Creature-burn (metagamed) of C&C
3) John ??? - Counterpost
4) Adam Clarke - 1774 - G/R Creature-burn (metagamed) of C&C
5) Adrian Sullivan (me) - 1786 - JungleBook
6) Gary Nawrocki - 1600- Counterburn
7) Josh Staudenraous - 1881 - Untouchable-Geddon
8) ???? - Counterpost

Quarterfinals) vs Adam Clarke of Lancaster CA, 1774, G/R Creature-burn

This is a fast-furious deck, with quick creature, burn, Ants, etc.
Pretty mindless, but effective. Imagine Senor Stompy minus the
"drawback" creatures, plus Ants and burn.

Game 1) He swarms. I Junglebook. I haups. I win.

Game 2) 3rd turn Manaflare. He does the smart thing and doesn't try to
gush all over me. I haups anyway on 4th turn and lay a dervish. A Ggoyf
later and its over.

MATCH/GAME: 5-1-1/11-4

Also this round,
Jason Moungey (G/R) beats ??? (Counterpost)
Josh Staudenraous (G/W Geddon) beats Zach McDonald (G/R)
Gary Nawrocki (Counterburn) beats John ??? (Counterpost)

Semifinals) vs. Josh Staudenraous of Dubuque, 1881, Untouchable Geddon

His deck uses gemmy alternative mana, Icies, Insects, Willow, and
standard White removal. In short, It can't deal with haups, except by
Geddon. Geddon seems to have trouble with Mana Flare.

Game 1) He gets Icy control over threats on the table, and I eat some
pain. I lay mana flare. He lays a second Icy. I haups away his
threats, despite the glacier in his hand. He begins to recover. As soon
as he has a single permanent in play worth caring about, I haups again.
I do the same thing again. Thoroughly glaciered out, he doesn't
recover. I, however, sylvan to victory.

Game 2) A long drawn out game, this time I get to play. We get to late
game. I have mana flare in play. He Manages to establish some control
on the table and geddons. 3 turns later (and 18 damage from an insect) I
haups. I do it again 3 turns later. Then I play Library Book games with
him. Sylvan Library is so good with Call/Flare.

MATCH/GAME: 6-1-1/13-4

Finals) vs Jason Moungey of Waterloo WI, 1872, G/R Creature/burn

I already beat this deck.
I do it again. Same way.

MATCH/GAME: 7-1-1/15-4

All-in-all, a blast to play.


A bit more land. Not much, but a bit. The creatures need to change based
on the local meta-game. Make them bitchy. Sideboarding, ditto, but an
excellent anti-burn sideboard is a _must_. The Stormbind, though useful,
really belongs in the sideboard.

Have fun with it, and as always, let me know what you think.

More tourney reports forthcoming. See you in Chicago!

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