Javascript port of Moria released

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Mar 1, 2015, 8:47:53 PM3/1/15

View help with `?'.
View license with `~'.
Save game with F9.
View old messages with `a'.
Wizard mode with Shift+F1. Wizard help with F1.
Ctrl only works with arrow keys, home, end, pgup, pgdn. ykuhlbjn still work with Shift.
Many workarounds were needed to accommodate keyboard quirks on Google Chrome. However Ctrl pgup/pgdn still don't work on Chrome.

-Donnie Russell II

Eli the Bearded

Mar 5, 2015, 6:26:14 PM3/5/15
In, <> wrote:

Nice. But I have some questions and minor nits.

You can't cut-n-paste from it. Back in the day people used
to regularly cut-n-paste their tombstones and talk about how the game
went for them. I just played a brief game, losing to a kobold at 50',
and was going to do that.

Why does it have to be so large? I tried to resize the fonts in my
browser (latest release version of Firefox), and nothing happened.

Does this version support monster memory between games? Can I restart
and have it remember that a kobold killed me in a previous life?

Also, where do saved games get saved?

wasted so much time on moria in the distant past

Mar 6, 2015, 12:22:43 AM3/6/15
The screen area is an html <canvas>: a bitmap embedded in a web page. A different font style/size is possible. What do you need?

The character sheet goes to stdout, which is equivalent to the javascript console. In-game, hit 'C' then 'f' to print out the sheet. The sheet also prints out at the end of a game. Click out of the <canvas> then open the console with:

* Ctrl+Shift+J in Google Chrome
* Ctrl+Shift+K in Mozilla Firefox

or better, use the browser GUI.

The source code is being passed through two compilers. The compilers must produce output that "just works" without much thought as to the best way to accomplish it. The compilers also don't know about each other. This produces a lot of redundancy.

Game options, monster memory, saved character, level and scores are put in the local storage area of the browser. Game options and monster memory persist between games. Each browser has its own storage, so you can not play the same game on different browsers.

On Google Chrome look in:

Cookies and site data -> "" -> Locally stored data -> local storage.

Takes up about 3-4 kilobytes. When you clear your cookies, make an exception for "".

-Donnie Russell II

On Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 6:26:14 PM UTC-5, Eli the Bearded wrote:

Eli the Bearded

Mar 11, 2015, 7:23:46 PM3/11/15
In, <> wrote:
> The screen area is an html <canvas>: a bitmap embedded in a web page.
> A different font style/size is possible. What do you need?

Offhand, I'd say the minimum window size is at least twice as large as
it needs to be.

After some more play, the control character limitations that prevent
diagonal tunnelling became the biggest annoyance. Sometimes your really
weak low level character just can't bash that door, and tunnelling
around it really makes sense. Also, tunnelling for gold is pretty
important if you pick one of those characters that doesn't start out
rich. In either of those cases, no diagonals means sometimes you have
to tunnel much longer.

idly wondering how it works on a tablet
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