Question regarding the use of Leather Jacket and Zip gun

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LSJ (VtES Rep)

Aug 1, 1997, 3:00:00 AM8/1/97

On Vtes-l, Eric Liu <el...@CSUN.EDU> wrote:
> If a minion possesses a Leather Jacket and uses a Zip Gun against another
> minion in combat, can that Leather Jacket be used to prevent the
> self-inflicted damage caused by the use of the Zip Gun?


> The Leather Jacket states that it may be burned to prevent all damage from
> a strike. Is the damage to the Zip Gun's wielder (due to the use of the
> Zip gun) considered "damage from a strike?"


> It seems to me that the
> damage caused by wielding the Zip Gun is just a by-product of its use and
> that this is different from what would usually be thought of as "damage
> from a strike."


> Also, can the Leather Jacket be used in combat to prevent the damage of
> a strike that the wearer inflicts on another minion?


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