Moria (Pascal) Windows/Mac/Linux overdue update

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Nov 22, 2014, 10:55:49 PM11/22/14

Okay, so I've been a bit lame and have not been participating in the community for a little while. I apologise, I've been ridiculously busy/tied-up.

For a bit of history, I've ported the original Moria 5.01 (written in Pascal on an old Dec, as I recall) to FPC/Delphi for compilation and use on modern platforms.

I have intended on moving the project to a public hosting (SourceForge, GoogleCode...) but have wanted to make sure that it was in a reasonable state before doing so. The main problems I have are about choices of where to put it and what to name it (for uniqueness). I don't think there is a significant license restriction barrier involved. If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations I'd love to hear them! I want to move the files over in a few weeks' time.

Now on to the update...

I actually worked on it back in January but didn't make a release like I had done in the past because of the extent of the changes and having not thoroughly tested them (on a broad enough install base for the extent of the changes). I was very careful to test all new and changed routines independently and concurrently with development as well as with unit tests and extensive regression testing (although admittedly likely not exhaustive because of the nature of the code which I inherited from the original). I did some final play tests and was able to get the help of two others for this as well.

I have made quite a few changes to the original including adding colour and for the changes above in January, "fixed" the inventory and made the stores a bit more useful. I've made some game play balance changes as well but have been careful not to upset the original implementation too much (in consultation with a couple of others). I have been careful to retain save game compatibility (although not back to the original Dec saves because of the way newlines must have been handled on that platform but I tried!).

For anyone who has played the previous versions (mine or the original), the inventory update is really significant. It makes playing the game so much nicer and weight limits really have an impact now.

I have also made some preparations for moving the game out of a terminal and text mode only version to an SDL/native graphical one. I have made some test programs and the transition should be incredibly easy (although still character based). I will be able to support other platforms (such as Android and iOS) with this transition. I am also looking at how to implement graphical tiles in the best way possible but what I want to do is more complicated than other Rogue-alikes (or Angband and so on).

I am getting back around to looking at it again and should be able to spare some development time for it soon.

In the meantime, if anyone is interested in trying the latest version, please let me know and I'll make it available directly.

I'll post again with details about the migration to public hosting when it is done.


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