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NetHack 4.1.0

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Apr 1, 2012, 2:20:31 PM4/1/12
With the recent release of version 4.0.0, some of you will be surprised to see a new release rolling out so quickly. Well, after some discussions between the DevTeam and the author of GruntHack, we're pleased to announce the merging of most of the codebase of GruntHack into 4.0.0 to form NetHack 4.1.0.

For those unfamiliar with GruntHack, the major changes this introduces include a completely redesigned Gehennom, some types of monsters now possessing a race (much as the player), and some objects possessing non-standard magical properties.

Proper binary and source releases are pending, but, for the moment, you can look through the changes that will be landing at

Happy Hacking...
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