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Jan 26, 1998, 3:00:00 AM1/26/98

On VES-L, "salem christ...." <k940...@BOHM.ANU.EDU.AU> wrote:
> say a naughty vampire with Fame on it is bleeding me (either with a daring
> the dawn, a day op, or a force of will). at the end of the action, they are
> supposed to go to torpor (assuming they don't burn from agg damage). can i
> play a minor boon to stop them going to torpor (and stop me losing 3 pool
> from fame), or does minor boon pull them back out of torpor, so i still
> lose the 3 (but they can't bleed me again until they rescue one of my
> vamps)?

Minor Boon prevents the vampire from going to torpor altogether.
You don't lose any pool to Fame.

> also, Mummify at inferior says "this vampire cannot rescue itself from
> torpor". now, if this means it cannot take a "leave torpor" action, would
> mummify's text imply that Humanitas and Catacomb's effects apply for a
> "leave torpor" action?

It means that the vampire cannot take the "leave torpor" action.
It is an abuse of terminology, and should not be read to extend
"rescue" qualities to the leave torpor action. The original
wording was probably akin to "This vampire cannot leave torpor.",
and was changed for obvious reasons. It could still be cleaner,

> and can a inferiorially mummified vamp play "rapid healing"? why/why not?

No. Rapid Healing is a "leave torpor" action. (*)

> thanks lots to anyone who answers, and particularly johnson, l.s. as his
> answer will be, well, official unless it gets overruled by the rules team.

L. Scott Johnson (
Official VtES Net.Rep for Wizards of the Coast.
(*) - Subject to review by Rules Team

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