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Janis Papanagnou

Aug 22, 2021, 2:09:08 PM8/22/21
Somewhere below the mine-town... Descended the stairs and got a
bones-file alert[*]. I far-see two monsters with difficulty '4'.
Oh, I remember - that was a Star Vampire that killed a very good
character of mine - my ghost was probably the other '4'. So I
engraved the E-word, stethoscope-tested that vampire, tried out
wands of cold (unlikely that it works at all) and magic missile,
but quite no effect on that buddy with ~140 HP and AC:-5. Luckily
I already found a luckstone just recently in the mines so I think
I'll better skip the rest of the mines (despite that likely very
worthwhile bones heap).


[*] I installed a script to inform me about created and deleted
(=loaded) bones files.

Chris Bowers

Aug 27, 2021, 3:18:05 PM8/27/21
Of course. Skip for now, come back when you are comparable level to the one that died OR if you find a way to kill (star vampires was it?) quickly and easily. If you find an altar bless your weapon for more damage, scrolls of enchant weapon, etc.

Janis Papanagnou

Aug 27, 2021, 4:38:58 PM8/27/21
[ Bones file with a star vampire that blocked progress down the
mines to mine end, delayed exploring the level ]
It was easier to solve that expected; a few levels upstairs I met
a cockatrice that left a corpse. Took the opportunity to quickly
return to the bones level before the corpse gets moldy. Alas, the
star vampire turned around a corner and vanished; no trap or such,
so I assumed a shape changer. petrified the rest of the horde and
retrieved the loot. Not very exciting, though; the most interesting
was a gray dragon scale mail that I did not want to wear because I
was playing a monk (IIRC). Anyway, I think that character followed
the path of many adventurers and died at some point later.

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