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Oct 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM10/25/99
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On VTES-L, "....salem...." wrote:
> Been a while since i've posted some questions here, so i thought it was
> time for some...
> Charming lobby's new way of working was kind of odd. as it sort of seems to
> be a political action in itself, when you get up to the stage where you
> play a political action card from your hand, do you replace that political
> action card? (as it might be considered "during a political action", in
> which case you wouldn't..)

Only "during referendum" cards are not replaced. Other "during political
action" cards are replaced as normal (the card used to take the action,
action modifiers played before the referendum, etc.)

The political action card (if any) is played before the referendum, so is
replaced as normal.

> do you replace a card discarded with The Barrens, if tapped "during a
> political action"?

Rulebook: "No Methuselahs draw to replace cards during a referendum." [6.3.2]
Barrens card text: "Tap to discard a card from your hand."

If you tap it during a referendum, then the card you discard is not replaced
until after the referendum. If you tap it at some other time during a
political action, then the discarded card is replaced as normal.

> acting vampire A. reacting vampire B, who is tapped.
> A bleeds, B plays "forced awakening" and blocks. combat occurs. combat
> ends. A plays "psyche!" at superior. a new combat will thus begin. Can B
> play "obedience"?

If A is younger, yes.

> B is ready, may play cards as if untapped (forced awakening), and is about
> to enter combat with an acting vampire (which is a requirement of
> obediance). Although whether or not A is still acting perhaps ambiguous.

A is still the acting vampire.

> could A play "Form of mist" at superior to continue it's acting in the new
> "psyche" combat?

Yes. [LSJ 07-OCT-1997]

> again, acting vampire A, reacting vampire B, who is tapped, and also a
> prince, and also a toreador.
> Vampire A does some action, B plays "2nd tradition", to "untap and attempt
> to block at +2 intercept", Vampire A's methuselah uses alexandra's special
> ability to tap B. is B still attempting to block, and can they successfully
> block?

The blocking minion's attempt to block will fail if he becomes tapped before
he successfully blocks (and doesn't untap or wake). [RTR 06-OCT-1994]

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