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Feb 9, 1998, 3:00:00 AM2/9/98

On VTES-L, "salem christ...." <k940...@BOHM.ANU.EDU.AU> wrote:
> hi lsj...
> you said in one post a while ago something about "the treatment" still
> working even if the vamp it is played on no longer is a prince.

Well, I said that it remained on the vampire even when he loses his
Prince title. (Mailed on 27 Jan 1998, message available in LOG9801D,
also posted to newsgroup: Message-ID <>)

> no, with mask, you said that if, say, dimple masked a "ritual challenge"
> action then it would fizzle because dimple is not the "acting gangrel" when
> the action resolves.
> now, the treatment says "when this prince untaps, it takes one damage".
> when the vampire with this card untaps, in the hypothetical situation given
> in the previous post, it isn't a prince. so the text for the effect of
> _untapping_ is no satisfied. there is no untapping prince with this card.
> therefore, i feel, no damage should be done.

I concur.

> but call me wrong if you want. but then you'd have to do something about
> mask 1k faces to make me completely happy. O:)

I am not empowered to change the ruling on Mask1K.

L. Scott Johnson (
Official VtES Net.Rep for Wizards of the Coast.
(*) - Subject to review by Rules Team

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