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LSJ (VtES Rep)

Jun 25, 1997, 3:00:00 AM6/25/97

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LSJ (VtES NetRep) wrote:
> Michael Beer wrote:
> > 1. Some questions about Succubus Club:
> > "Master: unique location Methuselahs can give you pool, and you can give
> > them pool. You can trade cards from your hand or in play. These trades
> > can only happen during your untap phase and cannot result in any
> > Methuselah having less than his or her hand size. Any additional terms
> > can be established, but none are enfoced by the rules."
> >
> > The key word is DURING which also appears in the card text of most
> > Powerbases and all Hunting Grounds.
> >
> > May I:
> > 1st step: Transfer 'ground / 'base from allied Methusalah to me
> > 2nd step: 'ground / 'base triggers DURING my untap phase
> > 3rd step: Transfer back to original owner
> >
> > 4th step: TRANSFER BACK TO ME
> > 5th step: 'ground / 'base triggers AGAIN
> > 6th step: Transfer back to original owner
> The 5th step is illegal. The 'base and/or 'ground can only be used
> to perform their functions once per untap phase.
> And, it is very likely that steps 3-6 are illegal.
> Earlier I said that multiple trades during the same untap phase
> were legal. That is probably not correct, especially considering the
> text on the other "during untap" masters.
> The Rules Team is currently considering that issue.

Official answer: only step 5 is illegal. The key is the difference between
"During phase X, do Y" (or "During phase X, you can do Y")
"Y is true during phase X" (or "Y can be done only during phase X")

The first form means that you (can) do Y only once during phase X.
This is the form used by the Hunting Grounds and Powerbases.

The second form doesn't limit the use of Y (or the exection or preformance
of Y, whichever is the appropriate verb) to just once per phase X.

L. Scott Johnson (
Official VtES Net.Rep for Wizards of the Coast.
(*) - Subject to review by Rules Team

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