Banning Succubus Club

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Jan 28, 1998, 3:00:00 AM1/28/98

On VTES-L, David Pontes <l41...@ALFA.IST.UTL.PT> wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Bernard Bresnahan wrote:
> > Has the Rules Team ever considered banning "Succubus Club"?

The matter had been put before the RT/DCI, yes.
They decided that it wasn't necessary to ban it.

> Anyway, that card still brings me some problems: when they say we
> "can trade cards from your hand or in play", does this allow:
> - Putting cards on the table that were on your hand. (or
> vice-versa), as long as it doesn't make you have more/less cards than you
> had before.

No. You trade from hand to hand.

> - Giving or taking cards to/from another meth (instead of
> "trading", wich suggests a bargain).

You can trade for nothing, yes.

> - Trading cards that are generally not interchangeable (like a
> stake on a torpored vamp, an Ablative Skin, etc.)

Trading a Stake will allow the stake to be given to a new minion.
The vampire in torpor will still be paralyzed, however. Paralyzation
doesn't depend on the presence of the Stake.

Non-equipment, non-retainer minion cards (like Ablative skin) can
be traded, but will remain on the original minion. Control of the
card changes. Mostly this results in: "no effect" (until the
controller is ousted, of course). (*)

L. Scott Johnson (
Official VtES Net.Rep for Wizards of the Coast.
(*) - Subject to review by Rules Team

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