Direct Intervention

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Feb 12, 1998, 3:00:00 AM2/12/98

On VTES-L, Bernard Bresnahan <bern...@YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> My predator attempts to bleed me with Governed the Unaligned, which I
> deny with Direct Intervention. May that minion attempt a different
> "Bleed" action? I would assume not due to the No Repeat Action rule.

Yes, since the NRA onus doesn't kick in until the action
resolves (is blocked or is successful) - which is why a
minion who takes an action that is later Masked away can
take the same action again.

> And is this always the case with D.I.? In regards to Action
> Modifiers, Political Actions, etc..

The card that is affected by DI is still considered played,
so the same minion couldn't play the same card again if the
card was an action modifier or reaction card or additional-
strike-gaining card.

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Official VtES Net.Rep for Wizards of the Coast.
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