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NetHack 4.0.0 Release Announcement from the DevTeam

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Patric Mueller

Apr 1, 2012, 2:19:34 PM4/1/12

The NetHack DevTeam is pleased to announce the release of
NetHack 4.0.0. [1]

NetHack 4.0 is an enhancement to the dungeon exploration game NetHack.

It is a distant descendent of Rogue and Hack, and a direct descendent
of NetHack 3.4. [2]

You can download the usual packages from here: [3]

There are a great number of bug fixes in this release, as well as many
changes and surprises beyond what you see listed below. Here is a
brief overview of some new additions and changes in the game.

* Core game engine code has completely rewritten [4]
* Autoexplore (from AceHack) [5]
* Death talks in CAPITAL LETTERS (from UnNetHack) [6]
* Uncursed and blessed scrolls of magic mapping reveal secret doors
* Blessed scrolls of magic mapping reveal objects
* Dump log: show same information on final dump as wizard mode
* Minotaurs respect Elbereth
* Bones level tracking
* Conduct: Racial armor tracking
* extra AC point per worn piece of racial armor
* Reduce occurrences of hint daemon to once per game
* Automatically identify rings dropped into a sink when message is shown
* Allow stethoscopes to identify egg types (unless hallucinating) (from SporkHack)
* Reduce AC of dragon scales to 1 and dragon scale mails to 5
* Killing your Quest leader opens up the stairs to the lower quest levels (from SporkHack)

* new dungeon features:
- muddy swamp (from NetHack Brass)

* added items:
- chromatic dragon scales and scale mail [7]

* new monsters:
- chromatic dragons
- wax golems (providing candles as death drop) (from Slash'Em) [8]

* new branch:
- the Dragon Caves (from NetHack Brass R/S) [9]

* new levels:
- Sokoban levels (from GruntHack)

* bug fixes:
- Draw health bar in inverse when color is disabled (reported by
Bernard Helyer)
- Warn atheist player when trying to offering the Amulet of Yendor
- Workaround for preventing the stairs to Vlad's tower appearing
in the wizard's tower

* build fixes:
- Compilation failed on openSUSE when trying to link with curses but
tparm being present in ncurses (reported by Roger Koot)

Happy NetHacking!

For the DevTeam...
Patric Mueller

[1] Obviously, I'm not Mike Stephenson. The DevTeam finally realized
that they need some fresh blood and quickly assimilated me after
the assimilation of Derek Ray miserably failed.
[2] Actually, there has been a lot of code being taken from other
variants, but we traditionally used that sentence and you know how
we resent change.
[3] I'll update as soon as my public key has been
authenticated. I don't know how my public key could have been lost
in the mail.
[4] Unfortunately, the rewrite turned out to have an eerie resemblance
to vanilla's code all over again.
[5] Autoexplore is completely useless of course, as has been said a
thousand times already, but our newest DevTeam member insisted on
[6] Without any doubt, the only real good change there is in
[7] Chromatic dragon armor provide fire, cold, sleep, disintegration,
shock, poison, acid, stone resistance and reflection. They are
dropped by the new chromatic dragons and Tiamat (formerly known as
Chromatic Dragon).
[8] Without any doubt, the single not de-balancing change in Slash'Em.
[9] The Dragon Caves are four mines-like levels which have at the end
3 chromatic dragons that might drop chromatic dragon scales.

Janis Papanagnou

Apr 1, 2012, 3:08:32 PM4/1/12
On 01.04.2012 20:19, Patric Mueller wrote:
> The NetHack DevTeam is pleased to announce the release of
> NetHack 4.0.0. [1]

My first thought was; it's "April 1st".

Message has been deleted

Doug Freyburger

Apr 1, 2012, 4:35:40 PM4/1/12
Janis Papanagnou wrote:
>Patric Mueller wrote:
>> The NetHack DevTeam is pleased to announce the release of
>> NetHack 4.0.0. [1]
> My first thought was; it's "April 1st".

Yep. My second thought was wishing it were real.

Janis Papanagnou

Apr 1, 2012, 7:38:10 PM4/1/12
On 01.04.2012 22:06, Jukka Lahtinen wrote:
> Took me several seconds to realize that after starting to read :-)

An implicit version hint like Nethack-4.1.12 might have helped. %-)


Jonadab the Unsightly One

Apr 2, 2012, 6:15:51 PM4/2/12
On Apr 1, 7:38 pm, Janis Papanagnou <>
> An implicit version hint like Nethack-4.1.12 might have helped. %-)

Personally I've just come to expect the whole internet to be useless
(for anything but a couple of laughs) for about thirty hours every
year around this time.

Granted, there's occasionally a major legitimate announcement on AFD,
just to buck the trend. Glulx, for example, was originally announced
on April first. That was more than ten years ago, though.

Capt. Cave Man

Apr 2, 2012, 9:38:04 PM4/2/12
And I still use it every day. ;-)
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