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Elina Mustonen

Sep 26, 2021, 12:36:56 PM9/26/21
During the whole game I found two wands of wishing outside of the one at the castle, one at a shop on Dungeon level 3, and the other somewhere in Gehennom.

I also spent a lot of my time trying to revisiting floors I had forgotten because mind flayers kept eating my brains until I eventually genocided them. I also had to waste at least three wishes for cursed scrolls of genocide to summon tengu so I could get teleport control.

I used conflict to my advantage when going through Wizard's Tower and Moloch's Sanctum.

My only death happened on the Plane of Air where I was surrounded by air elementals. Otherwise the planes were a breeze.

On the Astral Plane the Riders closest to my location were Famine and Death. I first checked out Famine, and the altar there was chaotic. Next up was Death, whom I zapped with one of my wands of magic missile a few times, and then I eventually managed to go around him(?). When I reached the altar I found out it's neutral, and offered the Amulet.

You offer the Amulet of Yendor to Ishtar...
An invisible choir sings, and you are bathed in radiance...
The voice of Ishtar rings out: "Mortal, thou hast done well!"
"In return for thy service, I grant thee the gift of Immortality!"
You ascend to the status of Demigod...
Do you want your possessions identified? [ynq] (n) y

Dudley the Wayfarer St.25 Dx:18 Co:18 In:11 Wi:16 Ch:10 Neutral
Astral Plane $:0 HP:146(152) Pw:67(79) AC:-40 Exp:17 T:50007

F- an uncursed amulet of life saving (being worn)
R - an uncursed amulet of life saving
a - a blessed +3 club (weapon in hand)
e - a blessed +2 gray dragon scale mail (being worn)
p - a blessed +4 T-shirt with text "d, your dog or a killer?" (being worn)
u - a blessed fireproof +2 cloak of protection (being worn)
y - a blessed fireproof +2 pair of speed boots (being worn)
A - a blessed rustproof +4 pair of gauntlets of power (being worn)
U - an uncursed rusty +5 dwarvish iron helm (being worn)
s - an uncursed lizard corpse
K - the uncursed Book of the Dead
r - 2 uncursed diluted potions of full healing
f - an uncursed ring of conflict
N - an uncursed ring of levitation
V - an uncursed ring of free action (on left hand)
b - a wand of teleportation (0:0)
c - a blessed wand of death (0:2)
d - a wand of fire (2:6)
h - a wand of magic missile (0:4)
l - a wand of death (0:7)
m - a wand of teleportation (0:4)
o - a wand of opening (0:3)
t - a wand of teleportation (0:4)
x - a wand of teleportation (0:6)
B - a wand of speed monster (0:5)
C - a cursed wand of speed monster (0:5)
E - a wand of fire (0:1)
H - a wand of death (2:0)
I - a blessed wand of polymorph (0:0)
J - a wand of teleportation (0:4)
M - a wand of speed monster (0:3)
O - a wand of magic missile (0:2)
P - a wand of magic missile (0:4)
X - a cursed wand of cold (0:2)
Y - a wand of lightning (0:4)
Z - a wand of secret door detection (0:9)
j - a blessed +0 unicorn horn
k - a blessed magic marker (1:21)
n - an uncursed sack containing 2 items
q - a magic marker (0:32)
w - a blessed bag of holding containing 79 items
D - the Bell of Opening (0:2)
Q - an uncursed skeleton kei
T - a +0 unicorn horn
W - an uncursed blindfold
i - an uncursed luckstone

Contents of the sack:

a wand of cancellation (0:5)
a wand of cancellation (0:7)

Contents of the bag of holding:

an uncursed amulet of life saving
an uncursed amulet of life saving
a cursed amulet of life saving
a cursed amulet of life saving
an uncursed amulet of life saving
a +1 mace
the blessed +0 Sceptre of Might
12 uncursed C-rations
9 uncursed C-rations
11 uncursed K-rations
2 uncursed K-rations
a blessed tin of black dragon meat
a blessed tin of blue dragon meat
a blessed tin of elf meat
a blessed tin of flesh golem meat
a blessed tin of floating eye meat
an uncursed tin of killer bee meat
an uncursed tin of quantum mechanic meat
a blessed tin of red naga meat
an uncursed tin of red naga meat
2 blessed tins of stalker meat
an uncursed tin of stalker meat
2 blessed tins of tengu meat
an uncursed tin of troll meat
an uncursed tin of winter wolf cub meat
an uncursed tin of Woodland-elf meat
a blessed tin of yeti meat
2 uncursed scrolls of fire
an uncursed scroll of charging
a blessed scroll of charging
3 uncursed scrolls of enchant weapon
a cursed scroll of identify
3 blessed scrolls of remove curse
an uncursed scroll of remove curse
a blessed scroll of remove curse
a cursed scroll of remove curse
an uncursed scroll of scare monster
a blessed potion of confusion
an uncursed potion of gain energy
an uncursed potion of oil
an uncursed potion of oil
an uncursed potion of paralysis
an uncursed potion of restore ability
19 potions of holy water
a blessed wand of cold (0:4)
a wand of cold (0:2)
a blessed wand of death (0:4)
a wand of enlightenment (0:10)
a wand of fire (0:5)
a wand of light (0:15)
a wand of light (0:14)
a blessed wand of light (0:4)
a wand of lightning (0:4)
a wand of lightning (0:4)
a wand of magic missile (0:4)
a wand of magic missile (0:2)
a wand of magic missile (0:3)
a wand of magic missile (0:4)
a wand of magic missile (0:7)
a wand of magic missile (0:2)
a wand of polymorph (2:3)
a wand of polymorph (0:7)
a wand of secret door detection (0:12)
a wand of slow monster (0:6)
a wand of slow monster (0:2)
a wand of slow monster (0:5)
a wand of slow monster (0:8)
a wand of speed monster (0:4)
a wand of speed monster (0:2)
a wand of speed monster (0:8)
a wand of speed monster (0:6)
a wand of striking (0:3)
a wand of striking (0:2)
a wand of striking (0:2)
a wand of striking (0:2)
a wand of striking (0:2)
a wand of striking (0:1)
a wand of striking (0:4)
a wand of undead turning (0:5)

Dudley the Caveman's attributes:

You were a Wayfarer, a level 17 gnomish Caveman.
You were neutral, on a mission for Ishtar
who was opposed by Anu (lawful) and Anshar (chaotic).
You were in the endgame, on the Astral Plane.
You entered the dungeon 50007 turns ago.
You had 654291 experience points, 625709 more were needed to attain level 18.

You had 146 out of 152 hit points.
You had 67 out of 79 energy points (spell power).
Your armor class was -40.
Your wallet was empty.
Autopickup was off.

Final Characteristics:
Your strength was 25 (base:18/50, innate limit:18/50).
Your dexterity was 18 (limit:18).
Your constitution was 18 (limit:18).
Your intelligence was 11 (limit:19).
Your wisdom was 16 (limit:18).
Your charisma was 10 (limit:18).

Final Status:
You were unencumbered.
You were wielding a club.
You had expert skill with club.

Final Attributes:
You were piously aligned.
You were magic-protected.
You were fire resistant.
You were cold resistant.
You were sleep resistant.
You were disintegration-resistant.
You were shock resistant.
You were poison resistant.
You saw invisible.
You were telepathic.
You were warned.
You had infravision.
You were invisible to others.
You could teleport.
You had teleport control.
You had a moderate defense bonus (+9).
You were protected.
You were very fast.
You had reflection.
You had free action.
Your life would have been saved.
You were very lucky.
You had extra luck.
Bad luck did not time out for you.
Good luck did not time out for you.
You survived after being killed once.

Vanquished creatures:

the Wizard of Yendor (6 times)
Famine (thrice)
Vlad the Impaler
a high priest
a mastodon
3 krakens
3 iron golems
7 storm giants
a titan
4 glass golems
2 balrogs
the Chromatic Dragon
8 purple worms
a gray dragon
3 silver dragons
3 red dragons
a white dragon
2 orange dragons
6 black dragons
5 blue dragons
a green dragon
2 yellow dragons
23 minotaurs
a jabberwock
3 baluchitheria
an Angel
2 stone golems
2 master mind flayers
9 Olog-hai
5 Nazgul
7 pit fiends
a sandestin
3 hell hounds
7 titanotheres
3 trappers
a baby silver dragon
a baby orange dragon
2 disenchanters
27 vampire lords
4 skeletons
11 aligned priests
5 captains
6 shades
a clay golem
10 nurses
8 ice devils
6 nalfeshnees
6 lurkers above
4 frost giants
8 ettins
a golden naga
3 black puddings
22 vampires
5 lieutenants
37 ghosts
a wizard
2 queen bees
5 winged gargoyles
2 mind flayers
11 giant mimics
3 long worms
13 zruties
10 fire giants
7 ogre kings
2 ice trolls
13 rock trolls
4 umber hulks
5 flesh golems
6 Elvenkings
2 doppelgangers
16 hezrous
7 bone devils
5 large mimics
3 wumpuses
4 fire vortices
6 couatls
23 stalkers
4 air elementals
2 fire elementals
3 earth elementals
2 water elementals
21 hill giants
6 giant mummies
11 xorns
18 giant zombies
11 elf-lords
11 sergeants
3 barbed devils
26 vrocks
4 salamanders
6 wargs
5 winter wolves
9 hell hound pups
9 small mimics
2 glass piercers
3 warhorses
6 steam vortices
18 xans
3 ettin mummies
10 ogre lords
16 quantum mechanics
17 trolls
5 wood golems
3 erinyes
5 mariliths
an electric eel
9 gelatinous cubes
a pyrolisk
2 large dogs
3 freezing spheres
8 flaming spheres
10 shocking spheres
a large cat
11 tigers
9 gargoyles
6 dwarf kings
37 tengu
8 ochre jellies
10 leocrottas
5 energy vortices
3 mountain centaurs
6 stone giants
5 elf mummies
6 human mummies
13 red nagas
5 green slimes
5 pythons
2 pit vipers
4 cobras
40 wraiths
8 carnivorous apes
27 ettin zombies
2 leather golems
19 Grey-elves
56 soldiers
8 succubi
4 horned devils
8 incubi
5 chameleons
3 crocodiles
17 giant beetles
2 quivering blobs
13 cockatrices
9 wolves
4 winter wolf cubs
2 lynxes
3 panthers
45 gremlins
44 leprechauns
7 orc-captains
3 iron piercers
3 mumakil
15 giant spiders
10 scorpions
5 horses
4 ice vortices
2 baby long worms
6 black lights
8 vampire bats
4 forest centaurs
2 gnome kings
2 orc mummies
5 dwarf mummies
9 ogres
5 brown puddings
11 rust monsters
12 owlbears
12 yetis
5 gold golems
4 werewolves
16 Green-elves
2 piranha
4 giant eels
13 lizards
9 chickatrices
a dingo
4 dogs
a housecat
5 jaguars
4 dwarf lords
a blue jelly
3 white unicorns
a gray unicorn
5 black unicorns
5 dust vortices
26 ravens
2 plains centaurs
6 gnome mummies
11 snakes
a water moccasin
4 apes
17 human zombies
2 rope golems
14 Woodland-elves
12 soldier ants
25 fire ants
72 bugbears
2 imps
9 quasits
6 wood nymphs
5 water nymphs
3 mountain nymphs
18 Uruk-hai
5 orc shamans
3 rock piercers
2 rock moles
a woodchuck
6 ponies
2 fog clouds
13 yellow lights
4 shriekers
3 violet fungi
5 gnome lords
3 kobold mummies
a black naga hatchling
4 gray oozes
7 barrow wights
18 elf zombies
14 ghouls
2 straw golems
6 paper golems
a jellyfish
32 giant ants
3 little dogs
4 floating eyes
a kitten
6 dwarves
2 homunculi
5 kobold lords
2 kobold shamans
7 hill orcs
14 rothes
a rabid rat
4 giant bats
a monkey
22 orc zombies
22 dwarf zombies
a wererat
6 iguanas
57 killer bees
4 acid blobs
a coyote
12 hobbits
a manes
4 large kobolds
19 hobgoblins
11 giant rats
6 cave spiders
a yellow mold
2 green molds
2 red molds
2 gnomes
9 garter snakes
16 gnome zombies
3 geckos
10 jackals
2 foxes
9 goblins
2 sewer rats
8 grid bugs
a bat
8 lichens
16 kobold zombies
9 newts

2073 creatures vanquished.

Genocided or extinct species:

dwarf lords
dwarf kings
mind flayers
master mind flayers
master liches
erinyes (extinct)

13 species genocided.
1 species extinct.

Voluntary challenges:
You genocided 13 types of monsters.
You never changed form.
You used 17 wishes.
You did not wish for any artifacts.

The Elemental Planes:
Astral Plane: <- You are here.
Some temples.
Plane of Water:
Plane of Fire:
Plane of Air:
Plane of Earth:
The Dungeons of Doom: levels 1 to 29
Level 1:
A fountain, a grave.
One way stairs up to The Elemental Planes.
Level 2:
Some altars.
Level 3:
Level 4:
A fountain.
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:
A fountain.
Level 8:
A grave.
Level 9:
An altar.
Level 10:
Level 11:
A fountain.
Level 12:
An altar to Ishtar.
Level 13:
Some graves.
Portal to The Quest.
Level 14:
Some fountains.
Level 15:
Level 16:
Level 17:
A primitive area.
Level 18:
An altar to Ishtar, a fountain.
Level 19:
Many graves.
Level 20:
A fountain.
Level 21:
A fountain, a sink.
Level 22:
A grave.
Level 23:
An altar.
Level 24:
Level 25:
Many trees.
Level 26:
Level 27:
Level 28:
Level 29:
A fountain.
The castle.
Connection to Gehennom.
Gehennom: levels 30 to 51
Level 30:
A temple, many graves.
Valley of the Dead.
Level 31:
Level 32:
Level 33:
Level 34:
Level 35:
Level 36:
Level 37:
Level 38:
Level 39:
Some shops, an altar, many graves.
Level 40:
Level 41:
Level 42: "Vlad left"
Stairs up to Vlad's Tower, level 41.
Level 43:
Level 44:
Level 45:
Level 46:
Level 47:
Level 48:
Level 49:
Level 50:
Level 51:
A temple, many graves.
Moloch's Sanctum.
The Gnomish Mines: levels 4 to 11
Level 4:
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:
Level 11:
The Quest: levels 1 to 5
Level 1:
A temple to Ishtar.
Completed quest for Shaman Karnov.
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:
Sokoban: levels 6 up to 3
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:
Level 6:
Vlad's Tower: levels 41 up to 39
Level 39:
Level 40:
Level 41:

Goodbye Dudley the Demigod...

You went to your reward with 2322440 points,
The Sceptre of Might (worth 2500 zorkmids and 6250 points)
The Bell of Opening (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points)
The Book of the Dead (worth 10000 zorkmids and 25000 points)
7 amulets of life saving (worth 1050 zorkmids),
and 0 pieces of gold, after 50007 moves.
You were level 17 with a maximum of 152 hit points when you ascended.

You made the top ten list!

No Points Name Hp [max]
1 2322440 Dudley-Cav-Gno-Mal-Neu ascended to demigod-hood. 146 [152]
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