is this still a good place to post rules questions?

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david nathan ant

Jun 15, 2013, 6:14:13 AM6/15/13
i've been away a good while, mostly due to poor health, which removed the
spare income i used on collecting magic cards. boo.hate when that happens.
guess the last time i posted was back in early 2010, but the last set i was
able to collect some of was, i believe, innistad. that one wiped out
playing for me, as i have a lot of nerve loss, so it is difficult to grasp
cards. when they have to be sleeved as well, it's just too hard for me to
handle. i believe i'll go read few rules faqs and see if i can wonder up a
question or two. thanks for still being here, and take care, -me

Zoë Stephenson

Jun 15, 2013, 4:48:52 PM6/15/13
It's a little slow around here, but there are some regulars who keep an eye
out. I try to check in regularly. The FAQ server has been acting up so I
haven't been keeping on top of the FAQ as much as I ought to, and I am
sometimes away with the day job during the week and unable to access the
group as easily as I would like.

Now that the FAQ server is coming back online, I will try to do an update.
So, dear regulars, any suggestions for larger alterations while I'm at it?

-- zoe (netrep)
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