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Suboptimal message with slippery fingers

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Jeffrey Bosboom

May 12, 2012, 1:38:35 PM5/12/12
Twoweapon Magicbane and a silver saber, then apply a can of grease to
- to get slippery fingers. You may get the message "Your sword slips
from your hands. Your weapon also slips from your hands." There are a
few problems with this message:

--Magicbane isn't a sword, at least by my definition.
--The silver saber is described simply as "weapon", rather than
"saber" (even "sword" would be accurate here).
--Since the message is using "weapon", it seems it should say "other
weapon". Indeed there is code for this in the source, but it's only
added if both weapons are of the same type, and here they are not
("sword" and "weapon").
--More generally, should specific names be used here ("Your Magicbane
slips from your hands. Your silver saber also slips from your
hands.")? That might get too verbose if the full name is used, but it
makes it obvious that you've dropped two different weapons rather than
the same weapon twice.

Perhaps this is nitpicking, but so are many of the message-related
bugs on the official buglist, so I felt it was worth a mention.

(This message was brought to my attention by irina in #nethack.)
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