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Paul Heaver

Dec 14, 1995, 3:00:00 AM12/14/95
Ok, I was playing in a game with my giovanni deck, and I managed to get
all 5 of my zombies onto one of my vampires...which does bring me to
another question: the 10 giovanni, that reduces the cost of minions and
ally by one pool, that would NOT make free zombies right, since one blood
cost for zombies is different, but free morticians, since they are one
Well, anyway, we had these 5 zombies on her, and we had a question: how
does one fortitude out of the zombies? Skin of steel? are zombie strikes
considered strikes? How about dodging them, is it possible?
Exact text: "Only usable at close range. When the vampire with this
retainer is in combat, opposing minion takes 1 additional damage during
strike resolution."
Howzabout if you get additional strikes, since there is another strike
resolution, do the zombies just go nuts and rend and tear?


Thomas R Wylie

Dec 16, 1995, 3:00:00 AM12/16/95

Zombie works just like Wolf Companion: if the Zombie and its retainer are
each in play when the first normal strikes resolve during a round, the
Zombie deals 1 damage to the opposing minion. This damage is only dealt at
close range, and is not a strike, so may not be dodged, or prevented by
cards that prevent damage from strikes.

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