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Benjamin Bleiweiss

Dec 11, 1994, 9:33:39 PM12/11/94
Well, here's a deck that I haven't seen yet...I usually use it,
and I've won a couple of local tourneys with it...

(BTW...deck strengths at end of post)

4 Hypnotic Spectors
4 Sengir Vampires
4 Dark Rituals
4 Hymn To Tourach
1 Mind Twist
4 Animate Dead
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Storm World
2 Atog
3 Orcish Spy

5 Mox
1 Black Lotus
1 Sol Ring
4 Millstone
4 Rack
3 Disrupting Scepter

3 Strip Mines
4 Badlands
7 Swamps
2 Mountains

OK--Here's how the deck works.....
Almost Everything works off of everything else :)
The Hymns/Spectres/Sceptres cause the opponent to drop cards.
The Rack and Storm world make them take damage from that
The Animate Deads pick up creatures from discarding.
The Millstones get past creatures.
The orcish Spy allows a red permission deck with the Millstone.
The Orcish Spy allows you to choose if you want the 1st or 3rd card down
in your deck if you have the Millstone out.
The Spectres and Vampires Damage Opponent through creatures
THe Atogs eat all the artifacts.

The highest casting cost in this deck are the Vampires (5)..the next
Highest is (3)! Most are 2 or 1, so with even a little mana,
the deck gets going rather quickly.

There are other cards which I am thinking of adding...
Royal Assassains (Get rid of Creatures that get out--then animate them)
Icy Manipulator (A bit high casting cost, though)
Chains Of Mestipholes (Once they are out of cards, assuming nothing out that
lets them draw extra, it's over for them)

3 Shatter
3 Gloom
4 Red Elemental Blast
2 Deathgrip
3 Terror

Well, here's the deck. Sometimes I put in another Atog instead of the
3rd Spy or Scepter, but generally it works EXTREMELY effiently.

BTW---please post comments/suggestions


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